Obama’s approval ratings down to 43%, see? America knows what’s really going on!!!

This recent poll of Obama’s approval ratings should prove once and for all everybody knows that this country is headed to the wrong direction. This should also show that Obama is a horrible president. You see, we don’t hate this guy for no reason. We ALL KNOW he’s a piece of garbage.

We try our best to tell the truth about Barack Obama but nope… we’re whack job conspiracy theorists, we’re racists, we’re crazy right-wingers who watch too much FOX News and everything is Bush’s fault. *sigh*


Barack is the worst president in history. He’s horrible at leading the nation. Horrible at responding to terrorism. He’s a terrorist sympathizer. His only goal is to destroy America.

HIs low poll ratings should show that most of us Americans know what’s really going on while the corrupt mainstream media continues to make Barack Obama look good.

This is why we all support Donald Trump ’cause he’s the only one being realistic on the Barack Obama presidency. If the media won’t be honest about the Obama presidency then Donald Trump will. That’s how it goes, folks.

I can’t believe how corrupt and broken our mainstream media is. America is definitely headed to the wrong direction but the mainstream media tries to make it look like that Barack is doing good things for America. Barack doing good things for America is all a lie, folks.

I’m planning to watch the GOP Debate tonight which should get interesting. Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump should get heated tonight for sure. Donald Trump will kill it like always but you know CNN won’t be fair with him.


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