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Wrestlemania 31 was surprisingly pretty good last night!!!

I thought last night’s Wrestlemania was surprisingly pretty good! It was fun and enjoyable. I enjoyed it all. Enjoyed every match except I’m probably one of the very few who didn’t like the Rock/Ronda Rousey and Steph/Triple H segment. Why? Because they played that segment too long. That segment they just did, I think was to help fill up time for the show. Plus Stephanie McMahon is annoying and I hate hearing her speaking voice.

Other than that, it was yet again another great Wrestlemania.

My favorite matches were Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins, Triple H vs. Sting, Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt and the main event with Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. I also even thought the Divas tag team match was good.

Wrestlemania had yet again another major shocker. Remember how last year’s Wrestlemania, Undertaker lost the Wrestlemania streak to Brock Lesnar? Well, another Lesnar shocker happened this year. Lesnar lost the title to Seth Rollins. Even though Seth Rollins wasn’t booked for the match, he finally cashed in the “Money in the Bank” and was now part of the match so Seth Rollins ended up winning the Heavyweight title from Brock which was a shocker that I never saw coming.

Finally, an unpredictable Wrestlemania ending! It was a good match and yes, there was blood. Lesnar was covered in blood for real. Vince McMahon banned blood in WWE but blood happened last night during the match ’cause I believe it was an accident? Well, I think Brock Lesnar is gonna get fined for that blood ’cause Vince doesn’t like blood in WWE anymore. I remember Chris Jericho saying that Vince doesn’t like blood and he’ll fine people if there is blood in matches.

Anyway, it’s interesting how fans hated on Brock Lesnar for ending Undertaker’s streak last year but this year, WWE fans love Brock all of a sudden? Why? I think it’s because they expected Brock to retain the title and fans didn’t want Roman Reigns to win. Instead, Seth Rollins won the match. It’s interesting to see fans flip flopping on Brock Lesnar, first they hated him and now they love him.

It was surprisingly a good Wrestlemania last night.

Yes, I know wrestling is fake and scripted, duh. I’ve always known that. I just watch professional wrestling anyway ’cause I respect the performers and they do a good job entertaining people. Plus, they work real hard.

Although, I do take long breaks from WWE from time to time, sometimes I’ll get back into it if the company gets good again. I’ll have to watch tonight’s RAW to see what happens after.


Just bought “Wrestlemania 31” ppv after all!!!

Yep, so of course, I ended up buying “Wrestlmania 31” this morning and looking forward to it later tonight! I just don’t wanna miss Sting’s first WWE ppv match, ya know? This could be the first and only time Sting is gonna have a WWE match. I think Sting just came back for a one-off match and I think he’s done with wrestling after that. Sting vs. Triple H is gonna be a really good match, though, that’s probably gonna be the match of the night.

Anyway, here are my predictions for tonight’s Wrestlemania:

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day vs. The Los Matadores vs. The Usos: I think Tyson Kidd & Cesaro is gonna win this four way tag team match.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal: I think Ryback might win this one.

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns: Definitely Lesnar will win knowing that he just re-signed with WWE, he’s gonna retain the title tonight for sure. Gonna be a good match, though.

Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust vs. Daniel Bryan for IC Title: I predict Dean Ambrose is gonna win the title from Barrett.

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt: Definitely the Undertaker will get the win. After his controversial lost at last year’s “Wrestlemania”, WWE will give ‘Taker the win this year to make the fans happy.

AJ Lee & Paige vs. The Bella Twins: I think the Bella Twins will win this one.

Rusev vs. John Cena: Definitely John Cena. They gotta keep those Cena fans happy.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins: Definitely Randy Orton. Orton just came back after a little hiatus from WWE so they gotta make him look good.

Sting vs. Triple H: I think Sting is gonna win this one. This is his one off match and with Sting winning, he would retire from wrestling on a positive note. Gonna be a great match though and can’t wait to see it tonight.

That’s all. I hope it’ll be a good ppv.


It’s official… Brock Lesnar is done with MMA for good and plans to stay with WWE…

There have been a lot of speculation lately that Brock Lesnar is gonna return to the Octagon in the UFC to return to real fighting. Brock Lesnar the man himself appears on ESPN Sportscenter and announces that he’s done fighting in MMA for good. Brock admits that he won’t be able to fight anymore ’cause of his health problems and he plans to stay with the WWE. Brock also admits that he was made to be an entertainer. So he just signed a new contract with the WWE so it looks like he’s gonna stay with WWE for a pretty long time.

Well, that means if Brock Lesnar isn’t leaving WWE anytime soon, he’s probably gonna retain his title at this Sunday’s Wrestlemania. Lesnar is gonna be WWE champ for a pretty long time. Brock will have a match against wrestler Roman Reigns at this Sunday’s ‘Mania.

It’s actually a pretty good idea for Brock to stay away from MMA thinking about his health scare that he had while he was in UFC, ya know? What if it happens to him again??? He could get himself killed so I think it’s best that he should stick with the fake wrestling.

I know Brock Lesnar has too many haters but I’ve always liked the guy. I’ve watched all of his fights in UFC.


If Sting isn’t gonna wrestle Undertaker @ WM-31, this is who he’ll probably wrestle instead…

If the Undertaker isn’t able to wrestle at the next Wrestlemania and if he’ll be done, this is who I think Sting would wrestle against instead. That’ll be none other than Hulk Hogan. Sting vs. Hulk Hogan as the headlining main event for WM-31? That sounds like a Wrestlemania indeed!

Sting and Hogan knew each other for a pretty long time. They had plenty of matches together when they worked for WCW and Sting/Hogan had a match together in TNA. Why not have them two have a match for WWE???

Sure, Hogan’s health is not that great and he is aging but Sting is getting old too!!! I’m sure both of these guys are capable of putting on an incredible match together.

On another note, Sting vs. Hogan at a Wrestlemania would be very huge. I can’t think of no other opponent replacement other than Hogan. Sure… Triple H, John Cena, The Rock or Bray Wyatt won’t be a bad idea but it won’t be much of a draw. Sting vs. Hogan would draw in more ppv buy rates.

Sting is on the verge of retirement. Hogan is on the verge of retirement. Hogan is still planning one last match in WWE. Having them two wrestle each other at a Wrestlemania would be a perfect way for them to go out on a positive note.

Sting already named his opponent but he’s not saying who yet. It’s probably gonna be either Undertaker or Hogan.