Liberal hypocrisy over the Chris Kyle debate…

Whenever libtards wanna fight and argue with conservatives over something, as usual there are a lot of liberal hypocrisy. Libtards wanna make a lot of speculation that Chris Kyle was a murderer, coward, war monger and racist and all that crazy stuff. They try to make it look like that Chris Kyle killed innocent women and children.

The thing I’m wondering is, Obama have killed many innocent civilians, women and children using drone strikes over seas. Many of them probably Muslim people. The Obama drone strike kills were kind of similar as the Chris Kyle sniper kills. Except Obummer killed a lot of children under his drone strikes.

So far Obama have committed 2500 drone strikes with at least 314 of his kills have been innocent civilians and I’m sure some of them are women & children too. Look at the number of children that were killed under the Obama drone strikes: “Children reported killed: 168-204”.

Chris Kyle only had about 255 kills but the only difference is most people that Kyle killed were all involved in terrorism including women and children.

All of Obama’s drone kills, his victims probably had nothing to do with terrorism.

If Libtards are so worried about women and children getting killed overseas why is there never any liberal outrage when Obama have been killing women and children with his drone strikes ever since he took office? That’s the hypocrisy I’m talking about.

Isn’t it insane that liberals are so worried about children getting killed overseas, yet Obama has done that with his drone strikes and yet they think it’s okay?

Like I always say, Obama can kill all kinds of people all he wants and those insane liberals are still gonna support him… they’ll think Obummer is never in the wrong no matter the situation.

Liberals are hypocrites like they usually are. Obama is a child killer too. Of course, he never gotten any outrage for it. Liberals are a bunch of losers, seriously.


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