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If we have to respect McCain then why didn’t they feel the same way about Chris Kyle???

Ya gotta love the hypocrisy of some people. Many on the left and some on the right wanna debate whether or not John McCain is a “war hero” or a “traitor”. The same debate sparked toward Chris Kyle too known as the most lethal sniper. People are all heartbroken and upset that people are calling McCain a traitor. We have to respect him and respect his service. When it comes to Navy Seal Chris Kyle, everybody was quick to question his “war hero” status. Chris Kyle had a record of more than a 150 kills, most of them terrorists. All of a sudden I see people on the left questioning his “hero” status: calling him a coward, traitor and even a “racist”. People called Kyle a racist ’cause he only killed people who were Muslims but the sad part about that is, Islam isn’t a “race”… it’s a religion but people called him a racist anyway. They called Kyle a coward ’cause as a sniper he would hide and wait for his target. Well, that’s what a sniper is supposed to do, ya know? Sit there and wait, keep quiet so you wouldn’t get spotted or get heard. Those terrorists are very dangerous people so if Kyle just ran out and started shooting like crazy, Kyle could get himself killed so he had no choice but to hide and wait. Kyle might of killed women and children too, I think but chances are they definitely were involved in terrorism of some sort.

Kyle killed a bunch of bad guys. Killed a bunch of people who didn’t make us feel safe. People who were responsible for 9/11/01… but liberals and some on the right gave him a lot of hate and disrespect. It’s so strange to me that people were quick to hating on Chris Kyle but we have to respect McCain? Chris Kyle is more deserving of the “hero” status. So if people were willing to give McCain some respect, I wish people had the same respect toward Kyle.

If people aren’t gonna respect Kyle then why should I respect McCain? What makes people think they have the right to call Kyle a “traitor”? How is that okay? What in the fuck is wrong with people when they say we can’t call McCain a traitor but they were allowed to call Kyle a “traitor”. With all these fucking people disrespecting Kyle not many in Congress defended him so what the hell is wrong with people?

People are just nuts and this is proof of it!


Liberal hypocrisy over the Chris Kyle debate…

Whenever libtards wanna fight and argue with conservatives over something, as usual there are a lot of liberal hypocrisy. Libtards wanna make a lot of speculation that Chris Kyle was a murderer, coward, war monger and racist and all that crazy stuff. They try to make it look like that Chris Kyle killed innocent women and children.

The thing I’m wondering is, Obama have killed many innocent civilians, women and children using drone strikes over seas. Many of them probably Muslim people. The Obama drone strike kills were kind of similar as the Chris Kyle sniper kills. Except Obummer killed a lot of children under his drone strikes.

So far Obama have committed 2500 drone strikes with at least 314 of his kills have been innocent civilians and I’m sure some of them are women & children too. Look at the number of children that were killed under the Obama drone strikes: “Children reported killed: 168-204”.


Chris Kyle only had about 255 kills but the only difference is most people that Kyle killed were all involved in terrorism including women and children.

All of Obama’s drone kills, his victims probably had nothing to do with terrorism.

If Libtards are so worried about women and children getting killed overseas why is there never any liberal outrage when Obama have been killing women and children with his drone strikes ever since he took office? That’s the hypocrisy I’m talking about.

Isn’t it insane that liberals are so worried about children getting killed overseas, yet Obama has done that with his drone strikes and yet they think it’s okay?

Like I always say, Obama can kill all kinds of people all he wants and those insane liberals are still gonna support him… they’ll think Obummer is never in the wrong no matter the situation.

Liberals are hypocrites like they usually are. Obama is a child killer too. Of course, he never gotten any outrage for it. Liberals are a bunch of losers, seriously.


A medal of honor for Chris Kyle might actually happen after all!!!

The reason Obama have never given Chris Kyle a medal of honor yet is because the president doesn’t have the authority to choose who he gives the M.O.H. to. Only Congress have that power. When Congress chooses somebody to give the M.O.H. to that have to get passed through both the House and the Senate. So if Chris Kyle gets passed through the House and the Senate, Obama will have no choice but to award him Medal of Honor even if he doesn’t want to. The president can’t veto M.O.H. recipients.

So hopefully this happens. Chris Kyle deserves this. All of Chris’s haters and doubters need to shut their mouths ’cause no matter what you say, Chris is eligible to get a M.O.H. A war veteran doesn’t necessarily have to be alive to get one.

