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Why the young Han Solo had to be completely different than the full-grown Han Solo…

So I’ve just seen “Solo: A Star Wars” story earlier this afternoon. I thought the film was pretty damn enjoyable. I liked it a lot! Yes, the film did Star Wars justice all the way through!

There are a lot of complaints about this movie, though. Mostly the complaints are that the film’s leading star who plays the young Han Solo looks nothing like the Harrison Ford Han Solo. Well, after watching the actual film today, I would have to say Alden Ehrenreich does resemble Harrison a little bit if you actually look at him… it’s just that Alden and Harrison’s speaking voices are different. That’s what people are complaining about? I can understand why both had to be different. I mean, think about how silly would it be if a young Han Solo had to look like and speak exactly like Harrison. It would seem like a parody almost.

Another thing to keep in mind that when you’re young, your looks and speaking voices changes as you get older anyways. So in my opinion, it makes total sense to make both different. The film crew didn’t want the young Han to be exactly like the full grown Han. On top of that, it would be very hard to find someone who speaks like Harrison ’cause nobody could speak like Harrison anyways. There is only one Harrison and that is Harrison. There is not one person out there that can be like him although there are many actors out there who tries to impersonate him. They wanted someone who is not an exact copy of Harrison and Alden was the right fit.

With that being said, though, I thought Alden did a very good job. Even though the speaking voice was different, Alden got Han’s personality down perfectly, though. Alden did a good job showing what Han would have been like when he was young.

Other than that, though I thought the “Solo” movie was really good. It was well directed and well acted by the rest of the cast. Donald Glover did the young Lando really well and I was impressed with Emilia Clarke in the film. I also thought Woody Harrelson was awesome.

A lot of so-called Star Wars fans are complaining about the new SW’s films by Disney but why? Would you rather have George Lucas back? If you say “Yes” then George wouldn’t have done a better job. He would have made the new movies much much worse. Remember those awful prequels? Yeah, I thought so. I’m glad Lucas is gone ’cause I wasn’t a big fan of the prequels either. I saw all the new Star Wars movies in theater so far: Episode 7, Episode 8, Rogue One and now Solo. I love them all. I think Disney is doing a great job so far and doing them justice.

Anyhow, back to the “Solo” film, I feel this is gonna be a trilogy of some sorts ’cause the ending left open for more. Will there be a sequel to Solo? I think there will be ’cause Jabba needs to come in and have a feud with Han still. Remember Jabba and Han were feuding over money and stuff and I was hoping they would show all that stuff in a future film soon. Maybe Jabba will be in “Solo II”? Hopefully there will be a “Solo II” ’cause I can’t see this film ending right here.