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Sam Raimi reveals “The Last of Us” is on it’s way to the big screen for a live action adaptation…

Welp, it’s that time of year again when San Diego Comic Con is happening right now as I write this. SDCC is a comic book/movie convention where fanatics and geeks go there to shop, watch the panels of their favorite movies/TV shows, meet & greet movie stars, etc. You get the deal. At “The Last of Us” panel Sam Raimi the man himself made a surprise appearance at SDCC. He wasn’t invited or anything like that, he just showed up ’cause he simply wanted to.

He surprised fans of the survival horror game with an announcement that “The Last of Us” is on it’s way to the big screen with a live action movie. Sam Raimi is producing and Neil Druckmann is writing the screenplay. There is no director as of yet.

While there are no casting announcements as of yet the most popular choices to play Joel is either Hugh Jackman or Josh Brolin. I agree with Hugh Jackman, he would be perfect for the role. Fans want Maisie Williams who is famous for her “Game of Thrones” role to play the role of Ellie which is also a great choice.

Sam Raimi also announced he’s writing a TV show for “The Evil Dead”.


This is pretty freakin’ sweet! I’m all for this game being made into a big screen movie ’cause the game is great. I played it myself. The story is great and the game play was a blast. After I played this game and beat it, I thought to myself, this game is definitely headed to the big screen. The game felt like a big screen movie.

Most movies adapted from video games are garbage but lets hope they do a good job with this one. I hope they make it real good.

If you’re a video gamer and haven’t played “The Last Of Us”, I’d recommend it!


“The Last Of Us” video game coming to the big screen for live-action film…

Well, I didn’t find this a surprise at all that they were going to make a movie for, “The Last of Us”, which is one of the best games released of 2013. After I finished the game, my first immediate thought was, “They’re gonna make this into a live-action movie”. Look like my prediction was right! Sam Raimi’s, Ghost House Pictures, is producing and they already have a writer who is, Neil Druckmann. No director have been found yet. “The Last Of Us” is an action-adventure zombie game mixed w/ a little science-fiction as well. The game is mostly storyline but there are tons of gameplay in it.

More on the story here:


Will they get Ellen Page to play Ellie? The girl pictured above? I don’t know. Ellen Page complained about the game using her likeness so she might not do it but ya never know, though. These guys may try to ask Ellen ’cause I know they won’t resist it. The Ellie character looks a lot like Ellen. Ellen didn’t voice the character, though, they just made the character look like her.

I hate most movies adapted from video games but as long as Sam Raimi is involved for this one, I’m all for it. Will Sam Raimi direct as well? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

Who will play Joel, the man pictured above? Looking at that photo, I can easily think of a few actors who would be perfect for that character: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Affleck maybe???

Since this is a Sam Raimi movie, Bruce Campbell would probably get a small role.

Looking forward to seeing where they’re going with this. Hope they make it right.






Game Review: The Last of Us

Yesterday afternoon on a Sunday, I just finished, “The Last of Us”. A third person survival horror game.

The game is a post-apocalyptic survival story. The world has been wiped out by a Cordyceps fungus which turns people into mutated like infected creatures. Joel is a survivor who helps a young girl named Ellie and they try to find this resistance group called, the Fireflies. The reason they want to find the Fireflies ’cause they think this group maybe the answer in helping the world find a cure for these infected people.

The gameplay is a third person shooter kind of game. It’s a mix of stealth and combat. You can either hide from enemies or you can fight them either way. You will get all kinds of weapons such as a variety of pistols, rifles, machine guns, bombs, etc. I played this game on the hard level and finished the whole thing without looking up any walk-through guides. While I admit, the gameplay was kind of a piece of cake… it can get pretty difficult and challenging at times. You don’t only fight against infected people… you also fight against humans who are alive.

While the gameplay was a lot of fun, what I was most impressed was the story. This is the most well-written story of a game I’ve ever seen in a long time. The cast did a great job voicing the characters. The story can get quite sad, shocking, and there are even some fun/happy moments in it as well. The writing was surprisingly smart and realistic.

While the game was a blast to play, the game should have ended a little better, though. I was kind of confused on the ending. Don’t want to talk about the ending ’cause of spoilers of course but I think it just left open for a sequel. I felt the story hasn’t really ended yet so there is definitely a sequel coming.

With that being said, this was one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. Honestly, this has better writing and storytelling than the “Walking Dead”. I’m feeling we have another big game franchise coming ’cause “The Last of Us” will probably end up being a series of sequels. This game was hard to find for me ’cause it was sold out everywhere. I just got lucky that I saw one copy sitting on the shelf at Best Buy when I got it. This game only took me a week to finish.

This game is recommended if you like action/adventure and post-apocalyptic stories. You won’t be disappointed at all.


“The Last of Us” game…

Well, as some of you may have already saw, I have finally bought the “Last of Us” game for the PS3. It’s another Post-Apocalyptic story; however, it is not really a zombie game. The monsters you see in the game aren’t zombies, they are infected people. It’s kind of like the “Walking Dead” and “Dead-Island” a little bit.

This game was very hard to find. I wanted to get this game right when it came out but it’s been sold out everywhere for a long while. I’m sure this game is still sold out everywhere. I just got real lucky when I saw one copy sitting on the shelf at Best Buy so I had to grab it right away or I’ll never see it again. If this game is being sold out everywhere for a while now, it must be breaking records in sales.

It’s a great game though. I’m getting pretty far in it. Playing it on the hard level. Yes, this game is very difficult. It can get very frustrating too.

The thing I don’t get is, what’s everyone’s fascination with post-apocalyptic worlds??? I just think everyone wants to know what it’s like to live like that. What if the world was done and there is nothing around anymore. Nobody wants to believe something like that can happen to us but it can. Sure, there is no such thing as zombies or infected people but what if something dangerous happens from outer space that is going to wipe us out? Like maybe an asteroid hit or something. I’m sure people can survive in a post-apocalyptic world but if you think living a life like that would be fun, come on. Are you serious? Don’t believe the silly stories they tell in the post-apocalyptic world of entertainment such as video games, movies, and TV shows.

If we survived a post-apocalyptic world… it’ll be extremely dangerous and you probably wouldn’t live a long time either. Hell, maybe infected people can really happen somehow but don’t always think it’ll be fun going around trying to kill them if it really happened on Earth. This could be a fun topic to talk about in another post but…

… back to the game… it’s a badass game and I’m having a blast with it. The characters of Joel and Ellie are pretty cool. It’s a great story and the gameplay is fun. I’ll give the game a full detailed review when I’m done.

I don’t buy too many games for the PS3, only the ones that I think that are gonna be good, the ones that get the good reviews. PS3 games are pretty pricey and I want to make sure the purchases are worth it.


Cool Video: “The Last of Us” game trailer that aired on the Walking Dead exclusively…

There might be just another game that I’m interested in this year. First, I got “Tomb Raider”, which I already played and finished. I plan on buying “Dead Space 3” sometime down the road still. There’s another new game coming out called, “Remember Me”, a futuristic action/adventure game I’m interested in. Now I think I might add this game to the list. I never heard anything about, “The Last of Us”, until I saw this on the, “Walking Dead”, last night. “The Last of Us”, looks interesting, though. Yes, of course, it’s another post-apocalyptic shooter game, but this one is third person shooting. This game looks pretty cool and the story sounds realistic than anything out there.

Video gaming is one of my favorite things to do. I’m just getting back into it. Video games is a great way to get your mind off everything and get yourself focused. That’s part of why I like video gaming. They help me think.

Check it out, here.