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What I liked about the Milo and Bill Maher interview on HBO…

When it was said that Bill Maher just booked Milo Yiannopoulos for his “Real Time” show on HBO for a special interview segment, it’s been expected by Trump supporters that Milo was gonna send Bill to smackdown hotel. Ya know, Milo give Bill a verbal beatdown but many Trump supporters were disappointed that the interview didn’t turn out to be that way. Instead, Milo and Bill were very nice and friendly to each other. The debate turned out to be very “civilized” which to me is amazing.

Trump supporters seem disappointed in Milo for this but I think this is great. Ya know? I think heated debates and controversial political discussions are getting old and tiresome. It doesn’t hurt to get along for once. Yes, it is very possible that a conservative can get along with a liberal quite well and this is proof of it.

While Bill Maher is a very liberal guy, I have no problem with him. Bill is actually one of the very few liberals who is actually pretty cool. Why? Probably because Bill is more tolerant to others views and beliefs. Watch his show for proof on that. Bill has interviewed other conservatives on his show lots of times and he allowed them to speak their minds.

This is what a civilized liberal vs. conservative debate looks like, folks. Tolerance. We need more of it especially online.

Everyone wants to view Milo as this “controversial” person but once you actually see him, you’ll be disappointed that he turned out not controversial at all. You’ll immediately see that Milo is a likeable person after all. Milo seems like a nice guy and down to earth to me. I don’t see how Milo is “controversial”. He just a Trump supporter like the rest of us. Milo is just speaking all the same things we’ve all been thinking.

I’m tired of the media and liberals trying to paint conservatives as “controversial” when we are not actually that at all. We’re just regular people just like you and me. Enough with the labelling.

I think Bill looks surprised when he saw that Milo isn’t “controversial”, you can tell by the look on Bill’s face. Bill is looking at Milo like: “Woah, this is not the Milo that I thought he was”. They ended up being friendly together.

This was a great interview. I really enjoyed it. I’m a huge fan of Milo. I’m not gay at all, I’m perfectly straight but I just admire how he’s not afraid to speak his mind however he wants to. Milo is the shit. I’ll be buying his book when it comes out this year for sure.



Obama won’t appear on Bill Maher’s show ’cause Maher is honest about Muslims… period???

There was a petition that grabbed the White House’s attention that people wanted Obama to appear on “Real Time” with Bill Maher but they said Obama won’t appear on the show. I can see why. While Bill Maher is a loudmouth libtard like the rest of ’em, the only thing though is that Bill is honest about Islam. So is that why Obama won’t appear on his show ’cause Maher gives Muslims a bad name? Maher is the only liberal being honest about “radical Islam”. He understands the dangers of it. This is probably why Obama will never appear ’cause he’s afraid Bill will say negative things about Islam in front of Obama’s face. Which is predictable of Obama ’cause he’s afraid of facing tough questions… he always has been. Watch his interviews on Bill O’ Reilly for proof on that. Obama is a coward and a crybaby.



Video: I may not be a big fan of Bill Maher but for once I agree with him…

While Bill Maher is another one of those TV personalities with a mix of liberal and conservative views, I’ll have to say that I like what he did in this video. I’ve never been a fan of this guy but for once I agree with him.

That Muslim kid, Ahmed, may not have deserved what he got but still you can’t blame the school for being suspicious about that clock ’cause it did look like a bomb. Since that kid is a Muslim, you can’t blame the school for being suspicious about it since after all the years of violence Muslims have committed over the years especially 9/11/01.

Bill stated his opinion and honest thought but sure enough libtard media went on full attack mode on Bill. Saying that he’s wrong and they’re hurt that he doesn’t stand with Ahmed. Boo Hoo, cry me a fuckin’ river! One sided media, once again. The media is accusing Bill of not standing with Ahmed but if you listen to Bill in this video, he said he does support the kid and thinks the kid deserves an apology but at the same time, Bill explains the school’s reasoning for doing what they did.

