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I stand with Gina Carano, Lefties bunch of whiny hypocritical losers…

Like the title says I stand with Gina Carano. She did and said nothing wrong. Just a bunch of crybaby and hypocritical lefties who hate conservative women.

So what if Gina is anti-mask and so what if she believes the elections is rigged. She’s entitled to her views and welcome to have ’em… I thought this was America, hmmm???? And by the way, y’all… Gina is not alone about disliking facemasks and thinking the elections were rigged ’cause most Americans are 100% with her on her views. In fact, that’s how most Americans feel. She just thinks like the rest of us and leftist America is outraged at her? Wow.

And what I love even more is that they are outraged of her thoughts about American politics being like Nazi Germany… weren’t lefties calling Trump supporters Nazis since 2016??? Didn’t the mainstream media compare the Trump presidency to the Holocaust? Lefties were calling Trump Hitler for years. Joe Biden compared Trump to Joseph Goebbels but never got any outrage.

Anyhow, she was actually onto something. Getting so much hate for being Republican/Conservative nowadays… getting criticized on so much for your political beliefs. Getting beat up for being a Trump supporter, getting kicked out of your families and losing friends ’cause you’re a Republican/Conservative. Yeah, she’s kind of right in a way.


Freedom of expression is dead. Gina is a proud and out conservative and knowing that Hollywood is very liberal, it’s gonna be hard for her to get work now. She’s about to be blacklisted. That’s what happened to James Woods when he came out as conservative. Being conservative in Hollywood is dangerous.

I love Gina. Loved Gina since her UFC days and her film “Haywire”, an action film that she starred in directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Remember, though, whatever lefties are accusing someone of something, they are guilty of the same thing. They wanna accuse Gina of comparing American politics to Nazis when these are the same people who compared the Trump presidency to the Holocaust.

The left are the same people calling for unity, hey????


Disney plus, quick thoughts…

So earlier today, I decided to take a quick look around “Disney Plus” streaming service since I’m now a subscriber. It’s pretty nice but as expected there’s a lot of kids stuff on there… well it’s Disney so you’ll have to expect it. I’m sure Disney are trying to make their streaming service to attract adult viewers which is why all of Star Wars are on there and why they’re starting to add Marvel movies on there too and it’s why they got “National Geographic” on there.

Anyhow, only reason I got Disney plus was for “The Mandolorian” show pretty much since I’ve been wanting to watch that show for a long while myself and I will start that show real soon. I also wanted to get it ’cause of the upcoming “Loki” show which I can’t wait for. “Loki” is a Marvel show that will be about that villain Loki played by Tom  Hiddleston. I’m a huge fan of that “Loki” character too and can’t wait to watch the first season whenever they put it out.

Since I’m a huge Toy Story fan, I’ll get to re-watch the first three movies and watch the 4th on there since I haven’t seen the 4th one yet. I’m also planning to watch the first “Frozen” movie on there too.

What’s really cool about this streaming service is that it even has Vintage Disney like the old Mickey Mouse Club show and classic Disney cartoons from years ago. I like the old black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons, remember that stuff? All that is on there too.

It has content on there for people of all ages.

The only downside about Disney Plus is that it doesn’t have Indiana Jones on there yet. If you want to watch the four Indiana Jones movies, you’ll have to go to Netflix for that one ’cause the Indy movies are over there. They’ll get Indy on Disney Plus soon, though,  I’m sure. When that happens that means the 4 Indy films on Netflix will get taken off. Remember, Disney owns Lucasfilm now.

Disney Plus is pretty cool, I guess but I’m sure Disney will try to improve it in the future. It’s a keeper.


President Trump reveals the “Space Force” logo today and honestly, it does look like Star Trek a little bit…

Trump revealed the US Space Force logo today and I’ll admit that it does look like Star Trek a little bit. Not exactly the same as the Star Trek insignia but pretty close.

I think the goal with Trump’s SpaceForce is that to have the military protect the United States by doing operations and things like that in outer space. Ya know, to keep an eye out for the United States by space.

So pretty soon they’ll be building their own spacecrafts, rockets and things like that to blast into space. I also would think they would be wearing astronaut suits just like NASA.

A lot of people would like think of the Space Force as Star Trek or Star Wars which is funny but it won’t even be close to those. It’ll be similar to NASA but different. Will the Space Force have their own space station in space? Yes, I’m sure they’re planning on that but that would take years to build probably. It won’t be anything like the Starship Enterprise and I’m sure you’ll still be floating around in the space station.

When Trump first announced that he’s going to start a SPACE FORCE, everybody laughed at him (including Trump supporters) and thought he was just kidding but turns out he’s not. This Space Force thing is 100% real and he isn’t kidding around obviously.

Would this space force thing work in order to protect the USA? Yeah, I think it totally would. A lot of people like to make fun of this but it’s the real deal and I think it would work. It is interesting where this is going. No there won’t be light sabers, no laser guns and there won’t be a death star and there won’t be Klingon ships, lmao.

It’s interesting how this is getting people talking.


