Mr. Trump was on fire last night at debate no. 2… that’s the Trump WE ALL want to see!!!

In the first debate, Donald Trump got put on defensive by the moderators and Hillary Clinton. This time for debate no. 2., it’s the other way around. This time Donald Trump got a little payback for them and put the moderators and Hillary Clinton on defensive instead. So Trump got his payback for sure. I just had a feeling that the Washington Post locker room banter leak was gonna do nothing but help get Trump even more fired up for the next debate and I was right. Trump really killed it last night. It was his best performance in a long time. He really hammered the hell out of Hillary and the moderators.

My favorite moments of the debate last night? Well see video above. That’s my favorite part of the debate.

I also loved it when Donald Trump was bringing up Bill Clinton’s rape victims while Bill himself sat in the audience and watched. That was classic too! I warned ya before that Trump was gonna bring up the Bill Clinton rape stuff after the locker room banter stuff.

I also loved the part when Hillary kept going on and on and on about the things that Donald Trump never apologizes or take responsibility for the things he says or does but then Donald goes on full blast by saying Hillary never apologized for her actions over the e-mails and Benghazi. It was great when Trump finally brought up Benghazi to Hillary’s face. Loved the part when Trump was describing that Ambassador Stevens was trying to reach out to Hillary for help but she totally ignored him. Loved how Trump brought up the 3 am call too.

Trump really did a great job. I was impressed with him. He made Hillary and the moderators look like idiots last night for sure. Loved how Trump said Hillary should be in jail to her face. Of course, libtard media and the NeverTrump idiots cry about it. I really hate how the left is so protective over Hillary and Obama. It really disgusts me. Hillary is no queen or princess Diana and it disgusts me that people treat her like that.

I also believe people really need to leave Trump alone on “women” and “taxes”. The left thinks they got him over “women” and “taxes” but not by a long shot. It’s not like he killed anyone or committed any crimes and that’s what NeverTrump idiots are acting like. It’s just pathetic, I’ll have another post on that soon.

Other than that, last night’s debate was really great. It’s over for Hillary. Will be an easy win for Trump Nov. 8th. Trump will be the next one. Can’t wait for debate 3!


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