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RIP: John McCain 1936 – 2018…


My support for John McCain has been on and off over the years. I supported him for the 2008 elections and voted for the McCain/Palin campaign so I can avoid voting Obama. I supported him greatly back then

Yes, McCain did some pretty questionable things in government over the years. Yes, he was a bit of a RINO but he was still a human being. Yes, there are going to be so-called conservatives and Trump supporters trashing McCain and calling him all kinds of names like war monger, traitor, treasonous politician and all that crap but I don’t care about any of that. Yeah, McCain did some pretty bad things in government but he was still an amazing man and yes he was a war hero (Trump never said he wasn’t one, btw.)

Sure, Trump and McCain had their differences since the 2016 elections. They’ve had a heated feud and all that stuff but that doesn’t mean we have to disrespect and hate McCain. There are many people in social networking trashing this man, it’s just unreal. It’s really appalling what people are saying about this man. Sure, McCain was against Trump on a lot of things but Trump never hated John McCain. Trump always respected him. When Trump allegedly said, “McCain wasn’t a war hero”… I believe it was taken out of context and all that stuff.

Conservatives and Trump supporters think liberals are the most hateful people on the planet? Well they need to look in the mirror ’cause hatred runs on both sides of the spectrum. That’s the problem, ya know. When someone famous dies, there will be some mean douchebags and some are not gonna have any compassion whatsoever. It’s disgusting.

While I didn’t agree with everything McCain said or did, he still was an amazing man and no doubt he really was a fighter. Even though he may have seem to do things against Trump and America, he really was a Patriot and loved this country.

Losing McCain was a sad loss. Those that disrespect him and hate him after he died was pretty cold and evil. Wow. All those in the Trump supporting community who shows disrespect for the man should be ashamed of themselves.

My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to McCain’s family and friends.


Tried to give John McCain respect but no more… the guy is a piece of garbage and always will be!!!

So Sen. John McCain spent years and years of railing against Obamacare aka The ACA. He spent years railing against Obamacare even under Obama as president. Now here comes McCain voting against what the internet calls the “skinny repeal”… meaning a GOP bill that would take out parts of the ACA. The bill was called the Health Care Freedom Act that was introduced by Mitch McConnell.

The skinny repeal bill failed to pass the Senate ’cause three Republican Senators voted against it and not surprisingly, John McCain is one of them.


My question is why would those three Senators be against the HCRA???

From the article:

The Health Care Freedom Act would have repealed Obamacare’s individual and employer mandate, provided states flexibility on Obamacare insurance regulations through waivers, increased Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution limits, repealed Obamacare’s medical device tax, and defunded Planned Parenthood for one year.

That sounds pretty damn good to me!!! Why would they be against that? It’s like, huh? Really? It would have gave the HSA more money, get rid of medical device tax and defund P.P. for a year. All that sounds awesome!

I guess the three Senators that voted against that wanted to side with Democrats again. They’re RINO republicans. It’s clear that McCain doesn’t care what the American people thinks ’cause right after he voted down on the HCRA, he laughs with Chuck Schumer as you see in the pic above.

McCain is a traitor and backstabber; he just stabbed Trump in the back, that’s what he did. Anyhow, fuck that McCain clown. He has always been a clown… he’s a terrorist sympathizer and helped start the rise of ISIS so fuck him. Again, I tried to give him respect due to his brain cancer but regardless of that, he’s still a piece of shit. McCain just helped Democrats is what he just did. No surprise. He’s a RINO republican, he sides with Democrats on a lot of things.

It’s going to be very challenging to repeal the ACA when the GOP continues to be divided. Truthfully, I don’t care what healthcare bill the GOP comes up with… I just want the ACA gone. Any bill is better than the ACA ’cause anything is better than Obama.

I tried to give McCain another chance due to his brain cancer but after this — McCain no longer exists to me.


John McCain slammed the hell out of Obamacare on the Senate floor today, liberals tear him apart on twitter…

If you want to know what being “courageous” is, this is it right here. Sen. John McCain was just diagnosed with brain cancer and battling something serious but that didn’t stop him from coming back to the Senate to fight against something serious. It’s not stopping him from speaking his mind and doing something for the American people. To me that is very heroic and I think McCain just won over my respect again. You can love or hate McCain all you want to, this was pretty ballsy of him to do. When you have something serious like brain cancer, you need to take it easy and rest but McCain doesn’t believe in that. This man is a fighter and this is proof of that. He knows what making sacrifices is like and he just did that here. This man doesn’t care what condition he is in… when he’s ready to deliver a message to the American people, he’ll do it.

I’m sure his doctors advised him not to go ’cause he needed his rest and all that stuff but he wasn’t having it so he went back to work anyways. Bravo, Senator McCain! He wanted to do something important for the American people and he wasn’t going to sit home and watch the diabolical Obamacare continue to destroy America. Obamacare sucks and it’s gotta go. Hopefully it gets repealed this week and we can finally say RIP to the ACA. I hope and pray that Republicans do the right thing. All we can do is cross our fingers for now.