I hate all the negativity and disrespect people give to Chris. They wouldn’t be hating on him like this if he was alive ’cause the left wasn’t this way when Chris was alive. I remember when Chris was alive, there was no silly debate on whether he was a hero or not.

In my opinion, this debate is silly. How does it make Chris a racist for killing a bunch of Muslims? Islam isn’t a race you bunch of uneducated libtards. It’s a religion. Even if some of the Muslims he killed may have been civilians, who cares. Muslims deserve to be killed either way. Let all of ’em burn and rot.


On top of that who cares if “American Sniper” didn’t win Best Picture, the film was better off anyway…

That’s gotta be really hurting for Taya, Brad and Clint to go to the Oscar awards show and finding out that they weren’t gonna get the win for “Best Picture” for “American Sniper” like they were hoping. I think Neil Patrick Harris even warned them during that song that he was singing during the opening so he kind of did spoil it a little.

During that opening song that Neil was singing, he sang these lyrics, “They know the camera’s on and we’re behaving our best. Yet, I secretly hope someone pulls a Kanye West.”

Was Neil telling the “American Sniper” crew that they were gonna lose the “Best Picture”????

Anyways, who cares if “American Sniper” didn’t win Best Picture and Brad didn’t win for Best Actor. Us Americans honored Chris Kyle just by buying a movie ticket to see that film. The film made over $320 million. So love Chris Kyle or hate him, the movie was a box office smash. We celebrated Chris Kyle’s heroism that way. Who cares about some trophy, ya know?


I wish the Oscars would focus on the talent and the art of the film but instead the Academy have to be politically correct on everything. They’re so one-sided in their liberal beliefs. Instead of listening to the people, it seems like they are about pleasing themselves instead of us.

I found a nice tweet on twitter by someone who summed up the Oscars very nicely and I agree with it:

That’s probably the only reason why “Birdman” won “Best Picture” ’cause they did everything they could to avoid “American Sniper”.

Like I said before, award shows shouldn’t be telling us what movies are the “best” when we should be the ones doing the choosing. Just see a bunch of movies and make a top 10 list of your favorite movies and that’s all we need.

Yep, I think I’m done with the Oscars. It’s gonna be the same bullshit next year too.


Now I know why, “American Sniper” film never showed Chris Kyle’s death at gun range…

The “American Sniper” film never depicted Chris Kyle’s death scene for the film’s ending. I thought Eastwood intentionally left that part out of the movie out of respect for Chris’s family but it turns out they originally had that scene in the film after all. Eastwood had to take it out by Taya’s request.


Sucks they had to take that scene out but understandable. Chris’s death scene would have made the film even more powerful and dramatic, in my opinion. Hopefully that scene will be available for the upcoming Blu Ray release.


Love him or hate him Chris Kyle deserves “Medal Of Honor”… sign this petition…

It really is such a shame to see Chris Kyle the most lethal sniper get so much hate and disrespect from libtards. When it comes to hate against Chris Kyle, I am starting to believe that people on the left are just jealous of his record breaking kills. People are just envious of him. They just wished they joined the military and wished they had that many kills themselves. Just being jealous of his heroism.

If you’re a Chris Kyle supporter and believer like myself and think Congress should award him Medal of Honor, sign this petition. Chris Kyle is eligible and he should definitely get one.


There is also this big debate that sparked in social networking on whether or not Obama supports our US military. In my opinion, no he doesn’t. Why do you think Obama’s approval ratings are so low from the military? Even they can’t stand him!

He has never showed any respect toward our military since 2008. Obama makes the claim that he leaves “No men and women in uniform behind” and there’s no proof of his claim at all. Really? What about all those veterans that were killed that were forced on a waiting list with no help coming? What about those 4 men that were killed in Benghazi and the White House didn’t have a care to save them? What about all those Navy Seals that were killed on a helicopter? Obama refused to give Chris Kyle any acknowledgement since his death and yet he supports a Muslim deserter like Bowe Bergdhal instead.

Does all this look like he’s being supportive of the military? Again, here is a big fuck you. You are delusional if you think so. Even the military themselves knows Obama has turned his back on them, google it. Obama is a traitor and a fraud.

Now that we finally have an all Republican Congress, I think there’s a pretty good chance Chris Kyle will be awarded his “Medal of Honor”… hopefully soon!