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Oh man, the full “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer is here! It looks amazing! WOW!!!!!!

When the first teaser of “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” came out, I was a little skeptical of it at first but now the second teaser is finally here, I’m pretty sold now! The film looks pretty badass. Look like you’re gonna see kryptonite in the movie ’cause you can see the new kryptonite in the trailer at 2:48.

I’m pretty impressed with the trailer and it gave me goosebumps. I’m definitely gonna see this one for sure!

Enjoy! \m/


More great news for “Weird Al” fanatics!!! “UHF” and “The Compleat Al” getting BluRay/DVD releases!!!

Announced at SDCC, Shout Factory revealed that Weird Al’s featured film, “UHF” is finally getting a BluRay release and even more surprising news that the Weird Al Mockumentary that was made for TV, “The Compleat Al” is getting a DVD release. Both will be coming out in the fall, I believe.

After the success of Weird Al’s new album, “Mandatory Fun”, I’m sure that’ll help sell these two new releases pretty well!!! Now that more people are just discovering Weird Al, even more people will learn about “UHF” and “The Compleat Al”. “The Complete Al” is a mockumentary about his life and career, pretty much making fun of himself.

I’m glad UHF is getting a BluRay release. I’ll get “The Compleat Al” too ’cause I never seen it before.

I miss old school Weird Al. I still like him now but old school Weird Al was the funniest. I miss the curly hair, glasses and mustache look. I’m not that crazy about his look now where he has his long hair down, no glasses and clean shaven. I can see why he changed his look, though. Understandable.

Even though “UHF” bombed in theaters, it continues to sell well on VHS and DVD over the years. I’m sure it will be a big seller on BluRay too.


Sam Raimi reveals “The Last of Us” is on it’s way to the big screen for a live action adaptation…

Welp, it’s that time of year again when San Diego Comic Con is happening right now as I write this. SDCC is a comic book/movie convention where fanatics and geeks go there to shop, watch the panels of their favorite movies/TV shows, meet & greet movie stars, etc. You get the deal. At “The Last of Us” panel Sam Raimi the man himself made a surprise appearance at SDCC. He wasn’t invited or anything like that, he just showed up ’cause he simply wanted to.

He surprised fans of the survival horror game with an announcement that “The Last of Us” is on it’s way to the big screen with a live action movie. Sam Raimi is producing and Neil Druckmann is writing the screenplay. There is no director as of yet.

While there are no casting announcements as of yet the most popular choices to play Joel is either Hugh Jackman or Josh Brolin. I agree with Hugh Jackman, he would be perfect for the role. Fans want Maisie Williams who is famous for her “Game of Thrones” role to play the role of Ellie which is also a great choice.

Sam Raimi also announced he’s writing a TV show for “The Evil Dead”.


This is pretty freakin’ sweet! I’m all for this game being made into a big screen movie ’cause the game is great. I played it myself. The story is great and the game play was a blast. After I played this game and beat it, I thought to myself, this game is definitely headed to the big screen. The game felt like a big screen movie.

Most movies adapted from video games are garbage but lets hope they do a good job with this one. I hope they make it real good.

If you’re a video gamer and haven’t played “The Last Of Us”, I’d recommend it!


If Sting isn’t gonna wrestle Undertaker @ WM-31, this is who he’ll probably wrestle instead…

If the Undertaker isn’t able to wrestle at the next Wrestlemania and if he’ll be done, this is who I think Sting would wrestle against instead. That’ll be none other than Hulk Hogan. Sting vs. Hulk Hogan as the headlining main event for WM-31? That sounds like a Wrestlemania indeed!

Sting and Hogan knew each other for a pretty long time. They had plenty of matches together when they worked for WCW and Sting/Hogan had a match together in TNA. Why not have them two have a match for WWE???

Sure, Hogan’s health is not that great and he is aging but Sting is getting old too!!! I’m sure both of these guys are capable of putting on an incredible match together.

On another note, Sting vs. Hogan at a Wrestlemania would be very huge. I can’t think of no other opponent replacement other than Hogan. Sure… Triple H, John Cena, The Rock or Bray Wyatt won’t be a bad idea but it won’t be much of a draw. Sting vs. Hogan would draw in more ppv buy rates.

Sting is on the verge of retirement. Hogan is on the verge of retirement. Hogan is still planning one last match in WWE. Having them two wrestle each other at a Wrestlemania would be a perfect way for them to go out on a positive note.

Sting already named his opponent but he’s not saying who yet. It’s probably gonna be either Undertaker or Hogan.


Cool Video: The Macho Man Randy Savage reveals new toy by Mattel!!!

OMG!!!! Even the Macho Man Randy Savage was at SDCC! Well sort of. Randy Savage was actually there, via satellite screen. The reason WWE was there this year at SDCC was that they were there to introduce new action figures made by Mattel. Randy was on a screen to introduce, “The Macho Man” toy. Guess what folks? Randy played the  “Macho Man” in character!!! After all these years Randy’s been away from wrestling, he still has it! He STILL plays “Macho Man” very well, it even put a smile on my face! COME ON RANDY, please come BACK TO THE WWE for one last run! If Bret Hart can do it, so can The Macho Man! Randy Savage just hinted a return to wrestling in 2011???

Enjoy this awesome video!!! 🙂