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I’ve been trying to warn people how much of a joke the Washington Post is for a long time…


For many years on my blogs, I’ve been trying to warn you all that the Washington Post is the most dishonest newspaper I’ve seen but my liberal readers did nothing but defend the paper. Maybe this will finally get them to see that the Washington Post is such a joke:


Like everyone else, I too am getting sick of the media’s obsession with Trump & Russia. The media has quickly turned into the new tabloids. That’s what they pretty much are. They make “The National Enquirer” look more credible. LOL!

I hate the mainstream media. I hate pretty much all news media. I stopped watching the news on TV a long time ago and I try not to read news on the internet either.

The MSM sucks and if you take what they report seriously and find them truthful then I feel sorry for you. You’re not a very smart person at all if you believe everything they say.


More on Trump’s dirty talk about women…

Scott Baio is correct that this is how guys talk about women when they aren’t around. If you’re a guy, I’m sure you had crazy conversations about women with your guy friends. Telling your guy friend how you think this woman you like is hot and then you tell him you had this fantasy about fucking her and all that stuff. I just throw my head back and laugh at other men who get offended at Trump talking dirty when they have done that in their lives in some form or another. Who hasn’t talked dirty about women to your guy friends before? Like I said before, if you haven’t then you know you’re lying. There’s nothing wrong with saying how hot this woman is, how nice her tits are or if you want to bang her. This is what guys talk about when they hang out. It’s perfectly normal. I’ve had conversations about women like that with my guy friends, sure. You have too, admit it but of course you won’t. I have conversations about women like this to my guy friends all the time.

The Washington Post released that audio/video tape hoping to turn off Trump supporters and hoping they would vote Hillary instead. I will never vote for Hillary no matter what the media tries to pull, not even this would get me to vote for Hillary. The media will do anything to make Trump look bad and vote for Hillary instead. That’s all they’re trying to do.

All that Washington Post audio/video proved was that Trump is the ultimate alpha male. Look up the definition of “alpha male”. Someone who is dominant. A man who is confident and not afraid to say what he wants. Someone who is the leader of a social environment. Trump is the alpha male and it scares the hell out of people.

As for women who get all offended, well I wonder why they bought all those copies of “50 Shades Of Grey” and drooling over those shirtless muscle guys in the “Magic Mike” movies. What about reading all those romance novels with all kinds of steamy sex in them and what about all the rap & pop music they listen to with dirty lyrics in the songs.

Trump saying “lewd” things about women will not end his campaign. It only helped make it stronger so keep the hate going, y’all.


Washington Post aka a liberal rag to send out 20 reporters to investigate Trump, wtf?

This is just even more reasons for me to hate the Washington Post. That online newspaper is so liberal biased, I always knew it. They’re planning on sending out 20 of their so-called journalists to investigate every aspect of Trump’s life.


So liberal rags like the Washington Post and the NYTimes wants to get all over Trump’s past.

Well, where were they when Barack Obama was running for president back in 2008? The liberal media did nothing to look into Barack’s life. They did look into Barack’s life; however, only certain parts of it. They media could have easily investigated every aspect of Barack’s life and leak it all to the news media but they never did that. Instead, each time Barack Obama got into trouble with his birth certificate and his past, the news media defended him.

People want to get all over Trump about transparency but nobody wants to talk about Barack’s transparency. Pretty insane.

Read this interesting blog post…


The only reason the media and the government protected Barack over his birth certificate is ’cause they wanted America to have its first black president and they succeeded. If the media was honest about Barack in 2008 then he wouldn’t have became president in the first place.


Do you believe that Hillary is not corrupt or criminal? Then you must read too much Washington Post or NYTimes…


There’s a certain libtard idiot reader of mine that I can think of who is a big fan of the Washington Post and no wonder this idiot has die-hard liberal views ’cause the Washington Post is nothing but a left-wing rag.

If you’re a liberal then chances are you’re gonna be a big fan of the Washington Post and The New York Times which all they do is one-sided reporting. They’re both on one side which is left-wing.

I can’t stand these two news organizations and anybody that takes them seriously is a moron. Ya know, one way that we can take our country back if this country would stop reading or watching the news like I did.

If you think the Post and the NYTimes is credible source then I feel sorry for you. They’re just lapdogs for Hillary and they are also lapdogs for Obama too. Stop reading this garbage ’cause all they do is brainwash you. They turn you into misinformed voters.

I avoid the Post and the NYTimes like the plague. Both are corrupt news organizations. Honest journalism has been long gone for years now.

This is part of why we need Donald Trump in office ’cause when he gets in office, he’s gonna change the way this country reports its news. We really need to get rid of all the liberal bias and political correctness that goes on. If you can’t see that in the media then you really are dumb.




Sharyl Attkisson facts checks on Trump’s “McCain is no war hero” comment, screw the Washington Post…

Did anybody actually listen to Trump’s speech when he made that statement about “McCain being no war hero”? I think Republicans and Liberals are taking it way out of context…

Sharyl Attkisson here clears it all up pretty good.

Read and learn…


I believe it was the Washington Post that first reported the story and this was the article she was referring to:


You gotta watch out. The mainstream media will do anything for “click bait” and will do anything to destroy people for the elections. The Washington Post trying to make Trump look bad. That’s what the media does, they wait for Trump to say something and they will “cherry pick” and leave out things to make it look like that Trump said something “offensive” when he didn’t.

Fuck the Washington Post, seriously. Anybody who reads that liberal rag is a loser.

Media trying to do whatever it takes to destroy Trump but it’s not working. It’s only making him more popular and more powerful so they should keep it going. Just giving him more reasons to be elected.