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People really need to wake up on Islam and Illegal immigration… seriously…

I posted this video once and don’t mind posting it again. Once again, immigration in Europe is really bad. It’s worse in Europe than the USA. Pretty soon we’ll get what Europe is having if we don’t wake up soon.

The reason a lot of people hate Trump ’cause of his stance on immigration is ’cause the media is dishonest about it all. The media has always been protective of illegal immigrants. People think Trump is a hateful guy because of his views on illegal aliens.

Watch this video and then tell me whether or not Trump is right. Illegal immigration and Islam are both a real problem in America and around the world, it’s a shame people can’t see that. People really need to wake up on this stuff. You’ll be sorry if you don’t. Illegal aliens aren’t normal people, y’all. They’re called illegal immigrants for a pretty good reason. There’s a pretty good reason why they’re not allowed citizenships.


Too many people still believe Muslims aren’t terrorists ’cause of dishonest media and dishonest government…

It’s amazing to me how much trouble people get for calling Islam evil, violent and dangerous. A lot of people get into trouble for calling Muslims terrorists. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz aren’t alone. We all get in trouble for calling Muslims violent. I know ’cause I know from experience from getting into trouble for calling Muslims violent ’cause I have been in trouble several times in the past before. Some people gave me temper tantrums ’cause of it.

This is the reason that they think Donald Trump is a racist and they call him Hitler… it’s ’cause of his stance on Muslims. Trump believes they are dangerous and violent which many of us agree. That’s why most of us support Trump ’cause he’s been saying all the stuff we’ve all been thinking for years. A lot of us in America have been saying for years that Islam is evil but no one wants to believe us. No one except for Donald Trump who actually listens to all of us about Muslims. Mr. Trump is scared of Islam just as much as we all are. However though, there are still plenty of people that don’t want to wake up about Islam. Why? It’s because of the corrupted & dishonest media & government. They have to be politically correct on Islam. It really scares me how the media and government is so protective of Islam and it needs to stop.

We should have every right to fear Islam after things like 9/11/01, Benghazi, the Boston Marathon Bombings and the list goes on. Muslims have committed all kinds of violence around the USA and the rest of the world. There’s all kinds of evidence proving it but the media ignores it all. A lot of people still can’t see how Islam is evil ’cause the media is very protective of Islam. The so-called news journalists are not doing their jobs.

We support Donald Trump ’cause we’re scared for our lives and we know that the left & progressives are gonna get us all killed ’cause they simply don’t want to be honest about Islam. It’s amazing to me how people wants us to be kind to Muslims when we shouldn’t have to.

That’s why we desperately need Donald Trump in office ’cause once he’s in office, he’s gonna prove that Islam is evil and maybe people will finally wake-up about Muslims. I don’t care what anyone thinks though. I hate Islam and I don’t like Muslims. We should have every right to despise Islam just like liberals despise Christianity.

I don’t get why we should have to get forced to treat Islam all special and kind when we shouldn’t have to. I don’t like Islam at all and I’ll always stand by it. If they don’t like America then they should go back to where they came from. There’s all kinds of evidence out there that Islam hates America but the media and the government wants us to treat them with respect?

Islam really scares me and you should be scared of Islam too. Do your research, y’all. There’s all kinds of proof out there that Muslims are pretty violent people. Stop following the mainstream media ’cause that’s the last place where you want to get your political info from.


Trump says, “Islam hates America”… I’d say it’s what we’ve all been thinking all along….

You see, Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of stuff I’ve been thinking. Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of things I’ve been saying on this blog. Like this for example, “Islam hates America” and I agree. I’ve been saying that on my blog for many years.

Islam wants to commit a lot of violence and murder on Americans especially 9/11/01, Benghazi and many other attacks/crimes in America committed by Muslims. Also, Muslims have no problem raping women… they will rape women who are non-believers and will have no problem with it. Muslims are really violent and evil people. They’re all about Allah and spreading Islam all over. Muslim domination.

I’m sure liberals and some so-called conservatives are hating Trump even more now but that’s because they live in this delusional world that Muslims are wonderful people. Keep believing in Obama’s and the medias lies about Islam, you idiots. It’s sad that you actually believe them.

