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Maybe Rand Paul isn’t to be trusted after all??? There goes my support for him too…

Welp, look like another Republican to cross off the support list for the upcoming 2016 elections. Sen. Rand Paul is in some controversy over Obamacare. Rand Paul voted against a subpoena over a fraudulent application to the District Columbia of House exchange which means that Sen. Paul just voted in favor for Obamacare which is a shame ’cause David Vitter needed his support to help fight the Obamacare “exemption”.

Other reasons I no longer “Stand With Rand” is ’cause he supports Mitch McConnell who allowed Loretta Lynch to become the new Attorney General.



Look like I’m done supporting Rand Paul, for good this time. So I crossed off Dr. Ben Carson and Rand Paul off the support list.

So who do I want for president now? For now I got my eye on Carly Fiorina.


BREAKING NEWS: NSA Spying finally proven illegal like I’ve been saying for a long time now…

It’s no surprise but it’s about freakin’ time, though!!! What’s even more interesting is that all the NSA spying was not authorized by the Patriot Act at all. The Patriot Act was also illegal. A big win for Rand Paul ’cause he’s been trying to prove the NSA spying is illegal for a long time now. It’s finally time to take out the NSA.


Once again, I’ve tried my best to tell people that the NSA Spying is illegal but all liberals did was defended it and they claimed that the Patriot Act gave them the permission to do so. Well I’m sure liberals are feeling embarrassed that they found out that they were wrong. Yeah, Bush started the NSA spying but Obama made it worse so that makes them both criminals now that this is proven illegal.

It’s finally time to expose the criminals that the Democrats are. I’m sick of them having a free pass in everything. They aren’t above the law.

This could help Rand Paul earn more votes for sure.


Rand Paul slams GOP who are lapdogs to Obama… another reason that “I Stand With Rand”…

Rand Paul is one of the very few in Congress who are standing up to Obama while the rest of the GOP are doing nothing but kissing Obama’s ass and protecting him.

Rand Paul is the guy we need in the White House and I think we’ll get him.

See? I told ya so, we even got some on the GOP/Republican side who are on Obama’s side which another word to describe them are RINO’s. We have too many RINO’s (meaning that people who claim to be “conservative” still have some views that are on the left).

I love Rand Paul’s views on America and how he gets tough on both parties.

I think he’s gonna go far in the election and get the nomination.


So is this why liberals are mad at Rand Paul ’cause of his interviews with women on TV? Wow!!!!

I’ve been trying to figure out why liberal media has been on the attack of Rand Paul which is predictable ’cause that’s all the left can do is attack “right-wingers”. I just figured out why liberals are mad at Rand Paul and it has something to do with women. Liberals just don’t like Rand Paul attacking women on TV interviews. They are accusing him of “sexism” just because he didn’t like being interrupted by a woman. Rand Paul’s wife Kelley Paul goes on Sean Hannity to defend him. I do agree with Kelley that there is a double standard in all of this.

Rand just didn’t appreciate being interrupted. The woman interviewer asked him a question… he’s trying to answer her and then she keeps rambling on and on and on and you expect him not to get upset? Wow. He has every right to tell her shut the fuck up and let him talk.

So liberals are mad at Rand Paul ’cause of how he treats those female TV interviewers?

Yeah, so when conservatives say that “the race war will become the sexist war”, they’re so right. Here it comes! Pretty soon we can’t be realistic on women without being called, “sexist”. It’s coming, y’all.

Pretty funny, though… since liberals get a free pass for attacking conservative women such as Sarah Palin for starters… also Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and others. Liberals don’t get any flak for attacking conservative women… it’s okay in this country. Hypocrites, hypocrites, hypocrites… that’s all liberals are.

This won’t hurt Rand Paul’s elections, liberals are just giving him more reasons to become president.



Proof that Rand Paul is gonna destroy Hillary during presidential debates for 2016…

Watch Rand Paul get all over Hillary when she testified for Benghazi. He got on her pretty hard and all she does is sit there and stare. Could Hillary meet Rand Paul again  if they get the nomination?

Does Hillary have what it takes for the election when she does all those debates? Whether she likes it or not, Benghazi is gonna get brought up a lot. Republican candidates will attack her pretty hard over Benghazi and the e-mails.

I don’t think Hillary is gonna go far for that reason. She’s gonna get forced to quit the race ’cause she won’t be able to take all the pressure of the Benghazi topic. Trust me on that guys, they WON’T leave her alone on Benghazi. It’s her that might not make it past the primaries.

She tried to run for president in 2008 and she didn’t last long. I don’t think she’ll last long for this election.

If Hillary is not gonna be on the Democrat ticket, then it’s probably gonna end up being Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. I’m okay with any Democrat candidate being on the ticket, just not Hillary please.

