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Cool Video: “The Last of Us” game trailer that aired on the Walking Dead exclusively…

There might be just another game that I’m interested in this year. First, I got “Tomb Raider”, which I already played and finished. I plan on buying “Dead Space 3” sometime down the road still. There’s another new game coming out called, “Remember Me”, a futuristic action/adventure game I’m interested in. Now I think I might add this game to the list. I never heard anything about, “The Last of Us”, until I saw this on the, “Walking Dead”, last night. “The Last of Us”, looks interesting, though. Yes, of course, it’s another post-apocalyptic shooter game, but this one is third person shooting. This game looks pretty cool and the story sounds realistic than anything out there.

Video gaming is one of my favorite things to do. I’m just getting back into it. Video games is a great way to get your mind off everything and get yourself focused. That’s part of why I like video gaming. They help me think.

Check it out, here.


Report: Tomb Raider trilogy being re-released for the PS3 in HD on March 22nd, 2011!!!

I am very excited for this news. I’m such a huge Tomb Raider fan, that’s another why I got the PS3 since the Tomb Raider series are for Playstation only. Crystal Dynamix, announced they will re-release the new Tomb Raider trilogy: “Tomb Raider: Legend”, “Tomb Raider: Anniversary” and, “Tomb Raider: Underworld”. They will be re-released in HD versions. The Tomb Raider trilogy will hit stores on March 22nd, in 2011.

More on it, here.

I’ll definitely be buying the new trilogy. Even though I already own, “Tomb Raider: Underworld” and played it, I want to see what that game will be like in HD. I never got to play the older Tomb Raider games and I’m glad I’ll get to soon.

I never played the classic Tomb Raider games from the PS1, but you can download the classics from the PSN Store which I will do soon. I love Lara Croft. Not just for the video game character, it’s just that these games are so fun. I love solving puzzles and things like that.

I also think, the reason they are re-releasing the entire trilogy is because this could be a hint that they have plans for a Tomb Raider 4??? Probably.


Cool Video: “Resistance 3” game trailer released!!

Here’s the teaser trailer for the third installment to the game franchise, “Resistance”, which is a popular first person shooter video game. This is just a teaser to “Resistance 3”. I’m sure we’ll see game play footage very soon. I love the Resistance games! I thought “Resistance 2” was fantastic. The trailer to “Resistance 3” looks pretty cool, the characters in the trailer look almost human, pretty realistic, I must say. Look forward to seeing what the game play will look like. If the game play looks cool, I might think about buying this game when it comes out.


Cool Video: “Dead Space 2” footage hits the internets!!!

It is confirmed that “Dead Space 2” is in the works. Footage of the game have been shown exclusively at PAX East. To those who don’t know what PAX is, it’s a yearly video game convention that happens in Boston, Mass, at the Hynes Convention Center.


See the game play of “Dead Space 2” below. I’m glad a sequel is coming out ’cause I thought the first one was amazing and I expect the next game to be even better. Can’t wait!


Bioshock 2 hits stores next Tuesday!!!

Another game coming out next Tuesday, Feb. 9th is another must buy for me. I fuckin’ love the first “Bioshock” game. Can’t wait for the sequel. I will get this game next week for sure, however, I won’t start it right away ’cause I need to finish “Modern Warfare 2” and still need to play the first two “God of War” games. Getting psyched for “Bioshock 2” as the next game looks awesome as well.


Thought: “Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood”, I finally beat the game tonight…

Tonight I just finished the game, “Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood” and wanted to review it a little bit.

The game is about two brothers, Thomas and Ray McCall who at first go through an American Civil War. After the war, they meet some woman named Marissa, and she is kidnapped by a villain named Barnsby, and the two brothers must go rescue her.

The game is a strictly Western story. Pretty much the same stuff you read in Western novels and see in classic Western films. It’s all there…civil war, battling against other Indians, cowboys, soldiers, you go through a ghost town, etc. You even do cowboy dueling.

The game is still kind of simple even when it’s in the difficult level, but the game is a blast. I had a great time playing it.

There’s another Western game coming out for the PS3 called, “Red Dead Redemption”, only thing though it’s not a first person shooter, it’s supposed to be like Grand Theft Auto. I might get “Red Dead Redemption” too but I’m going to read some reviews of the game first before I make my decision.

Yes, finally finished, “Call of Juarez”.

I’ll be able to start, “Ghostbusters: The Video Game” tomorrow which that is a game I never started yet ever since I bought it. Looking forward to starting “Ghostbusters”. I’m sure that game will be a lot of fun too.


Resident Evil 5 thoughts…

So I’ve been playing the game “Resident Evil 5” for the past week or so. The game is pretty cool. The action is fun, but of course, so far, the game is kind of  a bit too simple to play. I’m playing this is on the “difficulty/hard” level of course. On every action/adventure game, I always play on the “difficult/hard” levels, because I feel that when you play the game on easy or medium modes, it gets me thinking that you’re not much of a pro gamer that some people make them out to be. If you want to be an expert game player, play the games on “difficulty” on everything you play.

This game got a lot of controversy in the media when it first came out ’cause of the racist material in it. The game is set in Africa where the two main characters, Chris and Sheva fight all these zombies that are mostly blacks. In the game, the black zombies will kill and execute human white people. I can understand why people think the game is racist, but there is racist material in almost all video games and movies these days.

It’s not okay to be a racist in real life, but in fiction storytelling whether it will be in video games, books or movies, it makes it okay. It doesn’t make you a racist for telling a story about it in fiction entertainment.

“Resident Evil 5” is a fun game though. I’m hoping to beat this game before the “Ghostbusters” game come out next week. I haven’t gone to the mall yet ’cause I’m waiting for “Ghostbusters” to come out, then I will go and pick it up. Maybe catch a movie in theater too if anything good is playing.


“Ghostbusters – The Video Game” comes out in two weeks, just around the corner….

The Best Buy website says “Ghostbusters – The Video Game” comes out June 17th which is in two weeks. I know I’m definitely going to get it for sure, ’cause I’ve been anticipating to get this game ever since it was first announced. I hope the game don’t dissapoint and hope it don’t suck. I’m just a little worried that the creators of the game will make it too easy ’cause they’ll know that kids will be interested in it too.

So far, from what I’m seeing, the game looks a lot of fun to play. Check out a couple of gameplay clips from the game itself. The game is set a few years after “Ghostbusters 2” film.



Finally, beat “Bioshock” today…

After working out at the gym for a while this morning, I was playing “Bioshock” this afternoon, trying to beat the game. I just beat it today. Played the game on the difficulty level. Even though the game was played in the difficulty level, the final boss wasn’t that hard to beat. Only took me several tries to beat the last boss. The rest of the game is wicked hard though. This game took me a long time to get through.

I had to buy a new PS3 game controller today, picked it up from Kmart on the way home from the gym. The game controller I was using before was having problems with it and hasn’t been working right, so I had to get a new one.

I’ll probably start “Resident Evil 5” tonight.