Media, liberals and Republicans are starting to pressure Trump to drop out of race ’cause they know he’s gonna win… period???

The reason the media, liberals and even the GOP are getting on to Trump over women and taxes is that they are just trying to do whatever it takes to get Trump to drop out. They can’t find anything else bad about Trump that would get him to drop out of the race so that’s why they continue to pressure him over taxes and women. I’m pretty sure the media is doing all they can to dig up stuff from Trump’s past to see if he did anything bad. They found one thing which was that locker room banter thing the Washington Post leaked but that’s about all they can find. I’m sure they’re trying to find other bad things about him like if he committed any crimes in the past as he was growing up but they can’t find any of that ’cause he probably has no criminal record.

Other than that, they can’t find anything else bad about Trump. Simply because he isn’t a bad man at all. He may have made some mistakes like the locker room banter thing with Billy Bush but that’s not a big deal. Something like that can easily can be forgiven and forget but of course, people won’t do that even if he apologized for it last night. They are just words. It’s not like he killed anyone or anything. Trump admitted he’s not proud of it but of course, people haven’t forgiven him. They just keep attacking him like little children. You have to give props for Trump for apologizing for it ’cause it’s something that Obama, Bernie and Hillary would have never done… apologizing for their mistakes.

The NeverTrump idiots are just going crazy ’cause they know he’s gonna win the presidency and they will never admit it. They’re all jealous of him. Period. End of story.

If you think the media and Hillary attacks on Trump is bad, just wait until election day comes. It’ll get worse. No matter what the media tries to pull, Trump is never gonna drop out. It’s all up to him whether he wants to or not. Trump is getting a lot of GOP people who endorsed him in the past, stabbing him in the back which is no surprise. You see in politics, you can’t trust anyone. You’ll get a lot of backstabbers and traitors.

I’ll never get off the Trump Train no matter what anyone says. I’m not gonna get off the Trump Train just because the media tells me. I’m not gonna listen to Bernie or Hillary. I’m not gonna listen to the whole NeverTrump idiot crowd. I’m staying loyal to Trump, always. If you refuse to support Trump then it’s a vote for Hillary no matter what you think of it. Even if you don’t vote for Hillary like if you decide to vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein or if you don’t vote at all then you’re still helping Hillary. Voting Trump is the only way to defeat Hillary. The truth hurts doesn’t it? If you don’t vote Trump then you’re letting Hillary win. You don’t have to like Trump to vote for the right person, ya know what I mean?

A lot of people think Trump’s campaign is gonna be over ’cause they believe in the media’s lies but it’s not over by a long shot, y’all. Trump’s campaign is still alive and well. He’s on the path to victory. That’s why they’re all getting mad. It’s actually Hillary that is coming to an end, not Trump and they know it too.



4 thoughts on “Media, liberals and Republicans are starting to pressure Trump to drop out of race ’cause they know he’s gonna win… period???”

    1. Trump is gonna win most electors while Hillary is gonna win only a few. Easy win for Trump. Either that or it could be a close race but Trump is still gonna win either way.

      Once again, some states are gonna cheat due to election fraud to help Hillary but even election fraud won’t stop Trump. Donald Trump is too big for election fraud and the primaries proved that.


    1. It could end up something like that, sure. It could be a close race but I don’t think Hillary will win that many states. If she did win a few states, it’s probably voter fraud ’cause no one in America likes Hillary that’s for sure.


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