Obama won’t appear on Bill Maher’s show ’cause Maher is honest about Muslims… period???

There was a petition that grabbed the White House’s attention that people wanted Obama to appear on “Real Time” with Bill Maher but they said Obama won’t appear on the show. I can see why. While Bill Maher is a loudmouth libtard like the rest of ’em, the only thing though is that Bill is honest about Islam. So is that why Obama won’t appear on his show ’cause Maher gives Muslims a bad name? Maher is the only liberal being honest about “radical Islam”. He understands the dangers of it. This is probably why Obama will never appear ’cause he’s afraid Bill will say negative things about Islam in front of Obama’s face. Which is predictable of Obama ’cause he’s afraid of facing tough questions… he always has been. Watch his interviews on Bill O’ Reilly for proof on that. Obama is a coward and a crybaby.



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