A medal of honor for Chris Kyle might actually happen after all!!!

The reason Obama have never given Chris Kyle a medal of honor yet is because the president doesn’t have the authority to choose who he gives the M.O.H. to. Only Congress have that power. When Congress chooses somebody to give the M.O.H. to that have to get passed through both the House and the Senate. So if Chris Kyle gets passed through the House and the Senate, Obama will have no choice but to award him Medal of Honor even if he doesn’t want to. The president can’t veto M.O.H. recipients.

So hopefully this happens. Chris Kyle deserves this. All of Chris’s haters and doubters need to shut their mouths ’cause no matter what you say, Chris is eligible to get a M.O.H. A war veteran doesn’t necessarily have to be alive to get one.

I hate all the negativity and disrespect people give to Chris. They wouldn’t be hating on him like this if he was alive ’cause the left wasn’t this way when Chris was alive. I remember when Chris was alive, there was no silly debate on whether he was a hero or not.

In my opinion, this debate is silly. How does it make Chris a racist for killing a bunch of Muslims? Islam isn’t a race you bunch of uneducated libtards. It’s a religion. Even if some of the Muslims he killed may have been civilians, who cares. Muslims deserve to be killed either way. Let all of ’em burn and rot.


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