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Re-booting Superman is what almost destroyed the character? They should have continued the Donner movies instead…

There are reports going around that the reason Warner Bros. aren’t interested in doing another solo Superman movie is ’cause they think a standalone Superman movie wouldn’t be successful at this time. Another reason is that JJ Abrams and his film company, Bad Robot is making a deal with Warner Bros. so he can make DC superheroes with them. While JJ is a huge Superman fan himself, he’s not interested in making a Superman film and he’s probably more interested in making DC films of other superheroes in the DC world.

If J.J. were to get on board to direct a Superman film himself, it’ll be totally different and would have a totally different cast. They’d cast who they want.




As far as the thought of Henry Cavill solo Superman movie would not be successful as of this time, I wanna know what drugs WB’s using? Both “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” were box office hits despite mixed reviews of both of those films. Maybe that is what WB’s is really trying to avoid… the next Superman solo movie getting mostly mixed reviews like usual.

In my opinion, though, I thought “Man of Steel” was an amazing film. I thought it was well done and I was impressed with “Dawn of Justice” as well. I loved both of them.

Anyhow, I always preferred the Donner/Christopher Reeve styled Superman movies more. When Christopher Nolan announced that he was planning a Superman movie, he said he didn’t want to direct it and Nolan and Warner Bros’s ended up getting Zack Snyder for the job. Zack didn’t want a Donner/Reeve styled Superman movie at all and wanted a complete reboot.

Will WB’s ever go back to the Donner/Reeve styled Superman ever at all? They did that with “Superman: Returns” directed by Bryan Singer which was great and a sequel to “Superman: Returns” was gonna happen but WB’s ended up rebooting Superman instead.

I think WB’s doing another Donner/Reeve styled Superman film could work and that’s what everybody wants to see more to be honest. People want the old suit back and they want to hear the John Williams theme again. I think they could pull it off if they give it a chance. Do another movie, make a continuation of the original Reeve Superman films, know what I mean?

I think it’s a mistake that WB’s and DC no longer interested in making Superman solo movies anymore ’cause Superman is king. They need to keep making Superman movies.

Yeah, I understand how WB’s being frustrated ’cause making a good Superman movie is tough… they can be hard stories to tell and tough to get right.

I think a prequel to Donner’s “Superman: The Movie” is a nice idea too, though. How about a whole movie taken place on Krypton and a movie about the life of Jor-el? I’d like that too.

Just don’t ignore Superman, it’s crazy.


Thoughts on the new “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” D23 footage…

This isn’t an official 2nd teaser trailer. It’s just a special look that was shown at the D23 event. I would have to say that this footage was beautifully put together. Only JJ Abrams can put together a tiny video that compiles all 9 Star Wars films. This video footage even included the three prequels which was awesome.

In the past, I used to never be that much of a Star Wars fan but Disney is making me appreciate Star Wars more and more. I guess I’m turning into a pretty big Star Wars nerd myself ’cause I’ve just started re-watching the first 8 Star Wars movies this week. I’ve watched “The Phantom Menace” and “Attack Of the Clones” over the weekend and they weren’t bad movies at all. They were pretty good, I must say. I haven’t seen those movies in a long time and they really grew on me after re-watching them. I’m planning on watching Episode III “Revenge of the Sith” this week and am going to re-watch the original trilogy this weekend. Then next week will be episodes 7 & 8.

Some of you may ask, why am I re-watching the Star Wars movies all over again? Well, for one, I need  a memory refresher of the story. I’m re-watching the Star Wars series in order from 1 – 8 and then I’ll watch Episode 9 when December comes. Plus, like I said Disney is making me appreciate Star Wars more and more so I’m re-watching to help celebrate and have fun. Another reason is that Star Trek doesn’t make good movies anymore so that could be another reason why I’ve been getting into Star Wars more.

Star Wars is a great series and I can finally now see why it’s a huge franchise and why it’s a big deal.  I think Disney is doing an amazing job with the new movies. I loved “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi” and don’t understand all the hate. I also love the spinoff movies too: “Rogue One” and the Han Solo movie. All really good shit.

As far as the new footage from “Rise of Skywalker” goes, seeing all that makes me stoked for Episode 9 even more. It’s looking like that Rey turns to the Dark Side and C3PO turns to the darkside as well it looks like. I’m sure an evil C3PO is making fans go crazy and they don’t want it to happen probably but I think an evil 3PO is an interesting concept. Does C3PO join Palpatine? Or Palpatine repograms 3PO so he can be evil.

