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Meryl Streep plays a rock star in “Ricki and the Flash” movie, interesting…

Wow. This is the kind of role that I thought Meryl Streep would ever play. It’s a different role for her for sure. It’s about a woman who gives up everything to try to become a rock n’ roll star but then she tries to give up her rock star dreams to return to her family.

This movie actually looks interesting to me and I might check this one out.


Cool Video: The high quality version of “Evil Dead” trailer is here!

This was pretty much the same trailer they showed at, NYCC. Now it’s in glorious, HD!

While I still prefer, “Evil Dead 4”, with Bruce Campbell as Ash, the remake will do, I guess! The remake looks surprisingly great. Only thing missing though, that it needs the trees that attacks people, like the first one. Maybe the possessed trees are in the remake, they just haven’t shown them in the trailer, as a way to keep surprises. The Evil Dead remake looks pretty good, I’ll probably go see it.


Cool Video: Ready to see a bootlegged version of “The Evil Dead” trailer?

“The Evil Dead” remake is on it’s way to the big screen and the first teaser made it’s debut at the New York City Comic Con. “The Evil Dead” remake was produced by the same team who brought us the original films: Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell. Sam Raimi didn’t direct this time, but “Juno” writer, Diablo Cody, helped write the script.

I was skeptical of this remake at first, but to my surprise, I was blown away with what I saw, even for a bootleg trailer. Looks surprisingly good! Very similar to the original except it’s an updated version with today’s technology. Look like it’s gonna be a gore fest!

I’m sure the high quality version of the trailer will arrive online soon. Enjoy this, here.

Looks great! Can’t wait for the better quality version of the trailer!


Report: “Evil Dead” remake gets the greenlight by Sony Pictures and Film District…

Announced earlier today, Sony Pictures and Film District have teamed up with Ghost House to make, the “Evil Dead” remake. Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell will help produce the film. Diablo Cody had a hand in re-writing some of the script.

Read the full press release, here.

They should start with the casting soon, now that they finally found a studio. Now the question is, who is going to play Ash? Will Bruce Campbell reprise the role? If Bruce only signed on to produce the film and not act, he probably isn’t going to return, but you never know. Maybe they’re keeping his return a secret for now? They’re probably gonna go for a younger actor to play Ash.

Honestly, I don’t care who plays Ash, as long this film stays true to the originals, I’ll go see it. It still needs to be a low budget B-movie like the first two.

You know what? Since found footage movies like “Paranormal Acitivity” are getting so popular, I think it would be interesting if they would take that direction.

It would be great if Bruce returns as the lead! So I hope he does sign on. I love the Evil Dead films and a Bruce Campbell fan as well. If Bruce doesn’t star in the leading role, I hope he’ll get a cameo for a different role at least. There can’t be an Evil Dead movie without him!



Report: Update on new “Evil Dead” film, Diablo Cody wrote script but Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell will still be a part of it…

Ghost House Pictures gave us new details on the new “Evil Dead” movie that was leaked to the web the other day. Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for her script, “Juno” and she wrote the horror film, “Jennifer’s Body”, have written the script for the new “Evil Dead” remake. Yes, Ghost House Pictures which is a film company owned by Sam Raimi confirmed this will be a remake of the first “Evil Dead” film.

Sam Raimi won’t be directing this one, they are tapping Fede Alvarez, to write and direct the remake, but Diablo Cody is helping out re-writing the drafts. Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell will be producing the film.

No castings for the “Evil Dead” remake have been announced yet, they still didn’t even say if Bruce Campbell is going to reprise his role as Ash. I hope Bruce will return to the leading role ’cause it’s not an Evil Dead movie without him, in my opinion. They probably are going to get someone else to play Ash.

I don’t know what to say about this now. I’m kind of excited and disappointed at the same time. I’m excited that Sam, Rob, and Bruce will be a part of it but disappointed that it’s a remake. I was hoping they would continue the story after, “Army of Darkness”. At the end of “Army Of Darkness”, it seems they left open a 4th movie, ending the movie with Bruce fighting this demon at the S-mart store.

I’m a huge Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell fan. I hope they don’t screw this film up.

Deadline, reports.


Report: Hugh Hefner reveals Diablo Cody is writing his biopic film, to be produced by Brian Grazer…

The Hef exclusively announced on his Twitter page that Diablo Cody could be the one writing the script for his upcoming biopic film that will be produced by Brian Grazer.

See The Hef’s twitter announcement here:


Diablo’s a great choice.

Since Brian Grazer is producing does this mean that Ron Howard will be directing?


Film Review: Jennifer’s Body

Starring: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried

Directed by: Karyn Kusama

Today, I just saw the movie, “Jennifer’s Body”…a film that is a mix of horror and comedy. The film is written by Diablo Cody, the Oscar winning screenwriter who wrote the movie, “Juno”.

Here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Two high school best friends Jennifer (Megan) and Needy (Amanda) enjoys some fun times by going to see a local rock band, named Low Shoulder at a small bar. The band Low Shoulder has kidnapped Jennifer after the gig and turns out the band were devil worshippers. Jennifer is being held in a sacrifice in a Satanic ritual which the band must kill Jennifer, hoping that this will get the band a record deal. This didn’t do anything but turn Jennifer into a possessed demon which she goes on a killing rampage. Jennifer’s friend, Needy, tries to end all of this horror herself.

Lets get right to it…

The Good: Megan Fox starring the leading role. The brief lesbian kiss between Megan and Amanda (could have been a longer makeout though). Special effects, cinematography, Diablo’s unique dialogue when the character’s speak, the gross out scenes, Megan’s evil smile with her face covered in blood, Meg’s acting skills (she can do the leading role quite well).

The Bad: The story and plot line (seems like every horror film we’ve seen, nothing original), the Low Shoulder rock band being Satanic, Adam Brody’s acting…no nudity (sorry Diablo and Karyn, but this is not a true horror film if Megan and Amanda refuses to go naked, there were sexual content in the film but NO naked boobies! Just some advice when you work on the sequel, teen horror films mix it up with murder, gore, and full on nudity!) Too much rock songs being played throughout the film when I would much rather hear classical scoring and not these typical teeny power pop bands blaring through the film.

I respect Diablo Cody for giving horror films a try, but she’s gotta lot of learning to do with the horror genre. It wasn’t a bad film, but nothing amazing and mind blowing. I thought it was pretty entertaining and ok. Just an ok film. It’s just something to wait on DVD for and kind of wished I did. If Diablo wants to get into horror, she needs to learn from the masters: Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Rob Zombie or Marcus Nispel. I’m sure they would be willing to teach her how to write good horror stories.

Score for “Jennifer’s Body” = ** 1/2 stars (as in “ok”)




Report: Diablo Cody and Steven Spielberg to team up again…

The Oscar award winning screenwriter whose latest film is “Juno” will team up with Steven Spielberg again to give her story ideas for another comedy film that is untitled at this moment. Spielberg is the one who came up with the story for “Juno” and gave it to Cody, she won an Oscar for “Best Screenplay” for the film. She will write the film for Spielberg’s, Dreamworks studios, but they are keeping the plot and title underwraps for now.

Variety reports:


Is this going to be a sequel to “Juno”? I hope not. I have never even seen “Juno” yet, but I plan on giving the film a rent soon.

If Spielberg loves her writing so much, why don’t he direct one of her screenplays? I’m sure he will in the future when the right story comes. Spielberg is not into doing comedies, maybe when Cody does a serious film, Spielberg will do it then.