That’s one thing I can’t stand about today’s mainstream media… they try to force you to side with the left on certain things. The intolerance of liberals is getting a lot worse. We can’t have different opinions than the left anymore. If we do, we have to get forced to cave in to the liberals and apologize. The world doesn’t revolve around liberals. Fucking pathetic.


Bill Maher calls liberals who cry “Freedom of Speech” a bunch of babies and I agree!!!

I’m not a big fan of Bill Maher of Real Time on HBO but this is a good speech and a good message! This guy is another one who has a lot of balls and not afraid to call out liberals. What he’s saying here is that he’s calling out the libtards hypocrisy about bullying.

I love what he said here:

“Liberals hate bullying, all right. But they’re not opposed to using it. When they casually throw out words like “bigot” and “racist,” it does cow people into avoiding this debate. And if you’re doing that, you don’t get to wear the #JeSuisCharlie button. The button you should wear says #JeSuisPartOfTheProblem. […] This may surprise you, but I am not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh. However, if you’re one of the people with a website devoted to making him go away, you are part of the problem. And ironically, you’re not even a proper liberal because you don’t get free speech. You’re just a baby who can’t stand to live in a world where you hear things that upset you”

Bill has a pretty good point that liberals who claim to be against bullies in high school and bullies against gays and all that stuff when liberals are the ones doing all the bullying when they get disagreed with in their political views. Libtards do all the bullying toward conservatives for criticizing their precious Obama & Hillary. Libtards do all the bullying when they’re disagreed with on gay marriage and gun control.

So libtards cry “freedom of speech” when they’re called out on their bullshit??? HA! FUCK YOU!

I love it when people whine about their comments getting deleted on my blog and whine about me not letting them post anything. Then they cry “freedom of speech” when they won’t let me have any. They knock pretty much everything I say on my site. They won’t respect my opinions on Obama, gay marriage, all the Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown stuff, etc. I can go on. I usually get a lot of flak for my political views by libtards. It seems that libtards are allowed to have “freedom of speech” but conservatives like me get into a lot of trouble for our views. It’s bullshit though.

Are libtards really against bullying when the reality is that they are the bullies themselves? This is called liberal intolerance. Bill is right is that libtards calling conservatives “bigots” and “racists” is bullying. I get called that stuff by libtards all the time yet they claim to be against bullying in high school and bullying against gays. They are definitely not proper “liberals” even though they claim they are.

Liberals do get upset when they’re disagreed with absolutely. Bill Maher is getting my respect lately and I think I’m a new fan of his.


Ben Affleck defended Islam??? If so, he may wanna take a look at this and get his facts straight…


These are real verses taken from the Qur’an. These aren’t made up. Islam, a peaceful religion??? I don’t fuckin’ think so!

Ben Affleck maybe a die-hard liberal and I may not agree with his politics but I still think “Gone Girl” was a great movie and I’m still gonna see “Batman vs. Superman”. I like to keep careers away from politics.

On top of that, the only reason I went and saw “Gone Girl” is ’cause I’m a huge fan of David Fincher’s work, plus the story looked interesting to me. I didn’t go see “Gone Girl” ’cause Ben Affleck was in it.

I’m not a big fan of Bill Maher either but he did a good thing for once by making Ben and liberals look ridiculous. Bill just won a little respect from me for this one time.

Ever wonder why Obama is obsessed with lying so much? It’s because that’s what the Qur’an tells him to do. Obama is obsessed with lying about everything as a way to strengthen Islam. That’s what he’s supposed to do. He’s doing what Allah is telling him to do.


Btw, I’m not defending Rush Limbaugh, only defending the 1st Amendment

Many of you would know I support the Constitution, a 100%, and that’s what this is about. Defending Freedom of Speech, rights. I don’t like Rush Limbaugh. Never had, I think the guy’s a douchebag, but, whether we like him or not, he has the right to say as he pleases.

If I remember correctly, Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a CUNT, and he didn’t get any backlash for it. People are hypocrites, I tell ya.