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There are good Muslims and bad Muslims, I just realized that after Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia…

Like most conservatives, I used to believe that all Muslims are bad people but after seeing Trump’s visit in Saudi Arabia… my thoughts on Muslims began to change. I thought to myself, Muslims in Saudi were surprisingly very kind and nice to the Trump family… maybe Muslims aren’t all that bad? Not all Muslims are bad. Just some of them. There are peaceful Muslims and there are “radical” Muslims too so there is such a thing as good Muslims and bad Muslims.

The good Muslims don’t encourage violence and killing of innocent people but they let some of their religion get “radicalize”; therefor, some Muslims becoming evil and they let it happen. Trump’s message to Muslims that he urged the good Muslims to drive the evil Muslims out.

Even Piers Morgan happens to agree with Trump on that and I really like this write-up:


Yeah, there are good Muslims out there, I just wish some Trump supporters and conservatives would stop painting all Muslims like they’re bad people. Some of them are bad but not all of them. Islam is peaceful but “Radical Islam” is the problem.

I agree with Trump and Piers, it’s finally time for the good Muslims to speak out about “terrorism” and they need to help fight terrorism too. That’s why Trump gave them an arms deal so they can “drive” out the terrorists.

What happened at Manchester was sickening and we really need to destroy Isis pretty badly. “Radical Islam” and ISIS are the two reasons why we elected Trump to begin with. You would think the Manchester concert attack would be good enough for liberals to wake up but of course not. They will always be blind, ignorant and dumb. Always worried about offending Muslims and calling Trump supporters “Islamophobes”, “bigots” or “racists”. Nothing new here, y’all.

I’m not a big fan of Ariana Grande’s music at all but my thoughts and prayers go out to her too. Glad she’s okay and glad she’s safe. Hope that taught her a good lesson that Islamic terrorism is real. God bless the UK. We really need to take out ISIS pretty badly. It’s what we voted Trump for pretty much. It’s not that hard to understand.


Um yeah, Trump is such an Islamophobe… take that libtards!!!

Wow. Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia this weekend is pretty historic for sure. Liberals spent all year calling Trump a bigot, Islamophobic, Xenophobic and all kinds of names. Making ridiculous claims that he hates Muslims. Bernie Sanders, HRC and die-hard liberals did all that to Trump.

Well here ya go, liberals. Trump seems to be enjoying himself in a Muslim country and they seem to be enjoying him too. They gave him a warm welcome in Saudi and liberals hate it. Liberals tried to make it look like Trump hated Muslims and this weekend those claims has been shut down for good. It’s pissing liberals off as they hate being wrong.

Trump had a historic speech at an Arab Summit today which I did watch speaking about Islamic terrorism to Muslim world leaders which was pretty ballsy.

I used to be against Islam totally but after seeing what happened in Saudi with Trump’s visit, maybe Muslims are pretty cool after all? Maybe Islam isn’t that bad but it’s radical Islam we’re trying to stop. Big difference.

I’m seeing that liberals are going crazy. Going out of their minds seeing that Trump doesn’t hate Muslims and Muslims don’t hate him. Pretty funny stuff. LMAO!

Take that Bernie, you old clown!


Interesting how all these so-called “conservatives” turning their backs on George W. Bush after he slammed Trump on Today Show this morning…


A lot of conservatives today through social networking are being very disappointed and angry with George W. Bush. Why? George W. Bush had an interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer this morning and George W. slammed Trump over immigration laws by saying, “I am for an immigration policy that is welcoming…”. See the first video above.


Interesting how conservatives have been turning their backs on George W. Why now when they shouldn’t have trusted him years ago? George W. has always been pro-illegals and pro-Islam. Proof on that George W. deported less illegal immigrants than Barack Obama…even Snopes said that was true:


George W. has also always been “friendly” with Islam ever since the 9/11 attacks and even Matt Lauer said that in the video above. It’s interesting how these conservatives loves George W. Bush so much when he has always been too friendly about illegals and Muslims. Conservatives are against illegals and Islam too.

Since these “conservatives” love Trump so much, why are they loving Trump since he had so many bad things to say about George W. over the years? Trump’s been talking trash about George W. for years and that goes way back to 2007 in the video interview above where Trump did an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN (back when CNN used to be nice to Trump, that is).

People always accused me of liking Bush since I’m a very conservative guy but not true. I’ve always hated George W. and I love it when Trump gets onto him about not doing much after 9/11, getting us into war and all that stuff.

Why are conservatives sad at George W. now? George W. is a guy who gets along with Barack Obama. They’ve been friends for years. So-called conservatives who thought George W. was a great leader is no real conservative, in my opinion. George W. has always been a “RINO”. A fake republican with some liberal views. I can’t understand why some conservatives love the guy so much. Liberals can be dumb, naive and uneducated? Yes definitely. Well, some conservatives can be just as bad.


