I will buy Jaycee Lee Dugard’s book but I won’t be buying Casey Anthony’s…

For a long time now in this blog, I’ve been saying that Jaycee Lee Dugard is going to write about her life while being held captive by the Garrido family. Well, this should be no surprise to everyone, I was right. She wrote a book about the story and the book will hit bookstores everywhere this coming Tuesday. Yes, I will probably buy it. I too am interested of how she lived her life with the Garrido’s and I’m sure this book will reveal it all. It’s gonna be an interesting story for sure and looking forward to reading it.

When Casey Anthony does her book (you know she’s gonna do one too), I won’t be buying it. I won’t support anything Casey Anthony does ’cause I refuse to put my money toward a child killer. I don’t care if she starts an acting career or a music career or a porn career, etc. Whatever she does, I won’t support it. Neither should everyone else.

In other book releases, the 5th book to the “Song of Ice and Fire” Series (game of thrones) titled, “Dance With Dragons” will be out Tuesday as well, so I will definitely be picking that book up for sure. This Tuesday is a good release day for books.

I love to read. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. Have been for years ever since I was a kid. I’ve always been a proud book lover.


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