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Thoughts on Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather…

So this long awaited fight is finally happening. It’s happening for reals… UFC fighter Connor McGregor vs. pro boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. There’s a lot of mixed reactions toward this fight I’m noticing. Many are saying that this fight will be a typical Floyd Mayweather fight. You know how they all are… fights going through 12 rounds and Floyd refusing to get hit. That’s why people hate him so much.

I’ll have to disagree, though. I used to hate Floyd Mayweather myself but respect grew over the years and now I’m a fan. I just finally came to a realization that Floyd Jr. really is an amazing fighter. He is a true fighter, in my opinion. The whole point of boxing is avoiding to get “hit” and Floyd is the master at that. No boxer likes to get hit. So why would Floyd wanna get hit? It takes a lot of technique and skill to avoid punches by your opponent. You have to keep your eye on your opponent at all times and that’s what Floyd does. I think I’ve watched a few Floyd Mayweather fights but I can’t remember which ones. The man really is a boxing genius.

A lot of people are calling Floyd a pussy and a lot of people are calling McGregor a pussy. I don’t think either of them is a pussy. They both have balls for wanting to make this fight happen. A lot of people are saying that McGregor won’t be able to survive in a ring against Mayweather but I disagree. Boxing and MMA are both pretty much the same thing. In UFC, you do a lot of boxing even though it’s mostly mixed martial arts. I’m sure McGregor is capable enough of doing some jabbing and uppercuts quite well.

Could McGregor make history and beat Mayweather’s undefeated streak? If McGregor is the one that could do it, that would be amazing. You just never know how well McGregor can do ’cause he could surprise all of us. Maybe he could be the one to finally knock out Floyd Jr. Could be a possibility. A lot of people say that people in MMA don’t have what it takes to be a boxer but like I said above, UFC takes some boxing skills too. I’m sure McGregor got trained in boxing over the years in his life. It’ll be hard to knock out Floyd but could McGregor knock down Floyd even once? This is boxing, anything can happen so don’t assume that McGregor is gonna suck. McGregor could make Floyd Jr. look like a pussy this time around.

I think this fight is interesting ’cause it’s an MMA fighter vs. a boxer. This is a fight that could prove which one does better. Does an MMA fighter box better than an actual boxer? That’s why we gotta wait and see. It’s why it’s getting boxing fans and MMA fans curious. I’m curious about this fight too and I might actually watch it myself. I enjoy both boxing and MMA. It’s just that I can’t watch those PPV’s all the time ’cause they’re so expensive. Only once in a blue moon won’t hurt, ya know? Sometimes I’ll watch a UFC ppv only if I’m interested in the card. I don’t watch boxing ppvs that much but sometimes. Again, I might actually watch this one.

While I like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and respect him, I hope McGregor does well and kicks his ass ’cause it would be history making if McGregor can do it. Hopefully McGregor can so I’m actually rooting for McGregor to win. He could do it. Ya never know, y’all.


Will Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather happen in the near future???

There’s a new public feud brewing between two sporting icons. Ronda Rousey finally calls out Floyd Mayweather Jr. at ESPY awards after Floyd claims he doesn’t know who Rhonda Rousey is (see video below). Noticing that Floyd called Ronda a “he”.


Will Ronda and Floyd Mayweather fight in a cage someday? Maybe when Floyd retires from boxing that could be a possibility ’cause Floyd did confess he plans on retiring pretty soon and says he has a few more fights left in him.

I’d love to see Ronda fight a man for the first time ’cause that would be interesting. Yes, Ronda did beat up men in real life before but the fights wasn’t taken place in a cage.

If it did happen, who would win? I’m rooting for Ronda, of course. Lets see if Floyd can escape her arm bar.


It’s official… Brock Lesnar is done with MMA for good and plans to stay with WWE…

There have been a lot of speculation lately that Brock Lesnar is gonna return to the Octagon in the UFC to return to real fighting. Brock Lesnar the man himself appears on ESPN Sportscenter and announces that he’s done fighting in MMA for good. Brock admits that he won’t be able to fight anymore ’cause of his health problems and he plans to stay with the WWE. Brock also admits that he was made to be an entertainer. So he just signed a new contract with the WWE so it looks like he’s gonna stay with WWE for a pretty long time.

