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I’ll admit that Casey Anthony is kinda smokin’ hot…

This post might be a little controversial but I just got to get this off of my chest. Casey Anthony might be getting a lot of hate against this video. Saying she got away with murder and all that stuff. I agree, she’s guilty as all hell, and I think she killed Caylee for sure, but you gotta admit that Casey is kinda sexy looking. Will she get a Playboy deal? Porn movie offers?

She seems like a pretty fit lady and looks like she has a great body. Has she been working out during her time in jail? She probably has been. That’s all you can do is workout in jail.

This video hit the net pretty hard, and she’s probably gonna do more vlog’s too. Like I said, I think she’s a baby killer but you can’t deny that she’s easy  on the eyes.


Thought: Marilyn Manson isn’t creepy, he just wants to be different…

Marilyn Manson and Casey Anthony have been voted the top choices of E-poll’s “Creepiest Celebrity”, list. I mean, really?

I don’t see how Marilyn Manson is creepy. His image and the things he wears is part of being different, a fashion lifestyle. Not sure what to call his style. If he wants to look like this in public, that’s who he is. That’s who he wants to be. No matter what you all think of Marilyn Manson, you gotta give him the respect. His look maybe a little weird, yes, but he had a lot of guts to look like this if he wanted to get a music career. If he didn’t look like this and looked like a regular human being like all of us, then he wouldn’t even get a music career. His shock rock image is what made him famous.

While I’m sure Marilyn himself wouldn’t think he’s creepy, I’m sure he’s flattered that he got mentioned for this anyways. It’s a free country. People can dress how they want and look how they want.

As far as Casey Anthony goes, she’s not even a celebrity. Just an accused child killer who made the news, that’s all. I don’t see how she’s famous.

If there were celebrities that should make pretty high on the list, I would prefer Chaz Bono to be no. 1 or Mike “The Situation” to be no. 2.


Thought: Reasons why it’s a bad idea to let the “West Memphis Three” go free…

I posted this as a facebook status last night:

“Isn’t it a bit ironic that people are mad at Casey Anthony for walking out of murdering a child, yet everyone is happy for the “West Memphis Three” guys being freed after being accused of murdering 3 boys? Seriously, what’s wrong with this picture?”

It only got very few replies and one “liked” by someone, so I must be right on what I said.

I know a lot of people are supporting “West Memphis Three” guys. A lot of people in the music community look at these guys as cult heroes because of their love for music and all that. It’s mostly people in the metal community that supports them.

I don’t support people who are suspects of murdering children. Whether they did it or not, it’s still bad news of them being let go.

Think about why:

  • The victim’s families and friends would be outraged by this.
  • The three men had a long history of crime before the murder like burglary, assault and they have bad tempers.
  • They could be possible satanists (or devil worshippers).
  • They could commit crime again. (Usually when prisoners are freed from prison after many years, they end up going back…)
  • They could have gotten away with it.
  • This is not justice for the victims.
Many people believed that they are innocent because of that documentary filmed about them, “Paradise Lost”. I haven’t seen the documentary but I plan on renting it from Netflix soon.
The internet is supporting these guys but I don’t support them. They’ll probably get a book deal, maybe another documentary. I don’t see how people can support them.
Casey Anthony was let go because not enough evidence to prove her guilt, yet everyone thinks she got away with it. I believe the public don’t hate on the “West Memphis Three” for killing children because they are men. If they were women, that would be a different story.

Report: Another gruesome child murder, but this one is in NYC…

Soon after Casey Anthony walked out with a not guilty verdict, another brutal child murder just happened in NYC. 8 year old, Leiby Kletzky was walking home from camp last Monday afternoon and suddenly disappeared. Some of his body was found in a trash bin in a Brooklyn neighborhood while the rest of it was inside a refrigerator in the apartment of Levi Aron who police arrested.

Read the full story, here.

Disgusting. I don’t understand why people kill children. If Levi Aron walks out of trial for this murder a free man, then our judicial system is definitely messed up.


