“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” announced for BluRay on April 5th…

Well, “The Force Awakens” is already getting a BluRay release. It comes out April 5th and I will be getting a copy too. Ya know, being a Star Wars fan I would love to get all previous films on BluRay but the only problem is the BluRay releases of the original Star Wars and the prequels are re-edited versions ’cause you know how George Lucas like to remake his movies so many times. I prefer the original theatrical versions myself. So that’s why I didn’t bother getting the Star Wars movies on Bluray ’cause of the edited scenes. I also don’t want to hear Darth Vader screaming “No!”.

I will be getting “The Force Awakens” BluRay though. There are still a few other BluRay releases that I need to add to my collection too like “The Martian” with Matt Damon and I need to get the new “Creed” film.

I enjoy buying movies on BluRay. So far I only have like a little around 50 titles but trying to build up my BluRay collection some. Why is BluRay so popular? It’s because nobody’s buying DVD anymore. People buy BluRay movies more ’cause BluRay has better sound and better picture. I think it’s more fun watching movies on BluRay than DVD. Watching movies on BluRay is better than watching movies in a public movie theater for sure. If you have a Home Theater surround sound like I have, watching BluRays with that would be a blast.

Can’t wait for the “Force Awakens” BluRay.


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