Another question is how is Luke Skywalker gonna return? You know he is going to come back in some form ’cause hence the title, “Rise of Skywalker”. Everybody knows what happened to him in “The Last Jedi” and there’s a pretty good chance Skywalker is coming back ’cause Mark Hamill is still casted in “Rise of Skywalker”. You never know what’s going to happen ’cause this is science fiction and anything can happen in science fiction.

I’m pretty stoked for Episode 9 “Rise of Skywalker” and I will see it in December when it comes out in theaters. I’ll be there for this one for sure. I’m glad they brought Palpatine back and I’m sure Ian McDiarmid is gonna kill it and knock it out of the park with that role once again.


After Star Wars: Episode 9 will there be an Episode: 10, 11 and 12? Yes, I think there will be…

So Oscar Isaac confirms that Disney is ending the Skywalker saga at Star Wars: Episode 9. That’s it.


So now that the Star Wars Episode 9 is gonna be the last of the Skywalker story, does this mean it’s the end of the original Star Wars series? No, I don’t think it’s over ’cause I think the original series will continue and continue. I think there will be an Episode 10, 11 and 12 but they won’t be about the Skywalker story anymore.

Yeah, there will be other Star Wars spinoffs and other trilogies in the works but I think the original series with the Episode numbers will continue on forever. After episode 9, there will be a whole new story.

In the new Star Wars trilogy episodes 7, 8 and 9 there is a reason for all these new young characters ’cause it’s an obvious “passing of the torch” kind of thing. I predict that Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will focus on the new characters. It’ll continue the stories of Rey, Finn, Poe and everyone else.

Star Wars will be around forever. It’s never going away kind of like how James Bond and Star Trek will never end.

I think it’ll be an interesting idea that Episodes 10, 11, and 12 will focus on Rey. Rey will definitely be a lot older in Episodes 10, 11, and 12 so hopefully they’ll keep Daisy Ridley for those movies and they probably will.

I’m looking forward to Star Wars 9. I’m loving all the Star Wars movies so far. I’m loving the spinoffs and yes, I thought “The Last Jedi” was fucking awesome. My only disappointment with the new Star Wars movies was that Disney didn’t reunite Han, Leia and Luke which is a bummer. Would have been awesome if that happened.


Just saw “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” earlier today and it was freakin’ amazing!!! Don’t listen to the negative reviews!!!

When “SW: The Force Awakens” came out, people complained and whined about the movie being very similar to “Episode IV: A New Hope”. Then “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” comes out, that movie is not similar to the original trilogy at all and people are still complaining and whining. People are complaining and whining about “SW: The Last Jedi” like crazy, but I’m not gonna let the negative opinions bother me because it’s just that. Negative opinions. People complaining about Star Wars movies is nothing new ’cause so-called Star Wars fans have been complaining about everything that Lucasfilm puts out anyways so let them complain. They complained about the original trilogy re-releases and they complained about the prequels too. You can’t make everyone happy and that’s all there is to it.

I went and saw the movie for myself earlier this afternoon and I thought “The Last Jedi” was freakin’ amazing! The new trilogy seems to be getting better every film. A lot of people have been complaining that the “Last Jedi” was too childish, but if they call themselves a real Star Wars fan… the Star Wars films have always been for children since the very first film, “Episode IV: a New Hope”. George Lucas always had childish humor in the original trilogy and the prequels. Rian Johnson clearly wanted this film “The Last Jedi” as to how George Lucas wanted to make it a little bit.

In my opinion, I didn’t see anything wrong with the movie. I loved pretty much everything about it. Trying not to reveal spoilers, people are complaining about the Finn/Rose storyline but I didn’t see anything wrong with that either. The film wanted to give something for everybody. Why would the film want to focus on one character throughout the film? The film needed different characters and different storylines which the film did just that. Lucas did something similar with the original trilogy and the prequels. George Lucas switched from one storyline to another all in the same film like in “Return of the Jedi” for example like how Han, Leia and Chewy were on Endor while Lando was out in space in the Millennium Falcon to blow up the Death Star. Where were all the complainers then? It was the same for “Empire Strikes Back” when Luke was busy fighting Darth on Cloud City while Lando tries to escape with Leia and Chewy as they make their way back to the Falcon. Remember those? In a way, Rian Johnson clearly wanted “The Last Jedi” to be a homage to the original trilogy a little bit.

The whole point of Star Wars is “war” and I felt like a war was going on in “The Last Jedi” for sure. To me this is a true Star Wars movie. The series is moving forward and evolving so deal with it. Han Solo, Luke and Leia were the original trio of the series… it looks like Disney/Lucasfilm wants to move on with Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron being the new trio.

