Yeah most of the GOP do condemn Trump’s comments on McCain, I’m not dumb…

Yeah, I do know that most of the GOP candidates are onto Trump about his comments on McCain not being a war hero but most of those GOP candidates calling Trump out are RINOS (meaning liberal’s pretending to be conservative)… all those GOP candidates calling Trump out: Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, etc. They’re all RINOS. Ever think about why some of the GOP candidates are calling out Trump over illegal immigration and McCain’s “war hero” status? I think the only reason is that these GOP candidates are trying to desperately win more liberal votes. They know they are not doing well in their campaigns so they attack Trump hoping to win over liberals ’cause they know that liberals get all excited when people attack the Donald. Some of the GOP candidates have been silent on this whole Trump vs. McCain feud… I haven’t heard anything from Rand Paul or Carly Fiorina about it which is best that they should keep quiet about it ’cause it could hurt their campaign. These GOP candidates calling Trump out are hurting their campaigns. They won’t make it past the primaries ’cause of it.

There are a couple of Democrat candidates who condemn Trump’s comments on McCain… Hillary called out Trump and so did Jim Webb.

Most of the entire liberal community hate Trump for saying it and siding with McCain now ’cause it’s nothing new anyway… liberals hate anything Republican. Liberals hate everything Donald Trump says anyway even if the things he says are positive. Liberals love seeing people destroy Donald Trump. Most of the liberal media outlets are in on it calling out Trump: NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, etc. They’ll report anything that entertains the liberals ’cause they love seeing this stuff… they love seeing conservatives like Donald Trump get destroyed. Liberal media is desperately trying to turn off Trump’s voters so he could be forced to step-down.

The liberal community and the GOP candidates tried to destroy Trump over illegal immigration and McCain’s “war hero” status but it didn’t work. All it did was made Donald Trump even more popular. Even more people support him now. Don’t you get it? If you really hated Trump, you would ignore him and he would go away but you keep making him more powerful. What are they gonna try to destroy him with next? They’ll always be waiting for Trump to say something they think it’s dumb and they’ll do whatever they can to make him look ridiculous.

Like I said on my “Screw McCain” video, keep the hate going. Trump is gonna end up winning the nomination before you know it. People are going after him ’cause they know he’s doing real good in the election and they can’t stand it.


7 thoughts on “Yeah most of the GOP do condemn Trump’s comments on McCain, I’m not dumb…”

  1. I like the Donald, I dislike McCain however I respect his service and what he endured in captivity.I wish the Donald had chosen his words more carefully I do not believe any American President or Presidential Candidate should besmirch the record of a veteran especially one who who spent many days being the Hanoi Hilton

    1. People shouldn’t even be respecting McCain’s service… did you even watch this video I just posted??? Other Vietnam vets and POW’s were against his “service”.


      1. Admittedly, I did used to like McCain a lot back in the 2008 elections and I even voted for him hoping that would stop Obama from getting elected but over the years as I start to learn more and more about McCain, I realized that he is nothing but a corrupt RINO like the rest of ’em. I believe I stopped supporting him after he made that secret trip to Syria.


  2. Chris Kyle is a war hero without a doubt.My point is The Donald will not make points attacking Mccain. Like I said I am no fan of the senator and I agree the senator has done little besides talk.

    1. Well, Trump has the right to say what he wants to say. Our first amendment rights are in complete danger. The left has become the most intolerant party and now the right has become intolerant. Somebody says something you don’t agree with or you find it offensive, they get forced to apologize. If we can say what we want then so can he.

      Trump shouldn’t have to apologize. That’s the name of the game in the elections. You have to have the balls to deal with attacks and all kinds of criticism.


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