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OJ Simpson being eligible for parole… that means the Juice is Loose…

So the Juice is officially loose… OJ would be out of prison in Oct. later this year. It doesn’t come as a surprise really. I’m pretty sure the only reason that OJ was granted parole by the parole commissioners was because that the voters were scared of the “race card”, pretty much. I believe they secretly didn’t give him parole ’cause of “good behavior”. If they said “no” about parole in the voting then the race card would get played by OJ and his attorney. That’s what they were afraid of. Plus I’m pretty sure money and power also had something to do with it. If you’re rich and famous, you can pretty much get away with anything.



No doubt that OJ is a huge egomaniac and narcissist. When is the next OJ memoir book coming out? OJ actually tried to release one titled, “If I Did It” but Fred Goldman and his family got hold of the book, made a book deal and it was re-titled… “I Did It”. Remember that? You know OJ is gonna try to write a new memoir.

It seems to me that Hollywood is all over OJ now. Remember the TV show “The People vs. OJ Simpson” and ESPN made a documentary movie about him titled, “OJ: Made In America”? Does OJ deserve to get all this attention by the entertainment media? No, absolutely not! Next thing you know, a biopic film for the big screen about him is coming… how much do you want to bet that will happen???

I remember the entertainment media scorned the guy around the trial of the century happened and now it looks like they are celebrating him. Sad.

He needs to be held accountable ’cause Ron and Nicole still deserve their justice… doesn’t matter how long ago it was.

It’s only a matter of time that OJ does something bad again and lands back in prison? Will he follow his terms of parole? Who knows. He shouldn’t have been let out at all. Initially, I thought OJ was innocent of murdering Ron and Nicole — I used to defend him — but views changed since the Nevada robbery incident. The man’s a monster and extremely dangerous. I hope Florida doesn’t allow him to live in that state.



OJ Simpson’s missing knife that was used during double murder found, knife now being tested…

This is interesting. Could the knife prove once and for all that he’s either innocent or guilty? I’ve always had mixed feelings on this whole OJ thing. At one point I used to think he was innocent and another time I think he’s guilty. Don’t know anymore.

They won’t be able to see fingerprints on the knife ’cause whoever the killer was, he was wearing gloves at the time. They can test the knife for other things like hair, blood stains, etc. There was a lot of rumors that OJ Simpson’s son, Jason Simpson was the one who murdered Nicole and Ron… OJ was just protecting his son and covering for him. It could turn out true, you never know.

I don’t want to see OJ innocent over the murders but if he did turn out innocent after all then we’ll have to learn to accept it and move on. OJ himself always maintained that he didn’t do it, maybe he’s telling the truth? Once again, you never know.



You gotta wonder what OJ is thinking right now…

I’m pretty sure OJ Simpson is sitting in prison right now in Nevada thinking about the Casey Anthony trial today, and I’m pretty sure he have been paying attention to it like most of us. I’m sure OJ heard about the “not guilty” Verdict and it probably reminded him about his past. I’m not sure how inmates in his Nevada prison keeps up with national news, maybe they let them watch TV a little bit or read the papers or listen to the radio, but I’m sure OJ have heard about it by now.

I’m sure everyone wants his thoughts but who knows, maybe he’ll speak about it soon if the prison lets him. Maybe he’ll agree if she did it or not.

I can see why people would compare this Casey Anthony trial to OJ. It’s very similar in a creepy way.The media will probably want to ask OJ about this in prison, but it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say about it.


Report: Hulk Hogan compares his life to OJ Simpson…

Before anyone starts accusing Hulk Hogan of wanting to murder his own family, like OJ Simpson (which I know the whole internet will probably do)…read what Hogan says first:


What he means, he is not planning to turn himself into a psycho killer like OJ is. What he means, that Hogan’s hard times in life is starting to remind him of OJ’s. Hogan says he would have been a murderer like OJ, if things in life has gotten worse for Hogan, that doesn’t mean Hogan is going to murder people for real. He is just setting an example. It’s not a death threat.

Hogan has got a weird sense of humor also. I believe this was just a joke.


Report: The Juice’s future in Nevada prison…

This article at the Associated Press:


….describes OJ’s future in a prison while they are planning to fight for an appeal. The Juice will be staying at, High Desert State Prison, in Nevada that is pretty much way out in the desert.


Google search photos of High Desert State Prison, in Nevada, so you can see what the inside of the prison will look like.

The Juice will be treated there like every other inmate, like I said before. The prison gaurds won’t treat him like he’s some sort of celebrity and famous person, they’ll treat him like a regular inmate.