“The Last Jedi” was action packed, it was funny too and there are some interesting twists and turns in the script. There will be a few shockers in the new film so I won’t reveal any big spoilers at all. Disney/Lucasfilm just wants a nice closure for Han, Leia and Luke and wants to pass the torch to new main characters. That’s the goal with these movies, I think.

When they finish with the new trilogy will there be an episode 10, 11 and 12? Absolutely! I think they’ll keep going with Rey, Finn and Poe being the main characters ’cause they will be a lot older when 10 comes around. They’re going to keep going with the original series for sure. They will also continue to make all of these spin off movies too.

“The Last Jedi” was phenomenal. Don’t listen to the crybabies who whine about this film. Just go see it and enjoy! I think people take movies way too seriously, ya know? It’s just a movie! That’s all they are!



Colin Trevorrow out of directing Star Wars: Episode IX, JJ Abrams is in…

I’m sure you’re all wondering what my thoughts about this are… J.J. Abrams returning to the director’s chair to helm, Star Wars: Episode IX. I think it’s a good idea, honestly because I thought J.J. did a great job with The Force Awakens. I thought it was a great film so I think it’s a good idea to bring J.J. back to close the new trilogy.

In my opinion, I think J.J. should have directed episode VIII as well. I’m sure Disney wanted him to direct all three but initially, he wouldn’t go for it. This is a guy who said he’ll never direct a Star Wars movie again after The Force Awakens, so I wonder what made him changed his mind? Was it the money? Did Disney offer him a deal he couldn’t refuse? No; I don’t think it has anything to do with the money at all ’cause J.J. is already a very rich man.

Maybe he wants to come back ’cause it has something to do with “creativity”? Maybe he had a story idea in his head that he wanted to get out of? Maybe he’s just an obsessive fan of Star Wars like most of us and he loves making these movies? He just felt he needed to do one more. He knows Star Wars better than most people which is why he got the job to begin with and you can see that with The Force Awakens which I thought was an amazing film. I’m pretty sure J.J. have already seen Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, which comes out later this year, maybe J.J. had an idea after seeing the film. If he didn’t see The Last Jedi yet, I’m sure he already read the script even though he wasn’t involved with that film at all.

I think J.J. is a talented film-maker. Not sure why he gets made fun of by a lot of people. He made some good movies and good TV shows too except for Star Trek reboot which is pretty much garbage but other than that, J.J. is talented. No doubt, J.J. is a genius with visuals, effects and sound. The sound editing in The Force Awakens movie was incredible. I’m sure J.J. will do the same for episode IX.

I think it’s cool that he’s coming back. It really shows that he’s got huge passion for Star Wars like all of us. He’s a fan too.

I’m definitely looking forward to The Last Jedi later this year. Definitely gonna see that one.


“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” announced for BluRay on April 5th…

Well, “The Force Awakens” is already getting a BluRay release. It comes out April 5th and I will be getting a copy too. Ya know, being a Star Wars fan I would love to get all previous films on BluRay but the only problem is the BluRay releases of the original Star Wars and the prequels are re-edited versions ’cause you know how George Lucas like to remake his movies so many times. I prefer the original theatrical versions myself. So that’s why I didn’t bother getting the Star Wars movies on Bluray ’cause of the edited scenes. I also don’t want to hear Darth Vader screaming “No!”.

I will be getting “The Force Awakens” BluRay though. There are still a few other BluRay releases that I need to add to my collection too like “The Martian” with Matt Damon and I need to get the new “Creed” film.

I enjoy buying movies on BluRay. So far I only have like a little around 50 titles but trying to build up my BluRay collection some. Why is BluRay so popular? It’s because nobody’s buying DVD anymore. People buy BluRay movies more ’cause BluRay has better sound and better picture. I think it’s more fun watching movies on BluRay than DVD. Watching movies on BluRay is better than watching movies in a public movie theater for sure. If you have a Home Theater surround sound like I have, watching BluRays with that would be a blast.

Can’t wait for the “Force Awakens” BluRay.


Star Wars producers prosecuted over Harrison Ford injury… what? This is not what Harrison himself would want!

Isn’t it supposed to be all up to Harrison himself on whether or not he wants to prosecute for his injury on the Star Wars set? The Health and Safety Executive brought criminal charges against Foodles Production which is a company owned by Disney. I’m pretty sure the HSE has no authority to do this so what they’re doing is definitely illegal, in my opinion.

