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Rush Limbaugh isn’t for everyone but leave politics out of this and give him the much needed sympathy… please???


Yes, Rush Limbaugh said some pretty controversial stuff over the years on his radio show. He isn’t for everyone but for once, it would be appreciative if lefties would leave politics out of this one and still give him thoughts & prayers. He needs more respect & support after his announcement of having Stage IV lung cancer.

I didn’t agree with everything he said over the years myself but no matter what you think of the guy, love him or hate him, he is still an iconic and one of the most recognizable talk show radio personalities. That’s one thing that Rush’s haters will never admit.

I remember in the beginning that Rush was “Never Trump” at first, yeah, he was a Trump hater at first and it took him a while to get him on the Trump Train full time. Now it seems he is a die-hard Trump supporter.

I did watch the SOTU this week and it was an amazing speech. The Rush Limbaugh appearance was very powerful. Trump giving him the Presidential Medal of Freedom award which was well-deserved and as you can see in the pic, Rush looked to be in a shock after hearing that announcement and then he got the medal a few minutes later.

Lefties really need to stop their disgusting hatred for this man and give him more sympathy ’cause of his cancer but sure enough, they don’t stop. Why? It’s because lefties are still hung up and obsessed with their feelings on conservatives being so hateful and “evil” which is really sad.

I’m still seeing lefties re-sharing articles and political memes that makes Rush look bad. It’s pathetic. Bashing someone you don’t like even though this person has cancer is just mean and cruel. That’s what the left thrives on, though… they thrive on hate and they enjoy it. They hate conservatives this much and they are that one-sided.

Yeah, I’ll admit that Rush said some offensive things and he hurt a lot of people over the years but get over it. He has cancer and he needs our sympathy no matter what political side.



Rush Limbaugh: “Why do people vote for the Democrat party, have their first black president, now they’re angrier than ever???”…

I know Rush Limbaugh is not everyone’s favorite but this statement is pretty interesting and thought I’d pass it along.

I’ve noticed this too. Liberals voting for Democrat party, they got their Barack Obama like they wanted and they all seem very angry and pissed off. Maybe this is why they are so “intolerant” with the right-wing community, ya know?

I think part of the reason liberals aren’t happy ’cause deep down inside, they know they voted for the “wrong” guy and they will never admit it. They just can’t take the truth of what they voted for: a fraud, liar, traitor, communist, etc. Whatever you wanna call Barack these days. Liberals are raging mad ’cause this is how Barack wanted it. He wanted politics to be this divisive. This is why liberals become so “defensive”, “hateful” and “dramatic” when they’re disagreed with. Liberals expected Barack to be a saviour to America but he didn’t turn out to be that. I believe this is why a lot of liberals are angry ’cause they can’t take the truth of what he is. When conservatives tell the truth about Obama, they don’t like hearing it and it’s driving them crazy. That is why they attack conservatives.

It ain’t hard to see that Barack Obama is a very egomaniacal and narcissistic president (aka a president who only cares about himself and “loves” himself) and when a president has that kind of attitude… it’s gonna cause all kinds of problems in America.

If you still think he is a good guy, what fucking planet are you living on? Obama is not a good guy. I’ve been trying to tell you all that since 2008. He’s a piece of shit and scum. Anyone who thinks there is nothing wrong with him is an idiot and I’m not afraid to say it.

Liberals claim to still be “supporting” him but I think they do it just to be “compassionate” and to piss off “conservatives” even more.

Liberals know what he is and know what he’s done to the country. They’re never gonna admit it. Never. They know he’s a piece of garbage. They are angry and become defensive ’cause they know we “right-wingers” talk truth. They don’t like hearing what they voted for. It’s just as simple as that, really.

On top of that, liberals were never happy people to begin with. They hate America just as much as Obama does. Why do you think they’re always hating on cops? Siding with Iran and giving all their power to make conservatives look bad? These people are gonna continue to be “angry” until they get what they want things like their “gay marriage”, their rights for “abortion”, more “gun control” and getting justice for Travyon Martin/Michael Brown/Freddie Gray. They won’t give up until they get what they want. Give them what they want, then they’ll be happy.

With that being said, I’m glad I identified myself as “conservative”. I’m glad I didn’t get myself into liberalism ’cause I seriously don’t like liberal politics at all. Their views are very scary and creeps me out.


Rush Limbaugh is right on the money here, I agree with him!!!

I know there aren’t a lot of Rush Limbaugh fans out there but in my opinion, this is one of the best things he have said. I agree with him.

His point being is that liberal American voters look after Democrat politicians like they’re heroes and they look after them as if they are their idols when in reality the democrat politicians aren’t the hero they think they are. When Rush is saying, “low information voters”, he is referring to liberals by that statement. Liberals have always had that problem of looking after democrat politicians who aren’t to be trusted. Democrat politicians who are liars, criminals, etc.

