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“Ash vs. Evil Dead” trailer is finally here!!!

Oh man, as expected I would think that the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” TV show for Starz would turn out to be badass. Ash is back and badder than ever!

This show won’t disappoint die-hard Evil Dead fanatics at all ’cause just like the original trilogy… there will be plenty of demon fighting, blood & gore.

I wish I could watch this show but I don’t have the Starz channel and don’t plan on getting it anytime soon. Anyhow, I’ll get the BluRay when it comes out.


Casting and plot revealed for “Evil Dead” TV series!!! Yes, Bruce is indeed coming back as Ash!!!

The casting and plot details have been revealed for the upcoming “Evil Dead” series for the Starz network. Ray Santiago and Dana Delorenzo have been signed to play Ash’s sidekicks for the TV show.

Look like this TV show isn’t gonna be a continuation of the 2013, “Evil Dead” big screen film but instead the TV show is gonna be a continuation of the original trilogy so I assume this will take place 30 years after, “Army of Darkness”???

Here’s the synopsis: “Campbell reprises his role as Ash, the aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead. When a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind, Ash is finally forced to face his demons – personal and literal.“


Awesome! Wish I can watch this show when it’s on the air but I don’t have Starz and will probably never get it! So if they get it on Netflix, I’ll probably watch it on there. If Netflix doesn’t get the show at all, then I’m gonna have to buy it on DVD.

I’m sure the show will still be a mix of comedy and horror like the original trilogy. I’m sure Ash will say his famous catchphrases such as “Groovy” and “Hail to The King, baby” but I hope he comes up with new catchphrases too!

I’m excited for this show being the big Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell fan that I am. Can’t wait to see him back as Ash. Gonna be badass to see him back in that role and I’m sure he’s still got it! \m/


Groovy! Bruce Campbell confirmed to reprise his role as Ash for “Evil Dead” TV series!!!

This is big news for Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell fanatics like myself. While I am excited for this news, the only problem is though that I don’t have the Starz channel. I don’t get any premium channels for cable TV anymore as they are too expensive.

“Evil Dead” is coming to Starz for a 10 episode run and each episode will be only a half hour long. I just knew that Bruce’s cameo at the end of the latest “Evil Dead” film confirms a future return for Ash and I was right.

The TV show will be just like the movies. Ash trying to fight the Deadites to survive… lots of blood and gore w/ wacky humor along with it.

Will we see the chainsaw as his hand and the sawed off shotgun? I’m sure we will see both of those again but I’m sure Ash will come up with new weapons as well.

Read here for more information on the show…


I’m dying to watch this show being the big “Evil Dead” nut that I am but I don’t have Starz. I’ll just watch it when it comes out on Netflix or DVD. Wish the episodes can be an hour but despite the length, I’m just glad Evil Dead is coming back with Ash this time.

Even though Bruce hasn’t played the character in so many years, I’m sure he’ll kill the role with no problem at all.


Listen up you primitive screwheads… look like Ash is returning to “Evil Dead”after all but to the small screen…

It’s been officially announced that the “Evil Dead” is headed to the small screen but the best part is that Bruce Campbell is reprising his role as Ash. The plot for the new TV series is not yet known and it is also not yet known what TV network the show will be headed to.

As long as Ash is finally making a comeback, it would make a lot of sense if the TV show would be a continuation after “Army Of Darkness”. I would like to know what happens to Ash after that. Would Ash still be stuck in the medieval world in 1300 AD? I think it’ll be cool if Ash finds his way back to the cabin in present time.

What TV network should get the show? I hope it doesn’t go to a premium channel. It should stay away from HBO or Showtime. I think this is perfect for AMC. Great competition for, “The Walking Dead”. I’m happy Bruce is not done playing Ash. Can’t wait to see him back in the role and I’m sure he can still play the role well.

I can’t wait to see him back with the chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun! Groovy!!!



Sam Raimi reveals “The Last of Us” is on it’s way to the big screen for a live action adaptation…

Welp, it’s that time of year again when San Diego Comic Con is happening right now as I write this. SDCC is a comic book/movie convention where fanatics and geeks go there to shop, watch the panels of their favorite movies/TV shows, meet & greet movie stars, etc. You get the deal. At “The Last of Us” panel Sam Raimi the man himself made a surprise appearance at SDCC. He wasn’t invited or anything like that, he just showed up ’cause he simply wanted to.

He surprised fans of the survival horror game with an announcement that “The Last of Us” is on it’s way to the big screen with a live action movie. Sam Raimi is producing and Neil Druckmann is writing the screenplay. There is no director as of yet.

While there are no casting announcements as of yet the most popular choices to play Joel is either Hugh Jackman or Josh Brolin. I agree with Hugh Jackman, he would be perfect for the role. Fans want Maisie Williams who is famous for her “Game of Thrones” role to play the role of Ellie which is also a great choice.

