Hmmmm, looks like Bruce Campbell as Ash has a cameo in the new “Evil Dead” movie after all!!!

I just finished re-watching the new “Evil Dead” movie on BluRay. The re-boot film, and I just found out that Bruce Campbell actually reprise’s his role in the film even though there was a lot of speculation that he wasn’t in the film at all. Stick through the credits at the end of the movie when it’s rolling and when the credits are done… you’ll see him. He’ll just quickly look at the camera and say his famous catchphrase, “Groovy”. Could this mean that Ash could be the leading character in the sequel? He can still play that role really well even if he said one line. I didn’t stay for the credits when I first saw this movie in theater.

Hopefully, Ash will be in the next one. They shouldn’t ignore Ash completely. I’m a huge Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead fan. I love the previous three Evil Dead films too. Bruce Campbell is the man. I respected that guy for years. He’s the most famous B-movie actor out there. Kudos to him for staying away from the big budget films. He’s a cool guy.

I still love the new “Evil Dead” film too. Looking forward to the next one and really hope they bring Ash back at some point.


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