It’s really all up to Harrison whether or not he wants to press charges but I’m sure he’s never gonna do that ’cause Harrison knows it was just an accident. That was all. I’m sure him and JJ were cool with it.

Harrison wouldn’t want this so I’m sure he’ll find a way to get the HSE to back off. What would the charges be. More fines? I think the HSE is looking for a big payday. That’s all they’re doing, I think.



Film Review: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Starring: Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac

Directed by JJ Abrams

So I finally saw, “The Force Awakens” and here is my review!

Plot/synopsis: Three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a new threat arises. The First Order attempts to rule the galaxy and only a rag-tag group of heroes can stop them, along with the help of the Resistance.

A lot of people are calling this movie a remake or a homage to “Star Wars IV: A New Hope” (aka the first Star Wars movie) but I didn’t think it was. Sure both movies were kind of similar but most of “The Force Awakens” was pretty original from what I saw.

I always had faith in JJ that he’s gonna make a great Star Wars movie and he did just that. Everything about it was perfect. It felt like a Star Wars movie all the way. It’s something that George Lucas would have wanted for sure. JJ really knew what he was doing ’cause he himself is a Star Wars geek like the rest of us. Finally we have a great Star Wars movie and it was the best one of the whole series so far. All the action scenes were a blast to watch as expected. I was pretty much happy with everything in the movie. The writing was great. The musical score was great. Plus the acting of the cast was great too.

I loved the new cast. John Boyega is a pretty good actor. I loved Oscar Isaac’s role even though he wasn’t in it much. Oh man, I absolutely LOVE Daisy Ridley as I thought she was cute and gorgeous as hell! She’s one of the best female characters in Star Wars, in my opinion. I thought Domnhall Gleeson as General Hux was badass and so was Gwendoline Christie as Cpt. Phasma. I also loved Max Von Sydow’s role even though his appearance was kind of short. I thought Carrie Fisher did a brilliant job playing Leia again even though she hasn’t played that role in many years. She still kills it! It was great to see Carrie back on the big screen in a huge way!

I was happy with all of “The Force Awakens” except the only thing I wasn’t happy about is that we got very little of Luke. His role was like a few second cameo and he didn’t really say any lines but I’m sure we’ll get a LOT MORE Luke in Episode VIII. I think there’s a good chance that Luke will be the leading role in Episode VIII ’cause Luke’s appearance in “The Force Awakens” was just a re-introduction of the character, that’s all it was. We didn’t see Luke in action at all in this movie but definitely the next film we’ll see him swinging the lightsaber again.

What I was most impressed with the movie was the sound effects. The sound was pretty crazy. Especially when Kylo Ren takes out his lightsaber and the lightsaber sound is pretty loud in this movie. I expect “The Force Awakens” to win an Oscar for Best Sounds for sure.

As far as storylines go, I don’t wanna talk about so I don’t post any spoilers but as far Han Solo goes, that one didn’t surprise me ’cause I was predicting it a long while back. See? I toldjaso!

“The Force Awakens” was amazing. It’s definitely the best Star Wars movie so far but not so fast, folks! This is only the beginning of a new trilogy so there’s two more. Maybe VIII or IX will be better than VII. Who knows?

Score for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”: 5 out of 5 as in “Excellent”


Happy “The Force Awakens” release day…

Yes, so “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is finally here!

Will I see it today or later tonight? Nah. I just bought tickets to see it this coming Sunday afternoon so I can try to avoid the large crowds. There’s probably gonna still be large crowds even on a Sunday but hopefully not. While I love going to the movies, I don’t like going into the theaters that is full of people. That’s why I mostly go to the movies during the day ’cause it’s not as packed and not as noisy. I like watching movies in the peace and quiet.

I’ll be seeing this film for the BTX screening and will be seeing it in 3D. BTX screening meaning that the movie screen is huge and bigger sound system too.

I’m looking forward to the movie, though. Can’t wait.


“Star Trek: Beyond” looks like complete trash, hope this is the last of the reboot series…

I really don’t like how Star Trek has become sci-fi & action movies. They were never supposed to be popcorn action films but thanks JJ Abrams, he ruined Star Trek, in my opinion.

Star Trek was never supposed to be action and popcorn movies to begin with.

They’re really about space exploration, the drama and politics. Go back and watch the original Star Trek and TNG, that’s what Star Trek is supposed to be, in my opinion.

Anyway, I hope this will be the last film of the reboot series with the young cast. They need to ditch this series and reboot it again. Create something original. I hope this will be the last of the reboot.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” flopped in the box office hard and this one will too.