Sam Raimi also announced he’s writing a TV show for “The Evil Dead”.


This is pretty freakin’ sweet! I’m all for this game being made into a big screen movie ’cause the game is great. I played it myself. The story is great and the game play was a blast. After I played this game and beat it, I thought to myself, this game is definitely headed to the big screen. The game felt like a big screen movie.

Most movies adapted from video games are garbage but lets hope they do a good job with this one. I hope they make it real good.

If you’re a video gamer and haven’t played “The Last Of Us”, I’d recommend it!


“The Last Of Us” video game coming to the big screen for live-action film…

Well, I didn’t find this a surprise at all that they were going to make a movie for, “The Last of Us”, which is one of the best games released of 2013. After I finished the game, my first immediate thought was, “They’re gonna make this into a live-action movie”. Look like my prediction was right! Sam Raimi’s, Ghost House Pictures, is producing and they already have a writer who is, Neil Druckmann. No director have been found yet. “The Last Of Us” is an action-adventure zombie game mixed w/ a little science-fiction as well. The game is mostly storyline but there are tons of gameplay in it.

More on the story here:


Will they get Ellen Page to play Ellie? The girl pictured above? I don’t know. Ellen Page complained about the game using her likeness so she might not do it but ya never know, though. These guys may try to ask Ellen ’cause I know they won’t resist it. The Ellie character looks a lot like Ellen. Ellen didn’t voice the character, though, they just made the character look like her.

I hate most movies adapted from video games but as long as Sam Raimi is involved for this one, I’m all for it. Will Sam Raimi direct as well? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

Who will play Joel, the man pictured above? Looking at that photo, I can easily think of a few actors who would be perfect for that character: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Affleck maybe???

Since this is a Sam Raimi movie, Bruce Campbell would probably get a small role.

Looking forward to seeing where they’re going with this. Hope they make it right.






“Oz: The Great and Powerful” brief review…

So I finally saw, “Oz: The Great and Powerful” on DVD last night. It was a Netflix DVD rental. This film is the prequel to the original 1939 film, “The Wizard of Oz” directed by Victor Fleming and based upon the book by L. Frank Baum.

My thoughts on, “Oz: The Great and Powerful”… I thought the film did a pretty good job explaining the original film; however, the script was a mess. Yes, this new film was based upon the Oz books ’cause remember they were a series of novels. Sam Raimi was pretty faithful to the stories but there was something missing with the script and needed a little improvement. The dialogue was a bit of a mess and the acting wasn’t that great either. I thought James Franco was pretty annoying and they should have used a better choice of an actor for Oz.

I was actually most impressed with Mila Kunis who played the Wicked Witch of the West. Mila was the best part of the movie. She was pretty sexy as hell in the film with or without the witch costume & makeup. Mila made a sexy Wicked Witch even in the green skin. Mila did a great job playing her.

After watching the movie, I can see why Disney wanted Sam Raimi to direct this movie ’cause they wanted this movie to be kind of scary and they knew that Raimi has horror experience. A lot of material in this reminded me so much of the “Evil Dead” movies, for sure. I’ve always liked Sam Raimi’s directing style. He’s unique and different. Even though this is a high budget movie, Sam still has some of his B-movie directing in this film.

Some of this movie is pretty entertaining, though. The film has a lot of action and quite a bit of violence in it. Sam did an okay job making Oz having a love for magic and turning him into an evil wizard when he’s not really.

With all this being said, I thought the film was okay. Nothing all that great and nothing amazing. I just wish they didn’t make it so similar to the original film. After I watched this film last night, I thought to myself, “Was this a remake or a prequel”? I looked at it as a remake ’cause almost every scene was pretty much the same from the original film. If you wanna call it a prequel, then make it a prequel… don’t make it similar. I hate it when prequels do that. George Lucas didn’t do that with the Star Wars movies… he made those prequels totally different stories.

The original “Wizard of Oz” movie with Judy Garland is one of my favorite films. I’ve seen that movie too many times ever since I was a child and still love that film. It’s a classic indeed and honestly that film doesn’t need prequels, remakes or sequels. It should have been left alone ’cause if you make it a prequel, you’re just ruining the mysterious part of the story. It takes the magic out of it, know what I mean?

“Oz: The Great and Powerful” was alright. It’s nothing I’ll watch over and over again. It’s still worth checking out, though!


Hmmmm, looks like Bruce Campbell as Ash has a cameo in the new “Evil Dead” movie after all!!!

I just finished re-watching the new “Evil Dead” movie on BluRay. The re-boot film, and I just found out that Bruce Campbell actually reprise’s his role in the film even though there was a lot of speculation that he wasn’t in the film at all. Stick through the credits at the end of the movie when it’s rolling and when the credits are done… you’ll see him. He’ll just quickly look at the camera and say his famous catchphrase, “Groovy”. Could this mean that Ash could be the leading character in the sequel? He can still play that role really well even if he said one line. I didn’t stay for the credits when I first saw this movie in theater.