After Star Wars: Episode 9 will there be an Episode: 10, 11 and 12? Yes, I think there will be…

So Oscar Isaac confirms that Disney is ending the Skywalker saga at Star Wars: Episode 9. That’s it.


So now that the Star Wars Episode 9 is gonna be the last of the Skywalker story, does this mean it’s the end of the original Star Wars series? No, I don’t think it’s over ’cause I think the original series will continue and continue. I think there will be an Episode 10, 11 and 12 but they won’t be about the Skywalker story anymore.

Yeah, there will be other Star Wars spinoffs and other trilogies in the works but I think the original series with the Episode numbers will continue on forever. After episode 9, there will be a whole new story.

In the new Star Wars trilogy episodes 7, 8 and 9 there is a reason for all these new young characters ’cause it’s an obvious “passing of the torch” kind of thing. I predict that Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will focus on the new characters. It’ll continue the stories of Rey, Finn, Poe and everyone else.

Star Wars will be around forever. It’s never going away kind of like how James Bond and Star Trek will never end.

I think it’ll be an interesting idea that Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will focus on Rey. Rey will definitely be a lot older in Episodes 10, 11, and 12 so hopefully they’ll keep Daisy Ridley for those movies and they probably will.

I’m looking forward to Star Wars 9. I’m loving all the Star Wars movies so far. I’m loving the spinoffs and yes, I thought “The Last Jedi” was fucking awesome. My only disappointment with the new Star Wars movies was that Disney didn’t reunite Han, Leia and Luke which is a bummer. Would have been awesome if that happened.


Why the young Han Solo had to be completely different than the full-grown Han Solo…

So I’ve just seen “Solo: A Star Wars” story earlier this afternoon. I thought the film was pretty damn enjoyable. I liked it a lot! Yes, the film did Star Wars justice all the way through!

There are a lot of complaints about this movie, though. Mostly the complaints are that the film’s leading star who plays the young Han Solo looks nothing like the Harrison Ford Han Solo. Well, after watching the actual film today, I would have to say Alden Ehrenreich does resemble Harrison a little bit if you actually look at him… it’s just that Alden and Harrison’s speaking voices are different. That’s what people are complaining about? I can understand why both had to be different. I mean, think about how silly would it be if a young Han Solo had to look like and speak exactly like Harrison. It would seem like a parody almost.

Another thing to keep in mind that when you’re young, your looks and speaking voices changes as you get older anyways. So in my opinion, it makes total sense to make both different. The film crew didn’t want the young Han to be exactly like the full grown Han. On top of that, it would be very hard to find someone who speaks like Harrison ’cause nobody could speak like Harrison anyways. There is only one Harrison and that is Harrison. There is not one person out there that can be like him although there are many actors out there who tries to impersonate him. They wanted someone who is not an exact copy of Harrison and Alden was the right fit.

With that being said, though, I thought Alden did a very good job. Even though the speaking voice was different, Alden got Han’s personality down perfectly, though. Alden did a good job showing what Han would have been like when he was young.

Other than that, though I thought the “Solo” movie was really good. It was well directed and well acted by the rest of the cast. Donald Glover did the young Lando really well and I was impressed with Emilia Clarke in the film. I also thought Woody Harrelson was awesome.

A lot of so-called Star Wars fans are complaining about the new SW’s films by Disney but why? Would you rather have George Lucas back? If you say “Yes” then George wouldn’t have done a better job. He would have made the new movies much much worse. Remember those awful prequels? Yeah, I thought so. I’m glad Lucas is gone ’cause I wasn’t a big fan of the prequels either. I saw all the new Star Wars movies in theater so far: Episode 7, Episode 8, Rogue One and now Solo. I love them all. I think Disney is doing a great job so far and doing them justice.

Anyhow, back to the “Solo” film, I feel this is gonna be a trilogy of some sorts ’cause the ending left open for more. Will there be a sequel to Solo? I think there will be ’cause Jabba needs to come in and have a feud with Han still. Remember Jabba and Han were feuding over money and stuff and I was hoping they would show all that stuff in a future film soon. Maybe Jabba will be in “Solo II”? Hopefully there will be a “Solo II” ’cause I can’t see this film ending right here.


Now that HBO Game of Thrones will be ending at Season 8, the series creators will be moving on to Star Wars next…

Well this is interesting. The creators of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” David Benioff and DB Weiss brought us the hit TV series, now we know what they’ll be up to next since they are ending the series at Season 8 next year. Looks like the two GOT creators will be moving on to write a new Star Wars series ’cause Lucasfilm hired them to do just that.


Game of Thrones writers doing Star Wars… does that now mean the new series will be R rated? Also full of sex, incest scenes and killing off characters that people like? I wouldn’t be surprised…

… all joking aside, I think this is interesting, though. You can expect “Game of Thrones” stars to star in their Star Wars films. I would like to see Emilia Clarke in a Star Wars film ’cause that would be cool and Peter Dinklage would be cool too.

Now you can see why the GOT’s cast and crew wants to be done with GOT’s so they can move on to other projects and this is exactly it. These two guys Benioff and Weiss spent half of their lives working on GOT and looks like they’ll spent the next decade or so working on Star Wars.