Well, that means if Brock Lesnar isn’t leaving WWE anytime soon, he’s probably gonna retain his title at this Sunday’s Wrestlemania. Lesnar is gonna be WWE champ for a pretty long time. Brock will have a match against wrestler Roman Reigns at this Sunday’s ‘Mania.

It’s actually a pretty good idea for Brock to stay away from MMA thinking about his health scare that he had while he was in UFC, ya know? What if it happens to him again??? He could get himself killed so I think it’s best that he should stick with the fake wrestling.

I know Brock Lesnar has too many haters but I’ve always liked the guy. I’ve watched all of his fights in UFC.


Report: The gorgeous MMA fighter, Gina Carano, gets another action movie role!!!

After the big success, of Steven Soderbergh’s action flick, “Haywire”, which starred Strikeforce fighter, Gina Carano, she gets another big action movie role. She will next star in a film called, “In the Blood”, which will be directed by, John Stockwell. This film is supposed to be similar to the Liam Neeson film, “Taken”. The plot will be about her character vacationing in the Caribbean with her husband, then he is kidnapped and murdered. She is out to pursue those who is responsible. Definitely sounds like another revenge movie to me!

Read the full story, here.

I really liked “Haywire”, so hopefully this movie will be much better. I hope they make her even sexier in this movie and hope we get a nude scene. Is Gina giving up cage fighting in MMA and doing movies full time now? She is a pretty hot lady, I know that!


BREAKING NEWS: UFC sues NY government, hoping to lift ban on MMA…

It was former Governor, George Pataki that first signed the bill to make MMA caged fighting illegal in NY State. He did it because he felt that children shouldn’t be watching that violent sport.

Not too long ago, it was former Governor, David Patterson was the first to bring up the interest to help lift the ban on MMA in NY, just to help the State’s budget. The NY Government, kept denying the ban to get lifted in our state for a quite a while and this state continues to refuse to lift the ban to this day. We’re trying really hard to lift the ban on MMA caged fighting here, but no success.

Well, it’s pretty obvious that the UFC company have been keeping an eye on it, and now they are doing something about it themselves. Dana White’s, Zuffa LLC, and UFC Champs: Jon Jones, and Frankie Edgar sued the NY Government, hoping to get the ban lifted.

Read the full story, here.

This really shows that Dana really loves the New York fans. UFC is extremely popular here and it is unfair it’s banned here. What will our new governor, Andrew Cuomo, do about this? He was the one who helped lifted the ban on gay marriage here, could he do the same to MMA caged fighting? I really don’t like Gov. Cuomo too much but if he’ll un-ban MMA, he’ll get a lot of respect from me and I’ll have a change of heart with him. Hopefully our Governor will do the right thing. We NY’ers deserve our MMA.

When MMA becomes legal here, I would so like to see a UFC ppv event live. I’m sure UFC will do ppv events at the Times Union Center or the Glens Falls Civic Center, they’ll make their way there, but the first arena they’ll hit in NY is the Madison Square Garden.

This sport shouldn’t be banned anywhere at all.



Thought: Just came up with another idea for my next videoblog…

My next videoblog, I have came up with a topic of “Women Fighting In the UFC”. I would talk about more in detail why I think Dana is wrong and why women should be allowed UFC contracts to compete. I need to do a little research first. I don’t know much about women fighting in MMA since I don’t watch it too much but I have seen women fight in MMA before, and it’s pretty interesting in my opinion. Honestly, I think women are more dedicated and talented fighters than men are. A lot of men fighters are so boring. Women seem to make the fights more entertaining. I’m going to watch women MMA fights in youtube this weekend and then I”ll make the videoblog. It’ll come this weekend. I’m going to say that what the UFC is doing is discrimination.

I’m looking at UFC/MMA  forums and blogs about this, and man, it’s amazing how hateful men are about women fighting in MMA. Why do women fight? Because they love the sport just as much as the men do. Women love to hurt people, they like to do that for a living. Plus, most importantly, I’m 100% sure that women want to compete in UFC just like the men do. I’m pretty sure it’s perfectly legal for women to fight in the UFC. It’s just the boss’s decision, period.

UFC having their very first female fight would make history. They should make it happen. They will someday. Maybe Dana will one day change his mind. I doubt it though.


