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My thoughts on Billy Bush’s NY Times write-up about Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing”…

Ya know, I find it hilarious that Billy Bush has been going around acting like he “got” Trump. Billy thinks he exposed Trump and the left thinks he’s a hero for it. The left thinking he shouldn’t have gotten fired from NBC over the locker room banter tape.

I remember the locker room banter tape quite well. Billy was on the tape clearly joining in on the fun and Billy was also saying flirty things about women. Bush was caught on tape saying things like “Get out of the way, honey. Oh that’s good legs”. Billy was also laughing along with Trump when he was saying all those things.

Now Billy is playing the victim and playing “gotcha” moments with Trump. Keep in mind, that Billy is just another Bush! I repeat, another Bush! I think Billy is nothing more than another Bush trying to take down the Trump presidency. I also think Billy is just trying to get his job back at NBC.

Billy was on the bus clearly joining in on the fun with Trump, laughing along with him and now he wrote this NY Times opinion piece article saying that Trump was wrong? Liberals upset at Trump for saying “grabbing by the pussy” and you don’t see any liberal outrage at Billy saying things about a woman’s legs. Billy is no different and he’s no better.

On top of that, from what I’ve seen… I’ve never seen Trump questioning whether or not the tape was real. Sounds like more “Fake News” to me. I’ve did a little research and that source came exclusively from the New York Times. If that source came from the NYTimes exclusively then it is probably fake news.

Trump apologized for the tape and admitted his mistakes, yet people won’t leave him alone and won’t back off on him unfortunately. Billy was on the tape saying stuff about how hot a woman’s legs were, how come no one is angry at him too?

Liberals and the MSM don’t care. The only thing they care about is destroying Trump. Billy can say all kinds of perverted things about women and they’ll just ignore it. They’re just desperate to take down Trump and that’s all.

On another note, I myself wonder if the tape was real or not. Was the tape carefully edited? When the video came out, the camera showed the outside of the bus while Trump was saying all those things so there isn’t any real proof on whether he said those things or not. Just because Billy said Trump said all those things doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Billy could be full of it just to make Trump look bad ’cause after all Billy is just another BUSH. Just remember that y’all.


More on Trump’s dirty talk about women…

Scott Baio is correct that this is how guys talk about women when they aren’t around. If you’re a guy, I’m sure you had crazy conversations about women with your guy friends. Telling your guy friend how you think this woman you like is hot and then you tell him you had this fantasy about fucking her and all that stuff. I just throw my head back and laugh at other men who get offended at Trump talking dirty when they have done that in their lives in some form or another. Who hasn’t talked dirty about women to your guy friends before? Like I said before, if you haven’t then you know you’re lying. There’s nothing wrong with saying how hot this woman is, how nice her tits are or if you want to bang her. This is what guys talk about when they hang out. It’s perfectly normal. I’ve had conversations about women like that with my guy friends, sure. You have too, admit it but of course you won’t. I have conversations about women like this to my guy friends all the time.

The Washington Post released that audio/video tape hoping to turn off Trump supporters and hoping they would vote Hillary instead. I will never vote for Hillary no matter what the media tries to pull, not even this would get me to vote for Hillary. The media will do anything to make Trump look bad and vote for Hillary instead. That’s all they’re trying to do.

All that Washington Post audio/video proved was that Trump is the ultimate alpha male. Look up the definition of “alpha male”. Someone who is dominant. A man who is confident and not afraid to say what he wants. Someone who is the leader of a social environment. Trump is the alpha male and it scares the hell out of people.

As for women who get all offended, well I wonder why they bought all those copies of “50 Shades Of Grey” and drooling over those shirtless muscle guys in the “Magic Mike” movies. What about reading all those romance novels with all kinds of steamy sex in them and what about all the rap & pop music they listen to with dirty lyrics in the songs.

Trump saying “lewd” things about women will not end his campaign. It only helped make it stronger so keep the hate going, y’all.