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Thoughts on Michael Bay’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”…

I don’t like Michael Bay movies just like most people. I hate what he did to the Transformers movies but surprisingly enough, Michael’s take on the “TMNT” looks kind of interesting to me. This trailer is getting mixed reviews. You either love it or hate it. Some are willing to give a chance and I am too. I think it looks pretty promising. I know CGI Turtles is kind of silly but if you think about it, the CGI Turtles is the right thing to do. I think it would be pretty tough for a human in costume to do all those dangerous stunts, ya know? Back in the 90’s when the original turtles were made for the big screen, the CGI technology wasn’t big back then.

With that being said, I think the new Turtles movie looks pretty cool and I’m willing to give it a chance. I’ll probably go check it out.

Keep in mind, this is just a “teaser” so the next trailer will show a lot more footage from the movie. People shouldn’t be so quick in criticizing.


Report: Megan Fox wants to let the world know that she’s real and natural…

Most celebrity women are so fake. Most of ’em have plastic surgery, botox, or breast implants. Things like that. Megan Fox is getting fed up of being accused of having that stuff. Well she doesn’t, and the pics she just released to the internet proves it! She wants to let the world know that what you see of Megan Fox in Hollywood celebrity land, is real and natural. She’s not like most fake celebrity women.

Read more, here.

I’ve been saying for a long time that she’s pretty natural. She just works out at the gym and eat right. That’s how I think she got the hot body.

While most of hollywood is fake, there maybe like one or two celebrity women that are real, and Meg is one of them. Congrats Meg and kudos on sticking up for yourself!



Report: Shia LaBeouf admits “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” was a piece of crap!!

“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” didn’t get much friendly reviews by critics and movie fans when it first came out. Well, it even seems that the film’s main star, Shia LaBeouf is with us “Revenge of the Fallen” haters. He agrees that the film sucked so bad.

More on it here:


Remember when Megan Fox started shitting on this movie by saying, “Michael Bay needs to concentrate on good acting, not the CGI and action effects”? I think Mr. Bay needs to take the advice from his cast if he wants Transformers 3 to be successful and if he wants fans to like the third one.

Come on Michael. Shape up and make Transformers right for the fans. Keep the action scenes, that’s important, but at least come up with a better plot for the next one. I hated “Revenge of the Fallen” so much too.


BREAKING NEWS: John Malkovich and Frances McDormand to star in “Transformers 3″…

Michael Bay himself announced some shocking news that suprised the movie industry. “The Transformers” director, revealed that he signed John Malkovich and Frances McDormand to star in the next “Transformers” installment. Both who are Oscar winners. This wasn’t the first time that John and Frances starred in a film together, as they starred in the Coen Bros., “Burn After Reading”. Most would know who John Malkovich is, but for those who are not familiar with Frances McDormand, she is the wife of one of the Coen Bros. She was also in movies such as “Fargo”, “Almost Famous”,  “Miller’s Crossing”, and more. The surprising thing is, who knew John and Frances were fans of Transformers?

I hope Michael Bay makes “Transformers 3” a better film ’cause I hated “Revenge of the Fallen”. Lets hope they do a good job with the next one.

More on it here:



Megan Fox and U2 on SNL last night…

I never really watch SNL anymore, but I had to watch the SNL 35th premiere last night ’cause my favorite celebrity woman, Megan Fox, was on last night. I kept thinking to myself that the new episode would be a stinker and a borefest, but it wasn’t. It was surprisingly entertaining and actually funny all the way through.

Meg did a good job hosting.

I’m glad she is appearing on TV more often. As for U2 they were pretty good as usual, but I thought it was kind of silly that Bono was singing through a glow in the dark microphone toward the end of it, and Bono was swinging back and forth on the mic like a kid at the playground.

Usually SNL ends with their “ending” theme with the SNL band, but they ended the show with U2 playing a third song while the credits were rolling. Maybe this is a new way of SNL ending their shows from now on, their musical guests will end the show, not the SNL band.

Today’s SNL is kind of getting better and improving. I like Seth Myers, Will Forte, and Andy Samberg the newer guys. I used to like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but they’re no longer on the show although they still make occasional appearances.

I only watch SNL if there is a good host on, I don’t watch it every week.


Film Review: Jennifer’s Body

Starring: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried

Directed by: Karyn Kusama

Today, I just saw the movie, “Jennifer’s Body”…a film that is a mix of horror and comedy. The film is written by Diablo Cody, the Oscar winning screenwriter who wrote the movie, “Juno”.

Here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Two high school best friends Jennifer (Megan) and Needy (Amanda) enjoys some fun times by going to see a local rock band, named Low Shoulder at a small bar. The band Low Shoulder has kidnapped Jennifer after the gig and turns out the band were devil worshippers. Jennifer is being held in a sacrifice in a Satanic ritual which the band must kill Jennifer, hoping that this will get the band a record deal. This didn’t do anything but turn Jennifer into a possessed demon which she goes on a killing rampage. Jennifer’s friend, Needy, tries to end all of this horror herself.

Lets get right to it…

The Good: Megan Fox starring the leading role. The brief lesbian kiss between Megan and Amanda (could have been a longer makeout though). Special effects, cinematography, Diablo’s unique dialogue when the character’s speak, the gross out scenes, Megan’s evil smile with her face covered in blood, Meg’s acting skills (she can do the leading role quite well).

The Bad: The story and plot line (seems like every horror film we’ve seen, nothing original), the Low Shoulder rock band being Satanic, Adam Brody’s acting…no nudity (sorry Diablo and Karyn, but this is not a true horror film if Megan and Amanda refuses to go naked, there were sexual content in the film but NO naked boobies! Just some advice when you work on the sequel, teen horror films mix it up with murder, gore, and full on nudity!) Too much rock songs being played throughout the film when I would much rather hear classical scoring and not these typical teeny power pop bands blaring through the film.

I respect Diablo Cody for giving horror films a try, but she’s gotta lot of learning to do with the horror genre. It wasn’t a bad film, but nothing amazing and mind blowing. I thought it was pretty entertaining and ok. Just an ok film. It’s just something to wait on DVD for and kind of wished I did. If Diablo wants to get into horror, she needs to learn from the masters: Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Rob Zombie or Marcus Nispel. I’m sure they would be willing to teach her how to write good horror stories.

Score for “Jennifer’s Body” = ** 1/2 stars (as in “ok”)




Report: Michael Bay denies having “Transformers” crew write nasty open letter to Megan Fox, Bay says he still LOVES her!!!

In response to this:


Michael Bay completely denied “Transformers” crew members writing a nasty open letter to Megan Fox on his official website.

Michael Bay the man said so himself, he says he still loves her to death and loves working with her, so yeah, I definitely see Megan Fox returning to “Transformers 3”.


Michael is a cool dude for putting up with her crazy opinions! At least he can take it like a man!