Thought: James Toney vs. Randy Couture prediction…

I have been following this James Toney vs. Randy Couture feud online, and I must say, it’s even funnier than the Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin feud. Boxing legend James Toney has been signed to UFC to fight Randy Couture. James Toney has been obsessed with wanting to fight Randy Couture for a long time and Dana White gave him what he wanted. James Toney is a BOXER. Not a mixed martial artist. I repeat, a BOXER. Randy Couture has YEARS of mixed martial arts experience.

My opinion, that I think James Toney is challenging the wrong guy. Randy Couture would fucking destroy Toney. Toney might be able to throw a few hard punches at Randy, yes, but the fight will be over quickly once Toney gets a takedown by Couture, and Couture will give him the chokehold to end the fight. Randy Couture is well known for the chokehold. Randy Couture may seem like a nice, friendly and down to earth guy, but in reality, Randy is a monster when it comes to fighting.

Toney thinks he will beat Couture, which is hilarious. Toney thinks he will be successful in UFC. That’s how boxers are, delusional and they have huge egos as well. Why did Dana White agree to sign Toney even if Toney don’t have much MMA experience? I bet the only reason is to help PPV buyrates. Dana didn’t sign Toney because Toney is talented.

So of course, my money on who to win this fight is Randy Couture. Randy is a favorite fighter of mine and looking forward to seeing him fight again.

UFC 118 looks like a great card. I’m looking forward to seeing Edgar vs. Penn again too.


Thought: Batista on his way to MMA/Strikeforce???

Former WWE star, Dave Batista, started some media controversy by telling TMZ that he has been signed with the MMA and maybe going to Strikeforce ppv events.


He was asked if he would fight that Fedor Emielenko (SP? Sorry, his last name is always hard to SPELL!) but Batista laughs and says, “I want nothing to do with that dude”. Come on Dave. Scared of Fedor, are ya?

I looked at reports and they say Dave haven’t yet been signed to MMA. He has a tight movie schedule and he’s strict on payments if he wants to join the MMA, so his deal with them stalled.


What do you think? Do you think Dave has what it takes to do real fighting in MMA or in UFC? I mean, just because Dave is a big guy doesn’t mean he can fight  good. We all thought Brock Lesnar was going to suck because he was a WWE guy too but Brock proved us wrong that he doesn’t suck at real fighting, but who knows, maybe Dave does have the skills and the talent to fight for real. Maybe he can prove us wrong too? We were surprised by Brock Lesnar, maybe Dave can surprise us. People think real fighting will kill Dave, but don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

If you look at Dave, I’m pretty sure he can throw some pretty brutal punches and if Dave does a takedown, it’ll make your head spin. Don’t ever think that he doesn’t have what it takes. If Dave is serious of fighting for real, if he does good in MMA, maybe he’ll be on his way to UFC to the big time. Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to see Dave Batista vs. Brock Lesnar at UFC? Dave and Brock already know each other, and yes. The two have wrestled each other many times before. They’ve never wrestled in the WWE against each other, but they wrestled each other at the Ohio Valley Wrestling years back.

On a serious note, I doubt Dave has been signed to MMA. I think he’s being an egotist, and delusional. He might be just joking around as his way of playing with TmZ for a little bit. Those former wrestlers like to pick on TmZ a lot. Just ask Chris Jericho who’s done it many times. These wrestlers crave for the publicity, that’s what they do it for.


Report: Ultimate fighting close to being legalized in NY State?

The Senate approved a measure to legalize UFC/MMA events to come to NY State, so is it one step closer to being legalized officially in the NY State?

More on it here:


That would be awesome if ultimate fighting gets legalized here. There are many NY fans of that sport and we deserve our ultimate fighting live experience! You might be thinking, will the UFC put on ppv events at the Times Union Center in Albany? They might, but I doubt UFC will ever come to Albany. I’m pretty sure Dana White is aiming for a first ppv event at no where other than the legendary and the historic venue, Madison Square Garden. That’s the first place UFC will go. Then maybe the Times Union Center in Albany later on. The MSG will be the first place they will hit for sure.

As for MMA “Strikeforce” events, I see them hitting the smaller venues maybe the Times Union Center in Albany and the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls.

NY deserves this sport. If it gets legalized, I would go see a live UFC event or Strikeforce, yes definitely. That would be a blast!