Maybe Rush Limbaugh has a point but…

… I’d still say “never say never” on President Obama impeachment. It still can be possible.

Many republicans/conservatives are begging for impeachment but Rush Limbaugh, the controversial radio host is urging them to back off and saying “dream on” to them. Rush says there’s no political will in impeaching the first black president. I think he means that there isn’t enough people willing to do something that risky. Rush hates President Obama just as much as everyone else — he even agrees that Obama is destroying the health care system and messing up America but he doesn’t think an impeachment is gonna happen.

Maybe he’s right but then again, “never say never”. There’s still time left.

Even if Barack is proven to be responsible for Benghazi… I’m sure he’ll just get a small charge and nothing major. He probably won’t get impeachment and jail. Maybe he’ll just get a large fine and that’s about all.

This is why Obama thinks he can do what he wants as President ’cause he knew America wouldn’t have the guts to impeach the first black president. So he can ignore laws, rewrite them, kill people and commit all kinds of crimes and get away with everything successfully. Even though a lot of us know he is a bad man there will still be ignorant people who will think he is innocent and does nothing wrong. People have no problem blaming George W. Bush on 9/11/01 but when you blame Obama on things like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, drones, etc. — that’s offensive to some people. When you call Obama out on a lot of stuff the left will think you’re just a crazy conspiracy theory nut and people will think you’re just attacking him out of pure hate. When Sarah Palin was being called hateful things by Martin Bashir, the left didn’t care and thought it was okay.

It’s amazing how it’s okay to hate other politicians/government officials all you want to but when it comes to hating President Obama… people think it’s wrong. You would either get called a racist or a conspiracy theory nut even if you think you’re telling the truth and the facts are out there. That’s how much power Obama has. He has the power to get away with everything ’cause of the color of skin and his defenders/supporters are allowing him to get away with stuff. I never really attacked Obama over the years. All I did was tell the truth of how bad he is like everyone else was doing.

We still don’t have enough people waking up about him. Only the right-wingers know he is bad. The left???? *pukes* I think the left are slow learners while the right are quick at picking things up. The left will always think there is nothing wrong with Obama no matter what is said about him. Even if the left will agree that our homeland is in bad shape… like I said in a post before, they don’t wanna blame Obama. They usually blame everything on GOP and think we’re the badguys. They think the right destroyed America and not Obama. They also want to blame everything on Bush.

Just wait until we get our first woman president. When we get our first woman president, it’ll be the same thing all over again. No matter how bad of a leader she is, she won’t get impeached ’cause there isn’t enough “political will”. When people start hating her, they’ll get called “sexists” and all that stuff.

I still think there’s a “slight” chance of an Obama impeachment. I’d say ignore Rush and don’t lose, “hope”. It can be possible if we’re lucky enough to get our Republican Senate back.




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