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The truth about Islam treatment toward women… Donald Trump is right again…

Once again Mr. Trump says something that we’ve all been thinking for years. Hillary Clinton and all those so-called feminazis care about women in America and around the world so much but you never see them fighting for rights of Muslim women do ya? Mr. Trump is right once again that Islam men oppresses Islam women horribly.

It’s a proven fact Muslim men hate women. Why? It’s because the Quran teaches Muslims that women are worth less than a man. Meaning that Muslim men are more powerful than women. Why do you think Muslim women have to get forced to wear a hijab (or a headscarf)? When they go out on in public, Muslim women have to be forced to cover their face. Muslim women are not allowed to look men in the eye. A Muslim man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage.


Islam treatment toward women is no doubt pretty horrible and you don’t see any of those feminazis defending them. I wonder why?


The NY Times did nothing but prove that Trump is the ultimate alpha-male…

I just read this joke of an article that the NY Times did just for laughs. It’s an entertaining as hell article, I must say. The liberal media is doing all they can to make Trump look like that he treats women horribly but they’re doing a terrible job.

I look through this garbage article and the article highlighted all the so-called horrible things Trump did or said to women.

What’s wrong with asking a woman to put on a swimsuit? What’s wrong with Donald loving beautiful and pretty women? What’s wrong with kissing random women? What’s wrong with calling women “hon” or “dear”? Nothing wrong with that stuff at all ’cause that’s what an alpha male does. An alpha-male aka a man who is dominate to women and that’s all this article proves. An alpha male is a man who is not afraid to show that he loves women. Nothing wrong with that.

Why do you think so many beautiful women in America love Trump? It’s because they know he’s an alpha male. Trump’s been an alpha male all his life and he still is. This article is just another hit-job and smear on Trump. All they’re doing is trying to make it look like that Trump treats women horribly but nobody is buying into the NY Times bullshit. Trump likes beautiful women, who cares? All men love beautiful women. What’s so bad about Trump loving beautiful women?

So the media wants to act like Trump treats women horribly, why don’t they treat Bill Clinton the same way? Bill Clinton treats women like sex objects and the media continues to ignore Bill’s assault victims. Why aren’t the media calling Bill Clinton a sexual predator when they should? Instead they treat Bill like he’s a rock star. It’s quite pathetic really.

I’m so tired of the liberal bias in the media.


Never Get Rejected Again: Understand the Rules of the Game…

This guy’s channel is one of my favorite youtube channel’s. This guy Shogo Garcia is not really a dating guru. He teaches people in youtube how to socialize with people. Have good conversation and all that stuff. He does give dating advice with women but most of this channel, he focuses on conversation skills.

I figure this video deserves more views so I would share it here.

Over the years of my life, I’ve been rejected from women who I’ve had big crushes on and I’ve been friend zoned by some of them too. That’s probably why I gave up searching for women in the past ’cause I felt like a failure and felt terrible about it.

After watching this video, getting rejected is not a problem. This guy explains it’s a gift when getting rejected. It’s part of an experience. No matter what people say or think, you are still winning by living your life and breathing. Even if you get rejected and she says “No”, you’re not losing… you’re winning. He’s saying that you didn’t get rejected, you’re still part of the world.

So when I start searching for women again, I’m probably gonna continue to get rejected and get friend zoned a lot but I gotta learn to stop feeling guilty about it. I gotta accept it as a gift, know that I’m still living and breathing. I gotta learn to treat rejections more positively and feel proud about it.

Getting rejected and friend zoned is the name of the game. You’re gonna go through it a lot when searching for a date. I gotta learn how to be strong, deal with it and feel proud that I tried to ask her out. Even if I tried to ask her out and she said “no”, don’t feel guilty, it’s the right step in the right direction. I gotta keep going. Keep finding the woman who WILL want me in her life.

This was a really good video that I think you should check out. It’s a good message and I thank Shogo for this. He seems like a cool guy to hang out with!


Today is not a good day for liberals, congrats Hobby Lobby!!!!

The Supreme Court is on a roll!!!! They don’t bullshit! They take the Constitution very seriously! They don’t care if you’re the president or the king!

Religious freedom wins. I’m not a big fan of religion by any means but I’m all for religious freedom and all that.

Companies shouldn’t have to pay for women’s contraceptives and their birth control problems. It’s not their responsibility and it shouldn’t be. Women want to use contraceptives to prevent them from getting pregnant during sexual intercourse? Then they should stop getting fucked so much. Problem solved!!! They shouldn’t have to take care of their sexual problems.

Barack claims he’s a Christian and this isn’t very Christian of him at all. Christian’s would be all for religious freedom.

On top of that, this whole Obamacare healthcare law needs a full repeal. The whole thing needs to go not just this contraceptive thing.

Liberals aren’t happy, I bet. Especially liberal women. Another big win for conservatives!!!


Thought: Just came up with another idea for my next videoblog…

My next videoblog, I have came up with a topic of “Women Fighting In the UFC”. I would talk about more in detail why I think Dana is wrong and why women should be allowed UFC contracts to compete. I need to do a little research first. I don’t know much about women fighting in MMA since I don’t watch it too much but I have seen women fight in MMA before, and it’s pretty interesting in my opinion. Honestly, I think women are more dedicated and talented fighters than men are. A lot of men fighters are so boring. Women seem to make the fights more entertaining. I’m going to watch women MMA fights in youtube this weekend and then I”ll make the videoblog. It’ll come this weekend. I’m going to say that what the UFC is doing is discrimination.

I’m looking at UFC/MMA  forums and blogs about this, and man, it’s amazing how hateful men are about women fighting in MMA. Why do women fight? Because they love the sport just as much as the men do. Women love to hurt people, they like to do that for a living. Plus, most importantly, I’m 100% sure that women want to compete in UFC just like the men do. I’m pretty sure it’s perfectly legal for women to fight in the UFC. It’s just the boss’s decision, period.

UFC having their very first female fight would make history. They should make it happen. They will someday. Maybe Dana will one day change his mind. I doubt it though.


Report: Look like we won’t ever see Gina Carano compete in UFC ’cause Dana White discriminates against women…

UFC’s been around for years, but the company have never had women fight in the Octagon. It has always been men. Women DO fight professionally in MMA, but for some reason, they aren’t allowed to fight in UFC. I’m pretty sure women are allowed to fight in UFC, but for some reason, Dana White himself is not allowing it to happen.

TMZ, reports.

Come on now. If women can do Strikeforce and other MMA companies, then they should be allowed to do UFC. I would love to see Gina compete in UFC. It would certainly help PPV buy rates. Why do Dana have to be so discriminatory against women? I do like UFC and all, but I don’t like Dana. He’s an asshole and a selfish business man just like, Vince McMahon.