Liberal media hypocrites when they call Trump sexist, MSM is nothing but a bunch of sexist pigs!!!

Don’t you just love it when the MSM (As in short for Mainstream Media) accuses Trump of sexism and misogyny? Well, they shouldn’t be talking ’cause if you want to look at sexist pigs and misogynist, you can look at the MSM. The MSM are nothing but two-faced hypocrites for sure. It’s pretty funny that they would accuse Trump of sexism when the liberal media are the ones who promoted the hell out of “50 Shades of Grey” and the “Magic Mike” movie with the shirtless muscle dudes. They are the ones who are okay with Miley twerking at the MTV VMA’s. They are the ones who are okay with Lena Dunham getting naked all the time and having no problem with it. They are the ones who are okay with scantily clad women dancers all over the award shows we have. They are the ones who ignored Bill Clinton’s rape victims. They are the ones who continue to promote rap and pop music… they have so many songs with dirty words in them like “booty”, “ass” and lots of rap songs that has “suck my d**ck*” in the lyrics. Really? You want to accuse Trump of being a sexist pig and misogyny?

This whole “sexism” thing is getting way out of hand. If you think being called a “racist” is bad… give it time. Soon you’ll no longer be allowed to say dirty stuff about women and you won’t be able to say negative stuff about them.

Our MSM is very evil and disgusting. They really are taking away our freedom of expression and freedom of speech for sure. Don’t deny it.

They really need to leave Trump alone about women. They won’t ’cause they’ll do whatever it takes to turn off Trump voters and get them to vote Hillary. That’s all they’re doing really. The reason they keep getting onto Trump about women and taxes is ’cause that’s all they got. They can’t find anything else bad about him ’cause they know he’s not a bad man. They’re just doing whatever they can to make him look like a bad man.

To call Trump a sexist and misogynist is laughable ’cause all the media does is promote sex themselves. It’s just laughable. Fucking douchebag hypocrites. All of them!!! I hate the media so much!


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