Cool Video: Michael C. Hall the man himself briefly responds to “Dexter going after Casey Anthony” rumors…

Michael C. Hall, the star of “Dexter” was spotted walking the streets of Los Angeles, and TMZ stopped him. Of course, they had to ask him if Dexter will kill Casey Anthony.

See the video at, TMZ.

Seems like Michael is not a big fan of the paparrazi although he does seem like a nice guy. Notice how Michael is trying to avoid TMZ a little bit but he was nice enough to answer their questions.

While Dexter is a fictional character, I think it would be pretty cool if Casey Anthony can be written in as a character for an episode of Season 6. Casey Anthony could be played by a different actress on the show.


I will buy Jaycee Lee Dugard’s book but I won’t be buying Casey Anthony’s…

For a long time now in this blog, I’ve been saying that Jaycee Lee Dugard is going to write about her life while being held captive by the Garrido family. Well, this should be no surprise to everyone, I was right. She wrote a book about the story and the book will hit bookstores everywhere this coming Tuesday. Yes, I will probably buy it. I too am interested of how she lived her life with the Garrido’s and I’m sure this book will reveal it all. It’s gonna be an interesting story for sure and looking forward to reading it.

When Casey Anthony does her book (you know she’s gonna do one too), I won’t be buying it. I won’t support anything Casey Anthony does ’cause I refuse to put my money toward a child killer. I don’t care if she starts an acting career or a music career or a porn career, etc. Whatever she does, I won’t support it. Neither should everyone else.

In other book releases, the 5th book to the “Song of Ice and Fire” Series (game of thrones) titled, “Dance With Dragons” will be out Tuesday as well, so I will definitely be picking that book up for sure. This Tuesday is a good release day for books.

I love to read. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. Have been for years ever since I was a kid. I’ve always been a proud book lover.


Thought: How could Casey Anthony get away with murder? I have a few observations…

Yes, the topic of whether or not Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her own daughter, still continues to be the most talked about topic online. This discussion is everywhere, twitter and facebook. Most people think she’s guilty and think she’s got away with it. Of course, there are always going to be some supporters who think she’s innocent and will defend her no matter what people say.

Some people think it can’t be possible that murderers can have a “perfect” murder and get away with it, but yes, it can happen.

So you may ask, how could she get away with it?

I have a few observations of how she might have gotten away with it. Read up and learn.

  • Casey threw out most of the important evidence that would have proved her guilt – All the evidence in the trial wasn’t all of it. I just know there was a lot more than that. She either threw out most of it, hid the rest of it somewhere or burned it.
  • Casey had help with family & friends to cover up her crime – Could George be lying when he said he didn’t sexually abuse Casey Anthony when she was a child? Cindy was the one who called 911 to report Caylee missing and she was also the one to report to police that there could be a dead body in the car, when Caylee’s remains were actually in the wooded area by the Anthony home.
  • Casey found a way to damage DNA evidence – What made the jurors find her not guilty was that the trial could not find any DNA evidence. She had to be looking on google for “chloroform” for this reason? Chloroform is a chemical that helps isolates DNA.
  • Casey is just a good liar and expert manipulator – Enough said?
  • Casey could have used black leather gloves – A lot of killers would use leather gloves so fingerprints wouldn’t get on anything.
  • Casey paid good lawyers – She must of got really good laywers if they were able to make her a free woman.

That’s about all I can think of. Hopefully they don’t give up and continue to find ways to give Casey what she deserves. Prison time and death penalty. They’ll get her again someday, it’s only a matter of time.


BREAKING NEWS: Casey Anthony will be released from jail this coming Wednesday!!!

Casey Anthony will be released from jail this coming Wednesday. The judge sentenced her today for 4 years and a $1,000 fine for lying to police officers, but due to the 3 years past she served, they did a calculation of credit of the time she had left.

TMZ, reports.

Enjoy it, Casey. I hope everyone gives you hell everywhere you go on the outside.

This is not justice for Caylee.