Cool Video: “The Last of Us” game trailer that aired on the Walking Dead exclusively…

There might be just another game that I’m interested in this year. First, I got “Tomb Raider”, which I already played and finished. I plan on buying “Dead Space 3” sometime down the road still. There’s another new game coming out called, “Remember Me”, a futuristic action/adventure game I’m interested in. Now I think I might add this game to the list. I never heard anything about, “The Last of Us”, until I saw this on the, “Walking Dead”, last night. “The Last of Us”, looks interesting, though. Yes, of course, it’s another post-apocalyptic shooter game, but this one is third person shooting. This game looks pretty cool and the story sounds realistic than anything out there.

Video gaming is one of my favorite things to do. I’m just getting back into it. Video games is a great way to get your mind off everything and get yourself focused. That’s part of why I like video gaming. They help me think.

Check it out, here.


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