The NY Times did nothing but prove that Trump is the ultimate alpha-male…

I just read this joke of an article that the NY Times did just for laughs. It’s an entertaining as hell article, I must say. The liberal media is doing all they can to make Trump look like that he treats women horribly but they’re doing a terrible job.

I look through this garbage article and the article highlighted all the so-called horrible things Trump did or said to women.

What’s wrong with asking a woman to put on a swimsuit? What’s wrong with Donald loving beautiful and pretty women? What’s wrong with kissing random women? What’s wrong with calling women “hon” or “dear”? Nothing wrong with that stuff at all ’cause that’s what an alpha male does. An alpha-male aka a man who is dominate to women and that’s all this article proves. An alpha male is a man who is not afraid to show that he loves women. Nothing wrong with that.

Why do you think so many beautiful women in America love Trump? It’s because they know he’s an alpha male. Trump’s been an alpha male all his life and he still is. This article is just another hit-job and smear on Trump. All they’re doing is trying to make it look like that Trump treats women horribly but nobody is buying into the NY Times bullshit. Trump likes beautiful women, who cares? All men love beautiful women. What’s so bad about Trump loving beautiful women?

So the media wants to act like Trump treats women horribly, why don’t they treat Bill Clinton the same way? Bill Clinton treats women like sex objects and the media continues to ignore Bill’s assault victims. Why aren’t the media calling Bill Clinton a sexual predator when they should? Instead they treat Bill like he’s a rock star. It’s quite pathetic really.

I’m so tired of the liberal bias in the media.



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