On my facebook, I would love to continue to talk about how Muslims are violent and evil but it’s gonna upset a lot of people so I just talk about Islam on my blog instead. It’s a controversial topic, indeed. It’s real insane that each time someone says Islam is evil, they get so much shit for it. We should have every right to fear Islam and you should be scared of Islam too.

Go Mr. Trump! This is why I respect you ’cause you tell it like it is and don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.



Obama won’t appear on Bill Maher’s show ’cause Maher is honest about Muslims… period???

There was a petition that grabbed the White House’s attention that people wanted Obama to appear on “Real Time” with Bill Maher but they said Obama won’t appear on the show. I can see why. While Bill Maher is a loudmouth libtard like the rest of ’em, the only thing though is that Bill is honest about Islam. So is that why Obama won’t appear on his show ’cause Maher gives Muslims a bad name? Maher is the only liberal being honest about “radical Islam”. He understands the dangers of it. This is probably why Obama will never appear ’cause he’s afraid Bill will say negative things about Islam in front of Obama’s face. Which is predictable of Obama ’cause he’s afraid of facing tough questions… he always has been. Watch his interviews on Bill O’ Reilly for proof on that. Obama is a coward and a crybaby.



Mainstream media ignores latest X-Files episode that calls Muslims terrorists…

I know a lot of liberals out there are huge “X-Files” fans and I’m sure many of them are gonna stop watching & boycott the show after last Monday’s episode where the episode wasn’t afraid to call Muslims, “Radical Islam”. I finally got around to watching the episode last night on my DVR and to be honest, I was kind of shocked that Chris Carter would make an episode like this even though it was a great episode. I’m pretty sure the episode offended many liberals.

‘The X-Files’ draws backlash with Islamic terrorism plot

The mainstream media has been all over the new “X-Files” reboot for a while now… reviewing every episode and all that stuff but so far you don’t hear anything from them after this episode.

So the X-Files creator, Chris Carter decided to have some balls to tell the truth about Islam? You don’t see anybody talking about it in social networking either. I’m sure a lot of liberals are calling Chris Carter an Islamophobic person.

I find it pretty unfair that when people call Muslims terrorists, they get called, “Islamophobic” and racist. People should have every right to fear Islam after 9/11 and Benghazi. Kudos to Mr. Carter, that was a ballsy episode! I got a good laugh at the part where Mulder went to this Cowboy club and danced to “Achy Break Heart”, that was funny.


Hey Pope Francis, you know else isn’t really a Christian? None other than Barack Obama!

I’m sure liberals are giving themselves a big hardon and jerking themselves off that Pope Francis claims that Donald Trump really isn’t a Christian but you know who else really isn’t a Christian? Like the title says none other than Barack Obama. It’s pretty obvious that Obama’s Christian faith is pretty phoney and fake. There is no way your precious Obama is a Christian. Obama’s “Crusades” speech is proof that he’s no Christian. Obama is always talking trash about Christianity. Christians are also being murdered and slaughtered all over the place but Barack doesn’t seem to have a care. He’s more caring to Muslims than Christians.

So who to you to question Trump’s religious faith when nobody ever questions Obama’s faith? When people do question Obama’s faith, they get called a racist and a bigot for it. So here’s a big FUCK YOU, Pope Francis, you communist child abusing asshole.


When other Muslims claim they are against violence, last thing you wanna do is believe them…

Once people start accusing Islam of being violent and encouraging killing other people, other muslims will start making claims that they are against “violence”. Last thing you want to do is believe them. Last thing you wanna do is trust these people. In my eyes, I believe it’s a lie when muslims claim they are against violence too. It’s been proven time and time again that muslims are sympathizers of terrorism. Sure, all muslims may not be violent people but still they support Muslim terrorists killing people ’cause once again, it’s been proven time and time again that muslims celebrate terrorism. All it takes is a quick youtube search and you would see lots of muslims celebrating terrorism, Iran celebrating “Death to America” and all that stuff. On top of that, there are also tons of Muslim leaders giving interviews to the foreign press admitting that Islam encourages violence and their goal is to kill those non-believers.

