When other Muslims claim they are against violence, last thing you wanna do is believe them…

Once people start accusing Islam of being violent and encouraging killing other people, other muslims will start making claims that they are against “violence”. Last thing you want to do is believe them. Last thing you wanna do is trust these people. In my eyes, I believe it’s a lie when muslims claim they are against violence too. It’s been proven time and time again that muslims are sympathizers of terrorism. Sure, all muslims may not be violent people but still they support Muslim terrorists killing people ’cause once again, it’s been proven time and time again that muslims celebrate terrorism. All it takes is a quick youtube search and you would see lots of muslims celebrating terrorism, Iran celebrating “Death to America” and all that stuff. On top of that, there are also tons of Muslim leaders giving interviews to the foreign press admitting that Islam encourages violence and their goal is to kill those non-believers.

So if you’re one of those few who believe that Muslims don’t support violence ’cause other Muslims says so… then you’re one naive person and you’re definitely one of those few who believes everything they see and read. Muslims lie about supporting violence and killing innocent people ’cause that’s what the Koran tells them to do in order to protect Islam. It’s their sneaky little trick to get people to accept Islam and Muslim people. Their sneaky little way to get people to accept Allah. The prophet Muhammed and all that stuff.

I also believe that the mainstream media is also committing a crime ’cause they are protecting people who commits crimes and they are muslims.

It’s pretty insane, man. All this talk on Muslims… on how this is all over the news and a huge debate about it on the internet which is what these people want. Like I said they want to spread Islam everywhere as possible. Muslims wants world domination. The media tries their best to get us thinking that Islam is peaceful but it’s not working. They are failing. We’re not falling for their bullshit. That’s why we all support Donald Trump ’cause he’s the only one being realistic about Islam.

If you defend Islam and think they’re good people then you are one fucking loser. Last time I checked, nobody defended Islam this bad when George W. was president.

There’s tons of evidence out there proving that Islam is evil. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Stop watching the mainstream news. If you believe what they report is true then you are a fucking loser and need to get help.



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