If we have to respect McCain then why didn’t they feel the same way about Chris Kyle???

Ya gotta love the hypocrisy of some people. Many on the left and some on the right wanna debate whether or not John McCain is a “war hero” or a “traitor”. The same debate sparked toward Chris Kyle too known as the most lethal sniper. People are all heartbroken and upset that people are calling McCain a traitor. We have to respect him and respect his service. When it comes to Navy Seal Chris Kyle, everybody was quick to question his “war hero” status. Chris Kyle had a record of more than a 150 kills, most of them terrorists. All of a sudden I see people on the left questioning his “hero” status: calling him a coward, traitor and even a “racist”. People called Kyle a racist ’cause he only killed people who were Muslims but the sad part about that is, Islam isn’t a “race”… it’s a religion but people called him a racist anyway. They called Kyle a coward ’cause as a sniper he would hide and wait for his target. Well, that’s what a sniper is supposed to do, ya know? Sit there and wait, keep quiet so you wouldn’t get spotted or get heard. Those terrorists are very dangerous people so if Kyle just ran out and started shooting like crazy, Kyle could get himself killed so he had no choice but to hide and wait. Kyle might of killed women and children too, I think but chances are they definitely were involved in terrorism of some sort.

Kyle killed a bunch of bad guys. Killed a bunch of people who didn’t make us feel safe. People who were responsible for 9/11/01… but liberals and some on the right gave him a lot of hate and disrespect. It’s so strange to me that people were quick to hating on Chris Kyle but we have to respect McCain? Chris Kyle is more deserving of the “hero” status. So if people were willing to give McCain some respect, I wish people had the same respect toward Kyle.

If people aren’t gonna respect Kyle then why should I respect McCain? What makes people think they have the right to call Kyle a “traitor”? How is that okay? What in the fuck is wrong with people when they say we can’t call McCain a traitor but they were allowed to call Kyle a “traitor”. With all these fucking people disrespecting Kyle not many in Congress defended him so what the hell is wrong with people?

People are just nuts and this is proof of it!


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