So if you’re one of those few who believe that Muslims don’t support violence ’cause other Muslims says so… then you’re one naive person and you’re definitely one of those few who believes everything they see and read. Muslims lie about supporting violence and killing innocent people ’cause that’s what the Koran tells them to do in order to protect Islam. It’s their sneaky little trick to get people to accept Islam and Muslim people. Their sneaky little way to get people to accept Allah. The prophet Muhammed and all that stuff.

I also believe that the mainstream media is also committing a crime ’cause they are protecting people who commits crimes and they are muslims.

It’s pretty insane, man. All this talk on Muslims… on how this is all over the news and a huge debate about it on the internet which is what these people want. Like I said they want to spread Islam everywhere as possible. Muslims wants world domination. The media tries their best to get us thinking that Islam is peaceful but it’s not working. They are failing. We’re not falling for their bullshit. That’s why we all support Donald Trump ’cause he’s the only one being realistic about Islam.

If you defend Islam and think they’re good people then you are one fucking loser. Last time I checked, nobody defended Islam this bad when George W. was president.

There’s tons of evidence out there proving that Islam is evil. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Stop watching the mainstream news. If you believe what they report is true then you are a fucking loser and need to get help.



France police raid mosques and what they found inside is not what you’re gonna believe…

This is something you’re never gonna see get reported all over mainstream media. After the Paris attack, French police are starting to raid mosques. What they found in one of them was some pretty crazy stuff… things like loads of ammo and a collection of ISIS videos.

The French police also raided one of the mosque leader’s homes and found a revolver near a jihadist document.

If you continue to read in this article, the France police has arrested over 230 muslims and collected over 300 weapons. They shut down three mosques and raided more than 2300 Muslim homes.


Well, I find it pretty amazing that France has taken immediate action on Muslims which is fucking awesome! My question is why aren’t we doing anything about Muslims over here?

We really need to stop protecting Muslims and expose these fuckers for who they really are. They are evil, murderers, child molesters, goat fuckers, rapists, etc. The fact is that Muslims want non-believers dead and that’s their only goal.

There’s nothing racist about telling the truth about Muslims, get over yourselves.



Video: Think Islam is peaceful? Then watch this video and you be the judge…

Muslims wants world domination of Islam. Meaning they want every country in the world to turn into a Muslim caliphate and convert as many people as possible. Pretty soon we could all get forced to convert even if we don’t want to.

Once again, Islam is evil and this video should be good enough to prove that.


Sorry but Trump’s proposal on banning Muslims into US won’t end him, it’ll only make him even more powerful!!!

I’m seeing a lot of comments by libtards in social networking that they are hoping that Trump’s proposal of banning Muslims travelling into the USA is gonna end his presidential campaign. Nope. Once again, libtards being delusional. It’s only going to make him even more powerful, sorry to say. Hate to break it to ya.

It may not seem like it but almost most of the entire USA hate Muslims. It’s hard to see that most Americans hate Muslims ’cause the corrupt mainstream media likes to make Muslims look like good guys. This is a big part of why Trump is getting all of this support ’cause he’s the only one telling the truth about Muslims and people are loving him for it.

If you libtards believe that Muslims are good people and “peaceful”, I can’t wait until you get a knife to your throat or I can’t wait until you get your car hijacked and some Muslim takes over your car with a suicide vest. You’ll see how peaceful Islam is then. It really is disturbing how libtards came to loving Islam just because Obama and the media says Islam is “peaceful”. I think the liberal community should stop supporting Islam too ’cause you’ll be sorry if you keep continuing to defend Islam. One day we’ll be the ones to tell you, I toldjaso.

I think Islam becoming the new “race card” is pretty silly and stupid. Islam was never a race but I guess it is now, sadly.

I’m still seeing talk of Islam & Muslims all over my newsfeed and I can’t stand it. Really, I can’t. Liberals trying to prove that Islam is peaceful and right-wingers trying to prove that Islam is evil. There is something wrong with this country when you want to call everything and everyone “racist” ’cause someone wants to speak the truth.

Like I said above, Trump’s idea of banning Muslims to the US is not gonna end his campaign. It’s only gonna help him win the nomination and even get elected so deal with it. In my opinion, we should get rid of Islam altogether… ban that religion as a whole. If you side with Islam, you are encouraging violence as well so be careful how you think.