There’s no such thing as “peaceful” Islam and “radical” Islam… Islam is Islam…

One thing I’m noticing that people are trying to do is that they’re trying to make us believe that not all Muslims are violent and hateful people. Many politicians, including presidential candidates has been trying to separate the two: “peaceful” Islam and “radical” Islam. To me there is no such thing. Islam is Islam to me. To me, all Muslims are pretty much the same. Even if some Muslims aren’t violent people, still though, the non-violent Muslims still sympathize terrorism. In other words, they encourage it. That has already been proven time and time again. It’s already been proven that Muslims celebrate terrorism and if you look in youtube, there’s plenty of footage of Muslims celebrating 9/11 and other attacks committed by Muslims.

I wish people would stop separating Islam from “Peaceful” to “radical”. To me, they’re all dangerous and evil people. While I do love Donald Trump and all, I don’t agree with everything he does and says. He’s one of those that likes to separate “Peaceful” and “radical” Islam. I know Trump is tough on Muslims which is part of why I love him but Trump is not tough enough. Instead of banning Islam temporarily in America, he needs to ban Islam permanently.

It still bothers me why Islam is getting all this protection by the liberal media and politicians. Islam doesn’t deserve all this protection. They don’t deserve the innocent victim card. They need to be exposed and suffer the consequences for doing dangerous things to people. You can’t blame people for being scared of Islam. We have every right to and it’s unfair that we have to be kind to Muslims. Liberals support Muslims when they shouldn’t be ’cause Muslims are doing things that upsets liberals like killing homosexuals for starters.

I don’t care what anyone says or thinks. I don’t like Islam. It’s not Islamaphobia ’cause there’s no such term anyways. We should have every right to be scared of Islam. Ya know, people who are anti-Islam don’t deserve to get criticized for bashing Islam ’cause why? We’re just looking out for ya is all. We love people and we want to protect everyone by saying who the enemy is. Yet all people want to do is call us racists and bigots. So sickening and wrong. All we’re doing is just trying to prove to you how evil and dangerous Muslims are.

You think Islam is peaceful? Go on twitter and check out some of the Muslim twitter accounts. You would see that they hate non-Muslim Americans. You would get death threats by them, you would get bullied & harassed by Muslims on twitter. A lot of muslim twitter accounts they would wish death upon Americans and they would post photos of dead-bodies and stuff too. It’s disgusting that twitter would allow that stuff on there.

I wish liberals would wake up and see what Muslims really are. Islam needs to be banned in America permanently for sure. Most liberals and independent voters can’t see the truth about Islam ’cause Islam is being protected by the media and most politicians. It’s real sad that people would rather listen to them and not us. All we’re doing is trying to warn people about Islam but we get treated like garbage for it.


Obama wants to disarm Americans so we won’t have anything to defend ourselves against Muslims…

… and that’s how Obama plans to destroy America.

Like the title of this topic says, Obama wants to disarm all Americans and that includes the police. That’s why Obama goes after the police with all this race baiting stuff ’cause he’s trying to take away guns from our law enforcement. He wants real Americans like us to have no guns as well. Why do you think Obama is trying to make our military weaker? All this stuff he is doing is just his plan to destroy America. He’s trying to take away our guns while he’s giving them to terrorists overseas. That’s what Benghazi and Operation F&F were about to begin with. Those two gun running operations. That’s why Obama gives guns to terrorists instead of letting us have them.

Don’t you see? Obama wants to kill us all. He’s doing all of this intentionally. Obama is a madman and evil. When will liberals wake up?

First the Supreme Court rejected Connecticut’s gun control and now the Senate rejected Gun Control nationally. Sorry, Chris Murphy you lose. Chris Murphy wasted 15 hours talking about nothing. Liberals are gonna have to learn that “Gun Control” will never happen. Why? It’s because the “2nd Amendment” is tough to get rid of. That’s a fact.

No matter what Obama and the government tries to pull, you’re never gonna take away our guns no matter what you do. Even if “gun control” does happen, there is no possible way you could get rid of guns permanently. There are too many guns everywhere. Bad people don’t follow laws anyway. Even if gun control happens, that’s not gonna stop gun violence.

It’s pretty insane that stupid liberals blame conservatives, guns and the NRA for the gun violence. It’s also insane that liberals blame the gun itself. A gun, no matter what kind it is… don’t operate by itself. A gun is controlled by a human being which is you. You’re responsible if you have a gun in your hand. People blaming guns itself is pretty ludicrous.

Obama wants to take our guns away to weaken us. So we have nothing to defend ourselves with. Get the picture now? Obama wants to take our guns away, he gives them to terrorists. Now Obama is letting Muslims and illegal immigrants into our country. Obama wants to kill us all. Period. End of story.

