Why us deplorables defend Donald Trump!

NeverTrump idiots are getting pissed ’cause us Trump supporters defend him on everything. That’s good. Let ’em get pissed off for us defending him. That’s a part of why we do it. Piss off the NeverTrump idiots. Why do we defend Donald Trump all the time? The answer is simple. It’s because Donald Trump defends us most of the time… the American people. In other words, he defends us Deplorables. So since Donald Trump defends us and fights for us, we just return the favor and return the love for him. He loves us. We love him right back. The main reason why we defend him a lot is that we really want this country to get back into good shape so we do all we can to protect him and defend him so he can get elected president & win. That’s why we all do it.

NeverTrump idiots should not be telling us not to defend Trump on everything when they vehemently defend losers like Bernie Sanders. Each time Bernie gets attack, Bernie fans will defend him like mad. They also keep defending corrupted people like Barack Obama and Hillary so why should we take their advice not to defend someone on everything?

We defend Trump like crazy ’cause we know he’s the only one who can bring our country back. So anybody that attacks Mr. Trump for no reason, we’ll go after them. That’s why we’re all heavily fighting back at the corrupted mainstream media. It’s why we go after Democrats and even Republicans for attacking Trump.

If NeverTrump idiots are getting mad that we’re defending Trump, it’s a good thing. That’s a good sign that they have nobody else to support in the presidential race so they continue to attack Trump supporters. Another reason why we defend him is ’cause we’re also doing whatever it takes to stop Hillary from getting elected, that’s the most important thing really. Voting Trump is the only option. He’s our only hope.

Anybody who hates Trump has been brainwashed by the media, social networking and their favorite candidates. You don’t have to hate Trump just because the media and Bernie Sanders tells you to hate him. Do your research & get informed and then you would see why Trump matters.

I’m gonna watch Presidential Debate 2 tonight and I hope Trump hits Hillary harder this time. He probably will after that Washington Post leak. Trump could bring up the Bill Clinton rapes tonight so watch out, y’all! It’s gonna be a barn burner!


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