More on Trump’s dirty talk about women…

Scott Baio is correct that this is how guys talk about women when they aren’t around. If you’re a guy, I’m sure you had crazy conversations about women with your guy friends. Telling your guy friend how you think this woman you like is hot and then you tell him you had this fantasy about fucking her and all that stuff. I just throw my head back and laugh at other men who get offended at Trump talking dirty when they have done that in their lives in some form or another. Who hasn’t talked dirty about women to your guy friends before? Like I said before, if you haven’t then you know you’re lying. There’s nothing wrong with saying how hot this woman is, how nice her tits are or if you want to bang her. This is what guys talk about when they hang out. It’s perfectly normal. I’ve had conversations about women like that with my guy friends, sure. You have too, admit it but of course you won’t. I have conversations about women like this to my guy friends all the time.

The Washington Post released that audio/video tape hoping to turn off Trump supporters and hoping they would vote Hillary instead. I will never vote for Hillary no matter what the media tries to pull, not even this would get me to vote for Hillary. The media will do anything to make Trump look bad and vote for Hillary instead. That’s all they’re trying to do.

All that Washington Post audio/video proved was that Trump is the ultimate alpha male. Look up the definition of “alpha male”. Someone who is dominant. A man who is confident and not afraid to say what he wants. Someone who is the leader of a social environment. Trump is the alpha male and it scares the hell out of people.

As for women who get all offended, well I wonder why they bought all those copies of “50 Shades Of Grey” and drooling over those shirtless muscle guys in the “Magic Mike” movies. What about reading all those romance novels with all kinds of steamy sex in them and what about all the rap & pop music they listen to with dirty lyrics in the songs.

Trump saying “lewd” things about women will not end his campaign. It only helped make it stronger so keep the hate going, y’all.


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