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a huge believer in the 2nd Amendment and will always support it. The more liberals obsess with “gun control” the more it makes me want to get a legal gun myself and I’m actually thinking about it. Someday I would like to get trained on how to use a handgun or a pistol ’cause I love target practice, I really do.

You can’t beat the 2nd Amendment and it will never be repealed either. Dumb liberals living in fantasy land like usual. I hate how liberals are all for something just because people like Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary and the media says so. It’s real sad that liberals would listen to them. I’ll have a rant about that in another post soon.


Looks like I proved my point that Muslims wants to turn the U.S. into an Islamic State…

A couple of days ago, I posted a tweet saying that Islam has taken over the US and we’ll become an Islamic state before you know it. I think the tweet kind of went viral. It got retweeted 37 times and liked 28 times. The tweet of course struck a nerve with a couple of Muslims on twitter and here is a response by a Muslim written in English.

Well there you have it, folks. This is why we gotta elect Trump. If we elect Hillary, we could become an Islamic State under her and the US will be done. That response from that Muslim freak above proves me right that Muslims want to take over the USA. We’ll get Sharia Law and everything.

I don’t care what anyone says, I don’t like Islam. The way they respond to Americans on twitter shows how they really are. They are evil and hateful people. They don’t like Americans regardless of your political views.

Elect Trump or we’re done!


Video: Did Obama just admit that he’s Muslim in response to Orlando shooting?

I’ve been saying for a long time on my blogs that Obama is a Muslim but all everybody did was brush it all off and kept saying he isn’t. I think Obama just admitted that he’s Muslim in this video. If you look at 17:27, Obama just pointed his index finger to himself and says, “They want US to validate them”.

Yep, I think he definitely just did admit that he’s Muslim. I know Obama defenders would come on here and say that I’m taking it out of context but I understand what he’s saying clearly. He points a finger to himself when talking about Muslims and he says the word “US”. He’s saying that he’s part of the Muslim group.

Obama admitting he’s Muslim during speeches is nothing new, btw. He admitted it in past speeches before.


Today I positively showed my support toward the LGBT community but liberals still give me shit…


Today, I openly supported the LGBT community in a positive manner. I was positive. Did show my support for the gay community after the Orlando shooting but what do I get in return? More dumb criticism and bashing by libtards. I can’t understand it, ya know? After all these years liberals fighting for Equal rights for all, they got exactly that today and liberals are still not happy. Conservatives showed their support for gays today and liberals still aren’t happy.

I think I’m starting to see why… see the funny cartoon above. They are now confused on whether or not they should stand with Islam or stand with gays. Maybe that is the reason why you don’t see too many liberals grieving for the victims in Orlando. They know Islam is responsible for that shooting in killing gays, libtards can’t take the truth. That’s what it is. So they take their anger and frustration out at you.

They like being a proud “liberal”? Well they should be careful what they wish for.

I also believe that liberals are mad ’cause they are finding out that the conservative community support the LGBT when after all this time they thought conservatives were “homophobic”. I’ve been called “homophobic” too many times by libtards and they wanna act like they never called people that.

I gave my support to the gay community and felt sympathy for them but got nothing but crap back by liberals. Interesting how that is. I didn’t get any facebook likes or positive responses. Either got a negative response or no responses at all. They can’t take the truth that Islam kills people for being gay.

Give it time, pretty soon liberals are gonna find a way to blame the shooting on Trump. They’ll start calling him homophobic. It’s coming, y’all.

Like I said, this makes me want to support the LGBT community more and I hope they do the smart thing and vote Trump. They should change their party affiliation to Republican too. I think they will.


The truth about Islam treatment toward women… Donald Trump is right again…

Once again Mr. Trump says something that we’ve all been thinking for years. Hillary Clinton and all those so-called feminazis care about women in America and around the world so much but you never see them fighting for rights of Muslim women do ya? Mr. Trump is right once again that Islam men oppresses Islam women horribly.

It’s a proven fact Muslim men hate women. Why? It’s because the Quran teaches Muslims that women are worth less than a man. Meaning that Muslim men are more powerful than women. Why do you think Muslim women have to get forced to wear a hijab (or a headscarf)? When they go out on in public, Muslim women have to be forced to cover their face. Muslim women are not allowed to look men in the eye. A Muslim man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage.


Islam treatment toward women is no doubt pretty horrible and you don’t see any of those feminazis defending them. I wonder why?


Video: Here’s your religion of peace, y’all. Muslims torture woman in the streets…

If you want an example of what Muslims may have done to Ambassador Stevens during the Benghazi attack here ya go. Here’s your religion of peace, y’all. This is good enough to see that Muslims are violent and evil beings. A video that the mainstream media will never show. These are the people that Mr. Trump are talking about.

We’ll get this in the USA if we don’t wake up soon.