OJ Simpson’s missing knife that was used during double murder found, knife now being tested…

This is interesting. Could the knife prove once and for all that he’s either innocent or guilty? I’ve always had mixed feelings on this whole OJ thing. At one point I used to think he was innocent and another time I think he’s guilty. Don’t know anymore.

They won’t be able to see fingerprints on the knife ’cause whoever the killer was, he was wearing gloves at the time. They can test the knife for other things like hair, blood stains, etc. There was a lot of rumors that OJ Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson was the one who murdered Nicole and Ron… OJ was just protecting his son and covering for him. It could turn out true, you never know.

I don’t want to see OJ innocent over the murders but if he did turn out innocent after all then we’ll have to learn to accept it and move on. OJ himself always maintained that he didn’t do it, maybe he’s telling the truth? Once again, you never know.



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