Report: Megan Fox wants to let the world know that she’s real and natural…

Most celebrity women are so fake. Most of ’em have plastic surgery, botox, or breast implants. Things like that. Megan Fox is getting fed up of being accused of having that stuff. Well she doesn’t, and the pics she just released to the internet proves it! She wants to let the world know that what you see of Megan Fox in Hollywood celebrity land, is real and natural. She’s not like most fake celebrity women.

Read more, here.

I’ve been saying for a long time that she’s pretty natural. She just works out at the gym and eat right. That’s how I think she got the hot body.

While most of hollywood is fake, there maybe like one or two celebrity women that are real, and Meg is one of them. Congrats Meg and kudos on sticking up for yourself!



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