OJ won’t be locked in a room so he can be safe from other inmates to be protected, he’ll be able to spend time with other inmates. The Juice will be in a small cell and he probably will be in a cell with another inmate, as most prisons has two inmates for each cell.

Meals will cost $2.18 per day and per inmate with inmates being forced to have a strict diet, but they will get priviliges to eat good meals like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and chicken.

Gabriel Grasso, one of Juice’s attorney’s, claims other prisoners will treat him well and make friends with him because the Juice has been buying other inmates snacks in the small county jail. Sorry Grasso buddy, but a “prison” is NO county jail. Inmates in a prison act differently than inmates in a county jail, big difference.

Most state prison inmates aren’t very nice people. Most don’t want to be talked with or don’t want to be messed with, you can even get beaten badily by a group of inmates even if you look at them for a second.

OJ will learn what a real prison is all about and seriously, I don’t think he’ll be able handle it, although, the Juice seems like a tough guy in the real world. Sure, there will be a lot of inmates that will think OJ is a god of a legend and they will be thrilled that a famous person is in their prison, but I’m sure there will be a few inmates in there that won’t be too fond of him. There will be a few in there that will be jealous of him and will hate him as well.

The prison life is no fun and he’ll realize it as soon as he spends his first night there. If you think prison life is easy and would be no problem, then you’re so wrong. Watch the reality show “Lock Up” on MSNBC, the shows are about what life in prison is like around the U.S. I watch MSNBC a lot because they have good shows on there and “Lock Up” is pretty interesting.

Some said here in my blog that the prison will treat OJ like a celebrity, well, I don’t think so. He’s not gonna like it, trust me. He’ll continue to fight to get released. Just had to prove my point.

When OJ is gone, I don’t see him being gone for good. Expect OJ to do in prison interviews with Matt Lauer, Oprah, Barbara Walters, etc. TV will be all over it.


Edit to add: Just found a video the Associated Press made of what it looks like at High Desert State Prison. Have fun Juice!

Report: The Juice will spend his Holidays behind bars!!!

This coming Friday will be a big day for the Juice!!! That day he will be sentenced to prison!!! Simpson’s journey to fame, fortune and criminal life ends here and now. The Juice will spend a minimum of six years in prison and could be held for life if the judge imposes maximum penalties or decides to run the sentences consecutively.

Yale Galanter who is Simpson’s attorney claims that the Judge is only punishing him for the murders of Nicole and Ron. He said, he and OJ will continue to fight for the Juice’s freedom. Is OJ angry and upset going to prison? According to this article, no, he isn’t at all. The Juice is very upbeat and in a positive mood about going to prison. In fact, the article says he is very excited about it, getting ready to fight for an appeal.

The Associated Press reports:


wOOt!!!!! This is great news!!! America don’t have to put up with the Juice for a very long time, hopefully forever. Enjoy Christmas and New Year’s in prison, OJ!!!


Report: OJ Simpson isolated, Galanter will make an appeal…

If you truly think OJ Simpson “will” spend the rest of his life in prison, don’t hold your breath. Yale Galanter and the rest of the OJ lawyer team will make an appeal so the Juice can be released on bond.

At the Clerk County Detention Center, the Juice is being held in a cell there alone, to be kept away from other jail inmates so he can be safe. The only visitors he’s allowed to get is his family members, a few friends and of course his lawyers. The Juice will remain in the small jail until his Dec. 5th sentencing, until then he will be transferred to a state prison.

The Associated Press reports:


When the Juice goes to state prison, lets just hope the gangs in the maximum security prison will kill him. I’m sure state prison inmates will hate the Juice just as much as we all do. The prison inmates won’t like what the Juice did to Nicole and Ron, and the Vegas Robbery.

Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by prison inmates, maybe the same will happen to the Juice.

Cross our fingers on this one.


Thought: Now that OJ is finished, Hollywood could do an OJ Simpson biopic in the future…

As much as we all hate OJ, you’ll have to admit that how his life turned out is sad. He went from being a football legend, to one of TV’s loved stars to starring in some movies like the Naked Gun and such, to being a criminal.

Now that OJ is finally in prison, I’m sure Hollywood is planning an OJ Simpson biopic film for the big screen to cover his life from his childhood to now. So I don’t see OJ promotion in the news going away just yet. You all know that Hollywood films will be all over this.

If there was an OJ biopic in the works, who should play him? I’m thinking Denzel Washington. He would be a perfect choice. And maybe Peter Berg could direct.

An OJ film could actually be a good one with the right script and cast. This will happen down the road believe me. An OJ film could be a good way for Fred and Kim Goldman to get paid the money that OJ himself owes them from the civil trial.