Washington Post aka a liberal rag to send out 20 reporters to investigate Trump, wtf?

This is just even more reasons for me to hate the Washington Post. That online newspaper is so liberal biased, I always knew it. They’re planning on sending out 20 of their so-called journalists to investigate every aspect of Trump’s life.


So liberal rags like the Washington Post and the NYTimes wants to get all over Trump’s past.

Well, where were they when Barack Obama was running for president back in 2008? The liberal media did nothing to look into Barack’s life. They did look into Barack’s life; however, only certain parts of it. They media could have easily investigated every aspect of Barack’s life and leak it all to the news media but they never did that. Instead, each time Barack Obama got into trouble with his birth certificate and his past, the news media defended him.

People want to get all over Trump about transparency but nobody wants to talk about Barack’s transparency. Pretty insane.

Read this interesting blog post…


The only reason the media and the government protected Barack over his birth certificate is ’cause they wanted America to have its first black president and they succeeded. If the media was honest about Barack in 2008 then he wouldn’t have became president in the first place.



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