So we got the original series still going on, SW: Rogue One, SOLO: A Star Wars movie coming this year, the new Rian Johnson SW’s trilogy been announced and now this. I know this may seem weird, but George Lucas gave Disney the permission to make as many Star Wars films as they wanted so that’s exactly what they’re doing. Some are already fed up with all this, but Star Wars is a huge universe so you can create as much stories as possible. If all the Star Wars books can do this then why can’t the movies?

I think Disney is a doing a good job with Star Wars ’cause I’m liking everything they’re doing. “Rogue One” was good and Ron Howard’s “Solo” movie looks awesome. I used to like Star Trek more than Star Wars but I’m not liking the new Star Trek movies at all. I guess, I like Star Wars a lot more than Star Trek now.

It should have been no surprise to you that Disney will be interested in the Game of Thrones creators ’cause why? Watch the “Game of Thrones” show yourself. GOT’s is like Star Wars almost. Think about it, right?


Disney is getting their own streaming service… looks like all the Star Wars movies being made Netflix streamable is never gonna happen now…

Netflix has been trying to get all Star Wars movies to be made streamable, including the original trilogy and the prequels, but looks like that’s never gonna happen now. The reason is that Disney is getting their own streaming service pretty soon and everything Star Wars and everything Marvel will be moved to there.

‘Star Wars,’ Marvel Films Moving From Netflix to Disney Streaming Service

I was surprised to see that Disney actually allowed Netflix to stream, Star Wars: Rogue One — that film is gonna get pulled off of there.

Anyway, I don’t like Disney anymore. They’re no longer an interesting company. Are they trying to own everything? Seems like it. Disney is a powerful empire and it’s getting bigger.

Netflix is not all that great of a service either. You don’t need to watch Star Wars on Netflix anyways. The movies can be bought and downloaded from Itunes. If you have a Blu Ray player or just use DVD, you can watch the Star Wars movies on those things too. Even better, if you’re old school and still watch movies on VHS, you could probably watch the original Star Wars versions on VHS.

Screw Netflix. I don’t watch Netflix as much as I used to ’cause it’s no longer interesting. I only kept it ’cause of “Longmire” and “Gotham”. I like those shows.


Ron Howard confirmed to direct “Han Solo” spinoff movie for Star Wars… interesting…

Here’s a few interesting tidbits, back when Ron Howard was an actor he starred in “American Graffiti” which was a film George Lucas directed before he made the first Star Wars film. Then later  in the 80’s, Ron Howard directed a movie called “Willow” which was another George Lucas creation.

Now Ron will be officially directing a Star Wars film for the first time ever. Even though George Lucas isn’t involved at all, it’s still kind of cool.


I like Ron Howard, he has made some good movies over the years. I think he could pull off a Star Wars movie pretty well, trust me. I think it’s clear that he is a pretty big Star Wars fan like most of us so I’m sure he’s capable of giving us a Star Wars film that all of us would want to see. I’m sure he won’t disappoint us at all.

“Willow” was a great film and that film was kind of like Star Wars a bit. There was a lot of sword fighting in that film so I’m sure Ron is capable of putting on some entertaining as hell light saber battles.

While the cast is already all set, I’m sure Ron will add more actors to the cast. Wouldn’t it be cool if Tom Hanks get some kind of role in the film? Like maybe a cameo appearance? Would be kind of cool. Ron and Tom Hanks made a lot of movies together over the years.


Game of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke joins Han Solo standalone movie, interesting…

Game of Throne star, Emilia Clarke has joined the cast of the Han Solo stand alone movie. Her character is unknown at this point but I’m sure many will immediately assume that she’s going to play a younger Princess Leia. Could be a possibility but I doubt it.


Doing a little digging, I’m almost pretty sure that Emilia will be playing Sana Starros which was a character who has been claimed to be married to Han Solo.


The goal for the film is to depict Han Solo’s life before the original trilogy so I don’t think Leia will be in it. Han claims Sana was lying about the marriage just to pull off a robbery. If that storyline will be in the film, could be interesting.

Hopefully the Han Solo spinoff movie will still be good. What do you think? Can Alden Ehrenreich pull it off playing Han? Can he still be the same smart ass smuggler and be similar to Harrison’s version of the character? Probably. He’s gonna be the same Han Solo he has always been. The young Han will still have some funny one-liners, I’m sure.



Star Wars producers prosecuted over Harrison Ford injury… what? This is not what Harrison himself would want!

Isn’t it supposed to be all up to Harrison himself on whether or not he wants to prosecute for his injury on the Star Wars set? The Health and Safety Executive brought criminal charges against Foodles Production which is a company owned by Disney. I’m pretty sure the HSE has no authority to do this so what they’re doing is definitely illegal, in my opinion.

It’s really all up to Harrison whether or not he wants to press charges but I’m sure he’s never gonna do that ’cause Harrison knows it was just an accident. That was all. I’m sure him and JJ were cool with it.

Harrison wouldn’t want this so I’m sure he’ll find a way to get the HSE to back off. What would the charges be. More fines? I think the HSE is looking for a big payday. That’s all they’re doing, I think.