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Thought: Reasons why it’s a bad idea to let the “West Memphis Three” go free…

I posted this as a facebook status last night:

“Isn’t it a bit ironic that people are mad at Casey Anthony for walking out of murdering a child, yet everyone is happy for the “West Memphis Three” guys being freed after being accused of murdering 3 boys? Seriously, what’s wrong with this picture?”

It only got very few replies and one “liked” by someone, so I must be right on what I said.

I know a lot of people are supporting “West Memphis Three” guys. A lot of people in the music community look at these guys as cult heroes because of their love for music and all that. It’s mostly people in the metal community that supports them.

I don’t support people who are suspects of murdering children. Whether they did it or not, it’s still bad news of them being let go.

Think about why:

  • The victim’s families and friends would be outraged by this.
  • The three men had a long history of crime before the murder like burglary, assault and they have bad tempers.
  • They could be possible satanists (or devil worshippers).
  • They could commit crime again. (Usually when prisoners are freed from prison after many years, they end up going back…)
  • They could have gotten away with it.
  • This is not justice for the victims.
Many people believed that they are innocent because of that documentary filmed about them, “Paradise Lost”. I haven’t seen the documentary but I plan on renting it from Netflix soon.
The internet is supporting these guys but I don’t support them. They’ll probably get a book deal, maybe another documentary. I don’t see how people can support them.
Casey Anthony was let go because not enough evidence to prove her guilt, yet everyone thinks she got away with it. I believe the public don’t hate on the “West Memphis Three” for killing children because they are men. If they were women, that would be a different story.