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Today I positively showed my support toward the LGBT community but liberals still give me shit…


Today, I openly supported the LGBT community in a positive manner. I was positive. Did show my support for the gay community after the Orlando shooting but what do I get in return? More dumb criticism and bashing by libtards. I can’t understand it, ya know? After all these years liberals fighting for Equal rights for all, they got exactly that today and liberals are still not happy. Conservatives showed their support for gays today and liberals still aren’t happy.

I think I’m starting to see why… see the funny cartoon above. They are now confused on whether or not they should stand with Islam or stand with gays. Maybe that is the reason why you don’t see too many liberals grieving for the victims in Orlando. They know Islam is responsible for that shooting in killing gays, libtards can’t take the truth. That’s what it is. So they take their anger and frustration out at you.

They like being a proud “liberal”? Well they should be careful what they wish for.

I also believe that liberals are mad ’cause they are finding out that the conservative community support the LGBT when after all this time they thought conservatives were “homophobic”. I’ve been called “homophobic” too many times by libtards and they wanna act like they never called people that.

I gave my support to the gay community and felt sympathy for them but got nothing but crap back by liberals. Interesting how that is. I didn’t get any facebook likes or positive responses. Either got a negative response or no responses at all. They can’t take the truth that Islam kills people for being gay.

Give it time, pretty soon liberals are gonna find a way to blame the shooting on Trump. They’ll start calling him homophobic. It’s coming, y’all.

Like I said, this makes me want to support the LGBT community more and I hope they do the smart thing and vote Trump. They should change their party affiliation to Republican too. I think they will.


The truth about Islam treatment toward women… Donald Trump is right again…

Once again Mr. Trump says something that we’ve all been thinking for years. Hillary Clinton and all those so-called feminazis care about women in America and around the world so much but you never see them fighting for rights of Muslim women do ya? Mr. Trump is right once again that Islam men oppresses Islam women horribly.

It’s a proven fact Muslim men hate women. Why? It’s because the Quran teaches Muslims that women are worth less than a man. Meaning that Muslim men are more powerful than women. Why do you think Muslim women have to get forced to wear a hijab (or a headscarf)? When they go out on in public, Muslim women have to be forced to cover their face. Muslim women are not allowed to look men in the eye. A Muslim man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage.


Islam treatment toward women is no doubt pretty horrible and you don’t see any of those feminazis defending them. I wonder why?


Video: Here’s your religion of peace, y’all. Muslims torture woman in the streets…

If you want an example of what Muslims may have done to Ambassador Stevens during the Benghazi attack here ya go. Here’s your religion of peace, y’all. This is good enough to see that Muslims are violent and evil beings. A video that the mainstream media will never show. These are the people that Mr. Trump are talking about.

We’ll get this in the USA if we don’t wake up soon.


People really need to wake up on Islam and Illegal immigration… seriously…

I posted this video once and don’t mind posting it again. Once again, immigration in Europe is really bad. It’s worse in Europe than the USA. Pretty soon we’ll get what Europe is having if we don’t wake up soon.

The reason a lot of people hate Trump ’cause of his stance on immigration is ’cause the media is dishonest about it all. The media has always been protective of illegal immigrants. People think Trump is a hateful guy because of his views on illegal aliens.

Watch this video and then tell me whether or not Trump is right. Illegal immigration and Islam are both a real problem in America and around the world, it’s a shame people can’t see that. People really need to wake up on this stuff. You’ll be sorry if you don’t. Illegal aliens aren’t normal people, y’all. They’re called illegal immigrants for a pretty good reason. There’s a pretty good reason why they’re not allowed citizenships.


Too many people still believe Muslims aren’t terrorists ’cause of dishonest media and dishonest government…

It’s amazing to me how much trouble people get for calling Islam evil, violent and dangerous. A lot of people get into trouble for calling Muslims terrorists. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz aren’t alone. We all get in trouble for calling Muslims violent. I know ’cause I know from experience from getting into trouble for calling Muslims violent ’cause I have been in trouble several times in the past before. Some people gave me temper tantrums ’cause of it.