Liberals think John McCain is such a hero… well, how do you like him now? I’m now seeing liberals on twitter ripping McCain apart. Funny after seeing liberals feeling sorry for McCain after Trump allegedly saying that he’s no war hero (if you believe that Trump actually said that, you’re so naive and dumb).

This is the McCain I want to see: him fighting for the American people. I used to dislike McCain ’cause he’s such a RINO, siding with liberals on a lot of things. I think McCain did real good this time. Thank you, Senator!


So John McCain has brain tumor… does Hillary Clinton have the same thing???

While my heart goes out to John McCain and prayers goes out to his friends and family, I’m going to point out of the fact that the media keeps ignoring that Hillary has health problems as well.

The news of McCain having brain tumor doesn’t surprise me really ’cause the man hasn’t been himself lately. He also hasn’t been looking too good lately either. Anyway, does Hillary have the same thing? Does she have brain tumor/brain cancer herself? Above is a video compilation of her strange mannerisms throughout the campaign trail. Hillary violently shaking her head up and down for no reason, bad speaking skills, coughing, collapsing for no reason, very slow walking, standing next to a stool on stage so she can grab on to something in case she falls, etc. I can go on and on.

If the media is capable of being honest about McCain’s health then why won’t they be real about Hillary’s? That woman has been looking horrible for the past year and her health is getting worse… yet she continues to stay in the public eye and keeping herself in politics. She won’t leave public life ’cause this woman is such a narcissist. She loves the attention and she’s desperate to become president no matter the condition she’s in.

Why is the media so secretive about her health? What do they have to hide? We all know there’s something wrong with her. They aren’t fooling anyone. Do you notice that the media are always realistic about the health problems of Republican politicians but they refuse to be realistic on Democrats health problems? They’re secretive on the health problems of all Democratic politicians. No doubt, there is something wrong with Barack Obama, he’s looking too skinny, his speaking voice is getting horrible and his face doesn’t look good lately. Bill Clinton isn’t look good either so is there something wrong with him as well? The media even covered up Harry Reid’s health problems about his eye.

Anyhow, back to John McCain… I wish him well and hope he gets a speedy recovery. I’m not a big fan of his politics anymore like I used to be but he still has my respect. I remember voting for him in the 2008 elections when he ran against Obama.


That’s why I didn’t want Trump endorsing Paul Ryan and John McCain, see what happens when you trust someone so easily???

While I do love Donald Trump and all, he just needs to realize that he can’t trust people in politics and I think he’s learning. I knew he shouldn’t have endorsed Paul Ryan and John McCain during the primaries to get them re-elected. Trump endorsed them hoping to unite the GOP to defeat Hillary but instead, I see Trump declaring war against the GOP which is a good thing really. Trump should have never trusted Paul Ryan and McCain in the first place. You can’t trust politicians at all ’cause many of them are corrupted. I had a feeling that Ryan and McCain were gonna stab Trump in the back after Trump endorsing them for their re-election. When Trump endorsed Ryan and McCain, Trump supporters went crazy over it and thought it was a good thing. I never thought it was a good thing. I began to feel a little worried about Trump ’cause he’s trying to team up with two guys who shouldn’t be trusted at all. Now look what happens… Ryan and McCain both dropped support for Trump after that locker room banter tape got out.

That’s the deal with politics, ya know? You’re gonna deal with a lot of crazy people you can’t trust at all and all this stuff could overwhelm you. Trump needs to realize that if he wants to get himself into politics which is a dangerous game. All Ryan and McCain just did was proved how horrible the GOP is. I hate the GOP just as much as liberals do so I’m not on one side at all. Are the GOP conservative like a lot of people mistakenly believe? No. The GOP has been becoming more liberal than ever which comes to a term known as RINO. A RINO is a GOP person pretending to be conservative when he’s not really. They still have some liberal views. Ryan and McCain are a couple of RINO’s as an example.

I think Trump isn’t messing around anymore, though which is a good thing. Trump needs to stop being too nice to people in the GOP but I don’t think he’s gonna be nice anymore. I know Trump tried to unite the GOP but many GOP people are NeverTrump idiots still so it’s gonna be hard to unite. That’s why when Trump gets elected, he needs to fire all of them. Clean house and get rid of them all. Start over again with a clean slate in order to make America great again!


Are US veterans hurt and offended by Donald Trump? No. Turns out veterans love Trump after all!!!

The mainstream news media is trying to make it look like that US Veterans are hurt & offended by Trump’s comments about John McCain. It turns out that’s not really true at all. These polls prove that US Veterans support Trump more than McCain.


Sorry to disappoint you again, libtards. Don’t trust the media and their lies! Doing whatever they can to destroy Trump’s election.


If we have to respect McCain then why didn’t they feel the same way about Chris Kyle???

