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“Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 1” review…

So this week I’ve finally finished watching “Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 1”. The continuation from the Evil Dead trilogy starring Bruce Campbell who reprises his role as Ash. I wanted to watch this show but I don’t have the Starz channel. Now I’ve bought the PS4 system, I’ve bought this show from the Playstation Store and watched it on there.

“Ash vs. Evil Dead – Season 1” was surprisingly amazing. Some of you know that I’m a pretty big Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead fanatic. I’ve always have been. Loved the Evil Dead trilogy for years. Now the continuation or “sequel” is finally here with Bruce back as Ash finally.

This show is every Evil Dead fan’s dream. It sticks to the same horror & comedy format. So it is both scary and funny at the same time like the original trilogy. Honestly, this is more “action” then horror ’cause there’s plenty of action scenes in it. Yes, you will see plenty of gore too. You will see a lot of demon fighting too. Ash is older and funnier. Bruce can still kill it as that character. He still does the funny catchphrases and one-liners.

“Ash Vs. Evil Dead” was originally supposed to be “Evil Dead 4” for the big screen but the Raimi brothers couldn’t afford it for the big screen so it went to TV instead. “Ash vs. Evil Dead” turned out to be a great show and it’s a must watch for any horror fan or Evil Dead fan. You will see plenty of flashbacks from Evil Dead 1 & 2 but there are no flashbacks from “Army of Darkness”, though. The store that Ash works in is called “Value Smart” instead of “S-mart” like at the end of “Army Of Darkness”. Not sure why all the changes from Army of Darkness. Is it because of copyright reasons? Probably since “Army of Darkness” was a different studio.

Anyway, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” was fucking awesome and a blast to watch. My only complaint is that the episodes were too short. I don’t agree with a half hour an episode. They need to be an hour long so can Season 2 be an hour long for each episode, please? “Ash vs. Evil Dead” was funny as hell as I had a good laugh watching some scenes. I had to watch this show on the Playstation ’cause I didn’t know where else to watch it. Bring on Season 2 please!



“Ash vs. Evil Dead” trailer is finally here!!!

Oh man, as expected I would think that the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” TV show for Starz would turn out to be badass. Ash is back and badder than ever!

This show won’t disappoint die-hard Evil Dead fanatics at all ’cause just like the original trilogy… there will be plenty of demon fighting, blood & gore.

I wish I could watch this show but I don’t have the Starz channel and don’t plan on getting it anytime soon. Anyhow, I’ll get the BluRay when it comes out.


Casting and plot revealed for “Evil Dead” TV series!!! Yes, Bruce is indeed coming back as Ash!!!

The casting and plot details have been revealed for the upcoming “Evil Dead” series for the Starz network. Ray Santiago and Dana Delorenzo have been signed to play Ash’s sidekicks for the TV show.

Look like this TV show isn’t gonna be a continuation of the 2013, “Evil Dead” big screen film but instead the TV show is gonna be a continuation of the original trilogy so I assume this will take place 30 years after, “Army of Darkness”???

Here’s the synopsis: “Campbell reprises his role as Ash, the aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons – personal and literal.“


Awesome! Wish I can watch this show when it’s on the air but I don’t have Starz and will probably never get it! So if they get it on Netflix, I’ll probably watch it on there. If Netflix doesn’t get the show at all, then I’m gonna have to buy it on DVD.

I’m sure the show will still be a mix of comedy and horror like the original trilogy. I’m sure Ash will say his famous catchphrases such as “Groovy” and “Hail to The King, baby” but I hope he comes up with new catchphrases too!

I’m excited for this show being the big Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell fan that I am. Can’t wait to see him back as Ash. Gonna be badass to see him back in that role and I’m sure he’s still got it! \m/


Groovy! Bruce Campbell confirmed to reprise his role as Ash for “Evil Dead” TV series!!!

This is big news for Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell fanatics like myself. While I am excited for this news, the only problem is though that I don’t have the Starz channel. I don’t get any premium channels for cable TV anymore as they are too expensive.

“Evil Dead” is coming to Starz for a 10 episode run and each episode will be only a half hour long. I just knew that Bruce’s cameo at the end of the latest “Evil Dead” film confirms a future return for Ash and I was right.

The TV show will be just like the movies. Ash trying to fight the Deadites to survive… lots of blood and gore w/ wacky humor along with it.

Will we see the chainsaw as his hand and the sawed off shotgun? I’m sure we will see both of those again but I’m sure Ash will come up with new weapons as well.

Read here for more information on the show…


I’m dying to watch this show being the big “Evil Dead” nut that I am but I don’t have Starz. I’ll just watch it when it comes out on Netflix or DVD. Wish the episodes can be an hour but despite the length, I’m just glad Evil Dead is coming back with Ash this time.

Even though Bruce hasn’t played the character in so many years, I’m sure he’ll kill the role with no problem at all.


Listen up you primitive screwheads… look like Ash is returning to “Evil Dead”after all but to the small screen…

It’s been officially announced that the “Evil Dead” is headed to the small screen but the best part is that Bruce Campbell is reprising his role as Ash. The plot for the new TV series is not yet known and it is also not yet known what TV network the show will be headed to.

As long as Ash is finally making a comeback, it would make a lot of sense if the TV show would be a continuation after “Army Of Darkness”. I would like to know what happens to Ash after that. Would Ash still be stuck in the medieval world in 1300 AD? I think it’ll be cool if Ash finds his way back to the cabin in present time.

What TV network should get the show? I hope it doesn’t go to a premium channel. It should stay away from HBO or Showtime. I think this is perfect for AMC. Great competition for, “The Walking Dead”. I’m happy Bruce is not done playing Ash. Can’t wait to see him back in the role and I’m sure he can still play the role well.

I can’t wait to see him back with the chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun! Groovy!!!



Hmmmm, looks like Bruce Campbell as Ash has a cameo in the new “Evil Dead” movie after all!!!

I just finished re-watching the new “Evil Dead” movie on BluRay. The re-boot film, and I just found out that Bruce Campbell actually reprise’s his role in the film even though there was a lot of speculation that he wasn’t in the film at all. Stick through the credits at the end of the movie when it’s rolling and when the credits are done… you’ll see him. He’ll just quickly look at the camera and say his famous catchphrase, “Groovy”. Could this mean that Ash could be the leading character in the sequel? He can still play that role really well even if he said one line. I didn’t stay for the credits when I first saw this movie in theater.

Hopefully, Ash will be in the next one. They shouldn’t ignore Ash completely. I’m a huge Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead fan. I love the previous three Evil Dead films too. Bruce Campbell is the man. I respected that guy for years. He’s the most famous B-movie actor out there. Kudos to him for staying away from the big budget films. He’s a cool guy.

I still love the new “Evil Dead” film too. Looking forward to the next one and really hope they bring Ash back at some point.