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Sharyl Attkisson facts checks on Trump’s “McCain is no war hero” comment, screw the Washington Post…

Did anybody actually listen to Trump’s speech when he made that statement about “McCain being no war hero”? I think Republicans and Liberals are taking it way out of context…

Sharyl Attkisson here clears it all up pretty good.

Read and learn…


I believe it was the Washington Post that first reported the story and this was the article she was referring to:


You gotta watch out. The mainstream media will do anything for “click bait” and will do anything to destroy people for the elections. The Washington Post trying to make Trump look bad. That’s what the media does, they wait for Trump to say something and they will “cherry pick” and leave out things to make it look like that Trump said something “offensive” when he didn’t.

Fuck the Washington Post, seriously. Anybody who reads that liberal rag is a loser.

Media trying to do whatever it takes to destroy Trump but it’s not working. It’s only making him more popular and more powerful so they should keep it going. Just giving him more reasons to be elected.


Book Review: “Stonewalled” by Sharyl Attkisson…


Today, I’ve just finished reading Sharyl Attkisson’s book, “Stonewalled” and here is my review.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a news journalist for TV??? If so, you might want to think of a different career to make a living off of ’cause being a news journalist isn’t an easy job as it looks. Just like our US government, our mainstream news media can also be corrupted and broken. Sharyl does a great job proving that in her book. She’ll give you a reality check of what it’s really like to work as a news journalist for mainstream news on TV. Once you read her book, she’ll make you look at mainstream news in a different way.

Attkisson is a well-known journalist who is most famous for her stories on Benghazi, Obamacare and “Operation: Fast and Furious”. She also does other stories too such as her green energy work. She explains in this book how there is a lot of stonewalling throughout the news media and our U.S. government. “Stonewall” means refusing to cooperate or communicate. In this book, she explains how she is under surveillance by the Obama administration and the national news media. She tells stories about trying to get the truth out about her big stories such as Benghazi and “Operation: F&F” but she seems to get babysat by the news network she used to work at (CBS) and getting spied on by possibly the Obama administration. If she got too far to the truth or revealed so much about the Obama admin. or the government… her stories would get changed, edited or not get published at all.

This book will give you a realistic look of how the government is controlling the media which they clearly are. This is part of why I don’t watch the news on TV ’cause it’s too much liberal bias and a lot of “stonewalling” going on. Sharyl is one of the few good “investigative journalist” left. Obama is trying to ruin them all and take away their freedom of speech. I’ve been saying for days now that the Obama administration have been controlling the media and this book will show you how he’s doing it. Obama just doesn’t like negative reporting that is written about him or he just doesn’t like the truth to be told.

I respect this woman so much ’cause her goal is to get to the truth no matter the consequences. She can get her computers hacked, get under surveillance by the government and all that stuff but she doesn’t care. Nothing is stopping Sharyl from her “investigative reporting” on her big stories like Benghazi, Obamacare and Operation: F&F. It was Sharyl that made me want to focus on those three controversies: Benghazi, Obamacare and Operation: F&F. It was Sharyl who helped me wake up about our bias news media.

You should read this book yourself and follow Sharyl’s work. She’s been accused of being a hardcore “conservative” but it doesn’t matter the party. She wants to get the truth. If you watch the news or read the news on the internet, then you should really read this… remember, don’t matter the party whether you’re: right, left, independent… who cares… just check this book out. People of all parties follow this woman’s work, not just conservatives.

This book was great. It was addicting and hard to put down.


Sharyl Attkisson, why she gets my full respect…


I love Sharyl Attkisson. I’m a huge fan of her work and have been following her blog posts, articles and facebook on a regular basis. Why? It was her that made me want to pay attention to Obama crimes like Benghazi, Operation: Fast and Furious, Obamacare, etc.

She’s one of the very few honest and real news journalists. Why? This woman has got the balls to be realistic about the criminal actions of the Obama administration. She also exposes the truth of how liberal media is protecting this administration. She left CBS news ’cause she was ordered to stop the stories on Benghazi, Operation: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc. So she told them to “Fuck off” and left the network. While the Obama administration is controlling the media, telling them what to report and what not to report… Sharyl refuses to be babysat by this administration. She’s one of the very few who refuses to protect this administration over their criminal actions. So for that, her computers and stuff are being hacked and bugged by the administration. Even though, she’s under surveillance of this administration just for speaking the truth about them… she still doesn’t back down. She still continues her honest reporting on Benghazi, Operation: Fast and Furious, Obamacare, etc.


This is why Sharyl gets my full respect. She’s the one who exposed the truth of this administrations “stonewalling” of all their crimes. You should follow her work yourself. She’s one who deserves to be called a “journalist”.

I’m planning on buying Sharyl’s book, “Stonewalled” and it comes out next week. I’ll be buying it on hardcover instead of the e-book.

She’s a tough and strong woman who’s not afraid to get to the truth no matter the consequences. She’s the one who brought to the people’s attention that the news media is full of liberal bias. Her book will prove how liberal media is protecting this administration. This woman has got balls for what she does.

There are two people in the media who I respect greatly and they are: Dinesh D’ Souza and Sharyl Attkisson. Huge fan of both. A lot of people look after them ’cause they tell the truth about Obama and his administration… they refuse to back down no matter how much trouble they get.

That’s called being an American and a patriot.


Sharyl Attkisson starts her own website after resigning from CBS…

After mysteriously resigning from CBS, it’s looks like Sharyl Attkisson started a website on her own. What’s on her website? It has all of her reports about Benghazi, Operation: F&F, Obamacare, etc. all in one place. It’s looking like she doesn’t plan on working for other TV media and she’s just going solo as a journalist.

Check out her website here:


If you want to see how the Obama administration is responsible for “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” you should read her stuff. She’s the most “credible” journalist out there. She is one who deserves to be called a true journalist.

This is a website that the Obama administration is not going to like so I fear for her safety now. It’s looking like she’s going to keep doing her thing which is good.

She’s basically the only one trying to get the truth behind “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”. Why? Because this woman cares like most of us. She’s not doing this for herself or for money at all. She’s wants answers for the families of these victims who were murdered at these crimes. She’s a patriot and cares for the country like the rest of us.

If it’s someone that would get the truth behind “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”… it would be her.

Seriously, read her stuff. You might find her reports interesting. Of course, anything that has something to do with the Obama administration, you’ll still defend them. You’d probably call her a racist or call her reports “conspiracy theory”. Can’t you Obama defenders come up with better insults than that? It’s like that’s all you can come up with.


Sharyl Attkisson, journalist from CBS mysteriously resigns with no explanation…

First, Lara Logan was forced to leave CBS due to her “Benghazi” report on 60 Minutes and now it’s looking like that Sharyl Attkisson is going through the same thing. Sharyl is known for her reporting about “Benghazi” and “Operation: Fast and Furious” crimes. She’s one of the very few in news media reporting the stories on “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F”. I totally blame the Obama administration for forcing these two women out of CBS ’cause they simply knew a little bit too much.

This just kind of shows that the Obama administration has complete control over media. They’re trying their best to get Benghazi out of the media spotlight. This violates the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

Sharyl should stay low for a while and she should have bodyguards everywhere she goes. I wonder what fatal accident awaits her? Mysterious car crash? A heart attack? I hate this administration and can’t wait until they’re out in 2016.

Hey Obama, in case you’re reading this by spying on my computer… you can keep “Benghazi” and “Operation: F&F” off the news all you want to, you’re gonna be held accountable for both, you fucking murdering scum bag piece of shit.