Ya gotta love the hypocrisy of some people. Many on the left and some on the right wanna debate whether or not John McCain is a “war hero” or a “traitor”. The same debate sparked toward Chris Kyle too known as the most lethal sniper. People are all heartbroken and upset that people are calling McCain a traitor. We have to respect him and respect his service. When it comes to Navy Seal Chris Kyle, everybody was quick to question his “war hero” status. Chris Kyle had a record of more than a 150 kills, most of them terrorists. All of a sudden I see people on the left questioning his “hero” status: calling him a coward, traitor and even a “racist”. People called Kyle a racist ’cause he only killed people who were Muslims but the sad part about that is, Islam isn’t a “race”… it’s a religion but people called him a racist anyway. They called Kyle a coward ’cause as a sniper he would hide and wait for his target. Well, that’s what a sniper is supposed to do, ya know? Sit there and wait, keep quiet so you wouldn’t get spotted or get heard. Those terrorists are very dangerous people so if Kyle just ran out and started shooting like crazy, Kyle could get himself killed so he had no choice but to hide and wait. Kyle might of killed women and children too, I think but chances are they definitely were involved in terrorism of some sort.

Kyle killed a bunch of bad guys. Killed a bunch of people who didn’t make us feel safe. People who were responsible for 9/11/01… but liberals and some on the right gave him a lot of hate and disrespect. It’s so strange to me that people were quick to hating on Chris Kyle but we have to respect McCain? Chris Kyle is more deserving of the “hero” status. So if people were willing to give McCain some respect, I wish people had the same respect toward Kyle.

If people aren’t gonna respect Kyle then why should I respect McCain? What makes people think they have the right to call Kyle a “traitor”? How is that okay? What in the fuck is wrong with people when they say we can’t call McCain a traitor but they were allowed to call Kyle a “traitor”. With all these fucking people disrespecting Kyle not many in Congress defended him so what the hell is wrong with people?

People are just nuts and this is proof of it!


Yeah most of the GOP do condemn Trump’s comments on McCain, I’m not dumb…

Yeah, I do know that most of the GOP candidates are onto Trump about his comments on McCain not being a war hero but most of those GOP candidates calling Trump out are RINOS (meaning liberal’s pretending to be conservative)… all those GOP candidates calling Trump out: Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, etc. They’re all RINOS. Ever think about why some of the GOP candidates are calling out Trump over illegal immigration and McCain’s “war hero” status? I think the only reason is that these GOP candidates are trying to desperately win more liberal votes. They know they are not doing well in their campaigns so they attack Trump hoping to win over liberals ’cause they know that liberals get all excited when people attack the Donald. Some of the GOP candidates have been silent on this whole Trump vs. McCain feud… I haven’t heard anything from Rand Paul or Carly Fiorina about it which is best that they should keep quiet about it ’cause it could hurt their campaign. These GOP candidates calling Trump out are hurting their campaigns. They won’t make it past the primaries ’cause of it.

There are a couple of Democrat candidates who condemn Trump’s comments on McCain… Hillary called out Trump and so did Jim Webb.

Most of the entire liberal community hate Trump for saying it and siding with McCain now ’cause it’s nothing new anyway… liberals hate anything Republican. Liberals hate everything Donald Trump says anyway even if the things he says are positive. Liberals love seeing people destroy Donald Trump. Most of the liberal media outlets are in on it calling out Trump: NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, etc. They’ll report anything that entertains the liberals ’cause they love seeing this stuff… they love seeing conservatives like Donald Trump get destroyed. Liberal media is desperately trying to turn off Trump’s voters so he could be forced to step-down.

The liberal community and the GOP candidates tried to destroy Trump over illegal immigration and McCain’s “war hero” status but it didn’t work. All it did was made Donald Trump even more popular. Even more people support him now. Don’t you get it? If you really hated Trump, you would ignore him and he would go away but you keep making him more powerful. What are they gonna try to destroy him with next? They’ll always be waiting for Trump to say something they think it’s dumb and they’ll do whatever they can to make him look ridiculous.

Like I said on my “Screw McCain” video, keep the hate going. Trump is gonna end up winning the nomination before you know it. People are going after him ’cause they know he’s doing real good in the election and they can’t stand it.


Video: “John McCain Traitor: By Vietnam Vets and Pow’s”…

Does McCain care about POW’s and war vets as he claims? Does McCain really deserve to be hailed as a hero for being a POW and all?

Check out this video that has interviews from other vietnam vets and POW’s who are against McCain. McCain opposed the Senate Select Committee On POW/MIA Affairs. McCain was involved in a POW cover up along with John Kerry. They withheld information about MIA troops and kept that info from POW families.

More info here:


McCain lied about his torture as showed in this video.

So does McCain deserve to be hailed as a hero? No… absolutely not. So let Donald Trump call him out. I think this stuff in the video is what Trump was referring to when he says McCain does little for our veterans and this video backs Trump’s point up for sure.


Ted Cruz refuses to join in on the McCain vs. Trump feud ’cause he doesn’t want to hurt his own campaign… period…

I’m sure some conservatives are getting all lovable and excited for Ted Cruz ’cause he refuses to join in on the McCain vs. Trump feud. I think he doesn’t want to get into it ’cause not because they are his friends… it’s because Cruz doesn’t wanna hurt his own presidential campaign… that’s why he’s staying out of it.

This is another reason not to support Ted Cruz ’cause he supports traitor and RINO McCain. I’m sure Ted wants to bad mouth Trump but he can’t ’cause he doesn’t want to lose his voters.