Liberals looking after Barack Obama is a perfect example of this. Those low information idiots voted Barack twice without even bothering to research him more before voting. I have a feeling they’ll do the same with Hillary when she decides to run for president. Liberals also look after people in Congress such as Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Elijah Cummings, Elizabeth Warren, etc. Those people I listed I don’t like either and they are no different than Barack. It’s amazing how liberals support these people after all the damage they’ve done to America.

Now, I know libtards are gonna accuse Republicans/Conservatives being the same way… looking after Republican politicians when we shouldn’t but us right-wingers are the most honest people on this planet. Us right-wingers aren’t dumb. We know a lot of Republican politicians can be scum bags too. Like I said before, a lot of right-wingers do not like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Speaker Boehner. Even though Dr. Ben Carson is an okay guy, a lot of us right-wingers don’t like his views on guns. We don’t agree with everything on our party sorry to say. A lot of us are disgusted at the Republican party ’cause they are not aggressive enough to fight back at Obama. Like I said, we aren’t dumb as you think. We know what’s bad and what’s good.

The Democrats needs to stop cheating elections. Their voting fraud needs to end to help make the voting more fair. I know the Democrats are gonna try the voting fraud thing again on Tuesday but it’s not gonna work. More and more Democrats/liberals are converting to the right. More people are getting fed up with the left that they are going to vote all Republican. That’s how we’re going to be victorious on Tuesday. Pretty soon there won’t be any democrat party left… that is called “karma”. The liberal side have gotten so crazy that I’m fed up with them myself. That’s why I’m beginning to think that it’s a good idea to stop liberals from posting on my site ’cause their views are getting crazier and crazier. I hate how nothing but liberals have been replying to my political posts with their bullshit. They can be pretty dramatic and hateful if they don’t agree with you. I’m tired of it all.

Time to put an end to liberalism and we’re gonna do exactly that Tuesday so be ready.


Love Rush Limbaugh or hate him, he’s so right on this!!!


That’s kind of what I’ve been saying on this blog for a long time now. In this day and age, it seems like it’s okay to blame crimes and scandals on other Presidents from the past but when it comes to President Obama’s crimes and scandals… it’s not allowed. Why is that? When you blame Obama on stuff like Benghazi, IRS, NSA, etc. you’ll either get labeled racist or a crazy conspiracy theorist. Presidents got blamed for all kinds of stuff in the past but like Limbaugh said when it comes to Obama nothing is blamed on him.

Every time I fucking write about the bad stuff that Obama has done on this blog, you guys act like he’s innocent every fucking time. What is it that people think Obama is harmless and innocent???

Oh I get why… and here’s my observation…

1) It could be that he’s black and some mistakenly think black people can’t do bad things.

2) Barack is a good actor.

What I mean by Barack being a good actor, people think he’s harmless and innocent ’cause he acts that way even though he’s not. Like I said in earlier blog posts, he looks like the kind of guy that who wouldn’t do horrible and evil things. People think he’s incapable of doing those things ’cause that’s how he looks. He looks like a normal person… kind of like how a serial killer looks normal, know what I mean? I think you get my point.

He’s tricking you into believing that he’s innocent and harmless. That’s why he is obsessed with lying and controlling people. That’s why he plays innocent victim.

Other presidents were blamed for their crimes ’cause they aren’t as good of liars as Barack is.

See what I mean?

When will people wake up and finally see that Barack is NOT a good man at all? He still has a lot of supporters. Although some don’t like him, some still find he have done nothing impeachable.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that Barack is not a good guy, why is it taking so many people so long? I never liked Barack ever since the 2008 elections. I’ve always known he was a scum bag from day 1. I never voted him both elections.


Maybe Rush Limbaugh has a point but…

… I’d still say “never say never” on President Obama impeachment. It still can be possible.

Many republicans/conservatives are begging for impeachment but Rush Limbaugh, the controversial radio host is urging them to back off and saying “dream on” to them. Rush says there’s no political will in impeaching the first black president. I think he means that there isn’t enough people willing to do something that risky. Rush hates President Obama just as much as everyone else — he even agrees that Obama is destroying the health care system and messing up America but he doesn’t think an impeachment is gonna happen.


Maybe he’s right but then again, “never say never”. There’s still time left.

Even if Barack is proven to be responsible for Benghazi… I’m sure he’ll just get a small charge and nothing major. He probably won’t get impeachment and jail. Maybe he’ll just get a large fine and that’s about all.

This is why Obama thinks he can do what he wants as President ’cause he knew America wouldn’t have the guts to impeach the first black president. So he can ignore laws, rewrite them, kill people and commit all kinds of crimes and get away with everything successfully. Even though a lot of us know he is a bad man there will still be ignorant people who will think he is innocent and does nothing wrong. People have no problem blaming George W. Bush on 9/11/01 but when you blame Obama on things like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, drones, etc. — that’s offensive to some people. When you call Obama out on a lot of stuff the left will think you’re just a crazy conspiracy theory nut and people will think you’re just attacking him out of pure hate. When Sarah Palin was being called hateful things by Martin Bashir, the left didn’t care and thought it was okay.

