Why Rand Paul is possibly gonna be our next president in 2016…



Sen. Rand Paul have been creating a lot of buzz in the political world about his possible President run in 2016. Even though he hasn’t officially announced he’s running yet, he did drop plenty of hints that he’s going to. I’ve had my eye on Rand Paul ever since his 13 hour filibuster. After that, I’ve always had a feeling that this guy is going to be something special in the future. His political views maybe more on the “Libertarian” side but I still respect the hell out of him. By the way everyone, I don’t just side with all republican/conservative government officials. I’ll side with a politician doesn’t matter what party they’re in. They don’t always have to be “right-wingers”. If I agree with their political views and issues, they’ll get my support.

Rand Paul would be the guy who would give our country back. He could be the next Ronald Reagan that we would need. Sen. Paul is a constitutionalist. He takes the constitution very seriously and he seems to understand it all pretty well. I think Rand Paul is going to get a lot of respect from people from all parties, even liberals.

If Rand Paul gets elected in 2016, he would fix all the mess that George W. Bush and Obama have left us. He would give us our Constitution back. He would end all NSA/IRS spying. He would end all use of drones. If the US is in a crisis with other countries, Sen. Paul would try to end things in a peaceful way. Unlike Obama, Sen. Paul would act on it if the US was in danger. Sen. Paul would also NOT kill people or make them lose their jobs if they disagreed with his regime. Sen. Paul would also be a transparent president. He would be honest and wouldn’t lie about stuff. He would also fix the economy and the job market. If another Benghazi/Operation F&F happened again under Sen. Paul, he would do something about it right away and get to the bottom of them. Sen. Paul will NOT cover up and lie about government crimes.

With Rand Paul’s goal of fighting back the NSA spying, he’s obviously getting a lot of help from his father Ron Paul on that. Dr. Ron Paul have been fighting government surveillance since the 1980’s and this is where Sen. Paul is getting all this from. Rand Paul is just taking it to another level. Ron is definitely helping Rand to push his possible presidency. Rand Paul is attracting a lot of young supporters just like Ron Paul did.

I know it’s early to say that Rand Paul is gonna be our next president but everyone else is predicting the same thing. That’s the deal with politics, ya know? The reason people are predicting that Rand Paul is gonna run this early is ’cause we are hoping that he will fix all the mess that Barack have left us and we know he can do it. That’s how you get politicians to run for President. It’s usually sparked out of popularity. If you get a buzz going early, that’s what makes them want to run. Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz are creating presidential buzz too. While those two are great, I like Rand Paul more.

On top of that, Rand Paul is a nice guy and he seems down to earth. He’s not an egotistical prick like Barack. Rand Paul is fearless. He’s willing to tell the truth no matter the consequences. I respect this guy for a lot of reasons and I think he’ll be great leader.


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