This is the reason that they think Donald Trump is a racist and they call him Hitler… it’s ’cause of his stance on Muslims. Trump believes they are dangerous and violent which many of us agree. That’s why most of us support Trump ’cause he’s been saying all the stuff we’ve all been thinking for years. A lot of us in America have been saying for years that Islam is evil but no one wants to believe us. No one except for Donald Trump who actually listens to all of us about Muslims. Mr. Trump is scared of Islam just as much as we all are. However though, there are still plenty of people that don’t want to wake up about Islam. Why? It’s because of the corrupted & dishonest media & government. They have to be politically correct on Islam. It really scares me how the media and government is so protective of Islam and it needs to stop.

We should have every right to fear Islam after things like 9/11/01, Benghazi, the Boston Marathon Bombings and the list goes on. Muslims have committed all kinds of violence around the USA and the rest of the world. There’s all kinds of evidence proving it but the media ignores it all. A lot of people still can’t see how Islam is evil ’cause the media is very protective of Islam. The so-called news journalists are not doing their jobs.

We support Donald Trump ’cause we’re scared for our lives and we know that the left & progressives are gonna get us all killed ’cause they simply don’t want to be honest about Islam. It’s amazing to me how people wants us to be kind to Muslims when we shouldn’t have to.

That’s why we desperately need Donald Trump in office ’cause once he’s in office, he’s gonna prove that Islam is evil and maybe people will finally wake-up about Muslims. I don’t care what anyone thinks though. I hate Islam and I don’t like Muslims. We should have every right to despise Islam just like liberals despise Christianity.

I don’t get why we should have to get forced to treat Islam all special and kind when we shouldn’t have to. I don’t like Islam at all and I’ll always stand by it. If they don’t like America then they should go back to where they came from. There’s all kinds of evidence out there that Islam hates America but the media and the government wants us to treat them with respect?

Islam really scares me and you should be scared of Islam too. Do your research, y’all. There’s all kinds of proof out there that Muslims are pretty violent people. Stop following the mainstream media ’cause that’s the last place where you want to get your political info from.


Trump says, “Islam hates America”… I’d say it’s what we’ve all been thinking all along….

You see, Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of stuff I’ve been thinking. Mr. Trump has been saying a lot of things I’ve been saying on this blog. Like this for example, “Islam hates America” and I agree. I’ve been saying that on my blog for many years.

Islam wants to commit a lot of violence and murder on Americans especially 9/11/01, Benghazi and many other attacks/crimes in America committed by Muslims. Also, Muslims have no problem raping women… they will rape women who are non-believers and will have no problem with it. Muslims are really violent and evil people. They’re all about Allah and spreading Islam all over. Muslim domination.

I’m sure liberals and some so-called conservatives are hating Trump even more now but that’s because they live in this delusional world that Muslims are wonderful people. Keep believing in Obama’s and the medias lies about Islam, you idiots. It’s sad that you actually believe them.

On my facebook, I would love to continue to talk about how Muslims are violent and evil but it’s gonna upset a lot of people so I just talk about Islam on my blog instead. It’s a controversial topic, indeed. It’s real insane that each time someone says Islam is evil, they get so much shit for it. We should have every right to fear Islam and you should be scared of Islam too.

Go Mr. Trump! This is why I respect you ’cause you tell it like it is and don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.



Obama won’t appear on Bill Maher’s show ’cause Maher is honest about Muslims… period???

There was a petition that grabbed the White House’s attention that people wanted Obama to appear on “Real Time” with Bill Maher but they said Obama won’t appear on the show. I can see why. While Bill Maher is a loudmouth libtard like the rest of ’em, the only thing though is that Bill is honest about Islam. So is that why Obama won’t appear on his show ’cause Maher gives Muslims a bad name? Maher is the only liberal being honest about “radical Islam”. He understands the dangers of it. This is probably why Obama will never appear ’cause he’s afraid Bill will say negative things about Islam in front of Obama’s face. Which is predictable of Obama ’cause he’s afraid of facing tough questions… he always has been. Watch his interviews on Bill O’ Reilly for proof on that. Obama is a coward and a crybaby.