It’s amazing how it’s okay to hate other politicians/government officials all you want to but when it comes to hating President Obama… people think it’s wrong. You would either get called a racist or a conspiracy theory nut even if you think you’re telling the truth and the facts are out there. That’s how much power Obama has. He has the power to get away with everything ’cause of the color of skin and his defenders/supporters are allowing him to get away with stuff. I never really attacked Obama over the years. All I did was tell the truth of how bad he is like everyone else was doing.

We still don’t have enough people waking up about him. Only the right-wingers know he is bad. The left???? *pukes* I think the left are slow learners while the right are quick at picking things up. The left will always think there is nothing wrong with Obama no matter what is said about him. Even if the left will agree that our homeland is in bad shape… like I said in a post before, they don’t wanna blame Obama. They usually blame everything on GOP and think we’re the badguys. They think the right destroyed America and not Obama. They also want to blame everything on Bush.

Just wait until we get our first woman president. When we get our first woman president, it’ll be the same thing all over again. No matter how bad of a leader she is, she won’t get impeached ’cause there isn’t enough “political will”. When people start hating her, they’ll get called “sexists” and all that stuff.

I still think there’s a “slight” chance of an Obama impeachment. I’d say ignore Rush and don’t lose, “hope”. It can be possible if we’re lucky enough to get our Republican Senate back.




Report: John Cusack to star in Rush Limbaugh biopic, as the controversial right-wing radio talk show host…

What do you think? Do you think Rush Limbaugh, deserves his own biopic movie? Do you think Rush doesn’t deserve more attention? Honestly, I’m actually intrigued with this one! I’m no Rush Limbaugh fan, I think the guy is an asshole myself, but his story deserves to be told. I’m interested on how John Cusack is planning to tell his story. As you can see, John is dying to get the movie made as he has something up his sleeve with the story. John, is trying to get the movie going himself and he is already set to play, Rush Limbaugh, in the film.

John Cusack, is a talented actor, and I’m sure he can do a Rush Limbaugh impression, very well. Except, that John is going to have to lose some hair and gain some weight to match Rush’s look. John is perfect to play Rush, ’cause they look pretty similar. John looks like a young, Rush Limbaugh. Rush has been pretty controversial over the years and always in the news. He had feuds with other people in the media like Michael J. Fox, Sandra Fluke and others.

Love Rush or hate him, he is an icon in talk radio. I’m sure Rush himself is pretty flattered about this movie, and I’m sure he’s all over it on talk radio right about now. Whether the film makes fun of him or not, I’m sure he’s thrilled about it, anyway.

Read the full story at, The Hollywood Reporter.


Btw, I’m not defending Rush Limbaugh, only defending the 1st Amendment

Many of you would know I support the Constitution, a 100%, and that’s what this is about. Defending Freedom of Speech, rights. I don’t like Rush Limbaugh. Never had, I think the guy’s a douchebag, but, whether we like him or not, he has the right to say as he pleases.

If I remember correctly, Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a CUNT, and he didn’t get any backlash for it. People are hypocrites, I tell ya.


Come on Rush, stop apologizing you big coward!!!

Rush Limbaugh continuing to apologize to Sandra and the public for his choice of words, is doing nothing but showing the coward that he really is. I’m not sticking up for the guy but he really didn’t do anything wrong, think about it. All he did was spoke his mind toward Sandra’s speech in Congress about contraception and birth control. If he didn’t say anything about it, somebody else would have. She made the speech public, and like I said before, she’s going to have to expect a negative reaction about it. Rush did not start the controversy, she did. She’s the one who started this debate and the first to bring it up to begin with. All Rush did was respond to it. She’s the one who should be getting all the backlash and not Rush. All Rush did was getting paid to do what he’s supposed to do.



Thought: Sorry ladies, but Rush Limbaugh actually has a valid point!!!

I may not like the guy that much, but he is actually telling truth this time!!! He wasn’t just calling Sandra a slut. He was actually calling all women a slut if they demanded the government to pay for their contraception. If these women were that desperate to ask the government to pay for contraception, that means they must have sex a lot. Really, think about it.

It does kind of make a lot of sense that if the government agrees to this, they are paying women to have sex, and it makes women a prostitute. His point with him saying, “she should post a sex video online so we all can see”, what he means by that, is that this stuff gets the guys going crazy. It makes the men, think, “Damn, she must be hot”.

If they don’t want to get pregnant having sex, they should keep their legs closed and not have sex at all. Problem solved!

What Limbaugh said may have been harsh, but it was his way of bringing it to people’s attention. Sorry, all, but he’s right on the money. We don’t need the government paying to help women with their problems when it should be their own responsibilities. The government has better things to worry about in this world.