Hopefully, Ash will be in the next one. They shouldn’t ignore Ash completely. I’m a huge Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead fan. I love the previous three Evil Dead films too. Bruce Campbell is the man. I respected that guy for years. He’s the most famous B-movie actor out there. Kudos to him for staying away from the big budget films. He’s a cool guy.

I still love the new “Evil Dead” film too. Looking forward to the next one and really hope they bring Ash back at some point.


Film Review: Evil Dead

Starring: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci

Directed By: Fede Alvarez

Well, earlier this afternoon, I finally got around to watching the new, “Evil Dead” movie, in a theater, this time! Here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Five young friends, go out vacationing, and they discover an old remote cabin in the woods, where they decide to stay at for a few days. Mia who is David’s sister, is a recovering heroin addict, and they investigate the cabin, whether it is safe to stay there or not. When they decided to stay, they discover the Book of the Dead in the basement. One of them decided to read the book and they accidentally summoned the Deadites living in the woods nearby. The group tries to fight off these Deadites for survival. 

When this project was first announced since last year, I was kind of skeptical of this film myself. I was even more skeptical when Diablo Cody, jumped on board to help write the script with these guys. Now that the movie is finally here, and I got to see it, I was pleasantly surprised. This is a true horror film, at it’s finest. I don’t mind an “Evil Dead” movie, without Bruce Campbell starring as Ash, but as long as the original team is still behind it, I’m all for it. This film was an absolute thrill ride. I had such a blast watching this film. I never felt like that watching a horror film. I’ve seen so many horror flicks over the years. Most of them don’t want to make you jump up and cheer. Get grossed out or even get scared a little bit. This film did all that. It was creepy and gory as hell, all the way through. Even though this film has nothing to do with Ash, as expected, there were plenty of Ash references, and they’re real easy to spot too!

A lot of people said that this film was very much like the original, the first one, but the way I saw it, this film was a mix of the first two Evil Dead movies. This film has a little bit of “Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn” in there, as well. Even though Sam Raimi, didn’t direct this one, and he was one of the producers, this film was still done in his style. So Fede Alvarez, obviously had a lot of help from Sam in this movie. You’re not going to see too much comedy in this film. This film wanted to focus more on the horror part of things. The goal here was to make this film a true horror film, and it was!!! This film isn’t a remake or a prequel. It is actually a continuation, taken years after the first one. There are signs throughout the film, that Ash has been in the cabin previously. This film does a wonderful job explaining how the cabin turned out to be. Getting haunted by the Deadites.

For the sequel, I hope they don’t ignore the comedy stuff completely, ’cause it was the horror/comedy bits, that is what made these films work. Even though, this film was more focused on horror, there is still bits of humor here and there. Just not too much. It’s just a new EVIL DEAD movie, using today’s technology of filming. Just a word of advice though, this film is not for the weak stomach at all. There are some major gross outs that’ll make you almost want to throw up or look away from the screen. The gore looked pretty good and more realistic looking too. Most gore in horror films have been pretty bad, but this film makes the gore look good.

The cabin and set design is very similar of the first two Evil Dead flicks. The same place that Ash was at previously, until he got thrown into a different world (the Army of Darkness world where he got sent to). So it wouldn’t make sense at all if Ash did return to the cabin for this movie. That would be a problem. Other than that, this was a pretty amazing flick. Like I said, I haven’t had so much fun watching a horror film in a long time! It is a great introduction to the Evil Dead franchise. Whether you’re a longtime fan, or a newbie, this will attract new fans to the older movies, which is the goal here.

I’m already looking forward to the sequel here. Two thumbs up for this movie. I will definitely buy the Blu Ray when it comes out.


Congratulations to Sam, Bruce, and Rob on success of new “Evil Dead” film!!!

I’m pretty proud of these guys. The new “Evil Dead” movie, is the #1 movie in America just over the weekend. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m going to see it today at a different mall. The original trilogy didn’t do very well in the box office back in the day, but their new “Evil Dead” film, became a hit. So that means, there’s going to be more new, “Evil Dead”, films. I read somewhere that Sam plans on making a sequel to “Army Of Darkness” (Evil Dead 4), still where it leaves off from the last one. So hopefully, Bruce decides to return as Ash in the, “Army of Darkness” sequel, ’cause it would make a whole lot of sense.

Like I said, I definitely plan on seeing the new “Evil Dead” later this afternoon, and will review it when I get back. I’m probably gonna end up liking it a lot.

I love horror flicks. I love the Evil Dead trilogy and Bruce Campbell. I’ll let you know what I think of the new Evil Dead film. I haven’t seen a new film in a theater in a long while ’cause the movie theater closed down at the mall that’s near me, so I’m going to a different one today. I’ve been wanting to see the new “Evil Dead” film, ever since this project was first announced, and it can’t wait for the Blu Ray release.