I think Rand Paul and Ted Cruz will both go pretty far in the election. Those guys are massively popular in the right-wing community. If Rand Paul doesn’t get on the ticket (I think he will) in the General Election, then it’ll probably be Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz vs. Elizabeth Warren?

Yeah, Rand Paul is gonna have a lot of doubters… people will think he won’t make it far but that’s coming from ignorant liberals. Rand Paul is more popular than Ted Cruz, the way I see it. I think Rand is gonna get on the ticket and there’s no doubt in my mind that Dr. Paul is gonna become President Paul!

I’ll have to warn ya guys, though, now that the 2016 elections is just around the corner, I’m gonna keep shoving Benghazi in everyone’s faces each time somebody says, “Hillary 2016”. I really mean that too!


Bring on Rand Paul vs. Hillary for 2016 election!!!!

This meme about Hillary is so true and I’ve been saying that on my blog for a long time as well.

You know how that when you want to criticize Barack Obama, people call you racist? Well wait until Hillary gets in the White House. When people want to criticize and bash Hillary’s presidency, it’ll be the left’s opportunity to call us sexist, pigs and they’ll even go as far as calling us gay for hating on a woman.

There are still people that believe that there is nothing wrong with Hillary and believe she did nothing criminal over the years in her life. Libs really do live in delusional fantasy land, absolutely!

Do you really want the Clinton’s back in the White House? No more Clintons or Bush’s please!

Hillary should be in jail for Benghazi and destroying e-mail evidence. Rand Paul will let her know that she shouldn’t be running when these two get the nomination and it’ll be Rand Paul vs. Hillary. That’s my prediction.

I hope Hillary doesn’t get elected next year. Hopefully she’ll get exposed for Benghazi and they throw her in jail before then. That’s where she belongs. She’s a criminal. Always has been since the Nixon Watergate scandal.

What is wrong with our country when the US government continues to reward criminals and liars and they don’t get held accountable for anything? You wanna tell people that they are criminals? People will be like, “Nope, there’s nothing wrong with them”. Fuck you, if you think so.

I don’t think Hillary has what it takes. Rand Paul is gonna destroy her, watch for it.


More proof that Rand Paul is gonna be our next president, he’s already kickin’ ass in polls!!!

Rand Paul is the best at campaigning more than any other politician I’ve seen and he’s real good at promoting himself too and getting himself out there! That’s probably one of the reasons I respect the hell out of the guy.

Sorry but I think Hillary doesn’t have a chance at all. Democrats are gonna try voter fraud once again but it’s not gonna work this time with Rand Paul running. Remember what happened during the Mid-Term election in 2014, Democrats tried voter fraud again and they failed. They tried all their best to stop Republicans from taking over Congress but they failed miserably. The same thing will happen again in the 2016 President election.

I’ve been loyal to Rand Paul since his 13 hr. filibuster and admired the guy ever since. He’s that Reagan-like president we need in the White House. I’m not that crazy over Ted Cruz. Rand Paul is the guy we need to get our country back!



Why is it that all liberals do is ridicule and smear Republicans? It’s getting really old…

When you show your support for Republican & Conservative politicians or celebrities, liberals will try to tell you everything that’s wrong with them. It is why I don’t talk much about Sarah Palin or Ted Nugent anymore even though I still love those two. When I show my support for them publicly, liberals will attack you for supporting them.

I remember in the 2012 campaign that liberals ridiculed and smeared Herman Cain. Kind of funny coming from people who says it’s racist to bash black politicians. I’ll never forget that liberals tried to make Herman Cain look bad.

When Senator Ted Cruz announced his president bid, liberals went on full attack mode on him. Ted Cruz’s facebook page is full of negative attacks by liberals all over.

I have a feeling that the same will happen to Rand Paul.

It’s interesting how liberals say we can’t be negative and hateful on their Barack Obama, yet they go out of their way to be negative and hateful on Republicans. Isn’t that kind of hypocritical? Yes, I believe so.

This is all liberals do. Bash right-wingers.

When you want to vote for a Republican candidate, liberals will try to talk you out of voting him. People did just that when I showed my support to Rick Santorum in the 2012 election.

Why are the left so afraid of the right? I think it’s because they know that the right are more honest than them. Liberals are all liars, they really are.

I think liberals hate right-wingers ’cause of their views on things like gay marriage, gun control, abortion, etc. Those issues drive liberals crazy. They’ll just hate anyone who opposes Obama’s bad politics.

The left really are self centered, ego-driven and intolerant people. I 100% assure you that if I was a liberal (if I was), then they would find me the coolest guy on the planet but a lot of them can’t appreciate me ’cause of my right-wing views. It’s why a lot of them feel disappointed in me.

Oh well, I believe in my right-wing views and proud of what I am.


Why the USA needs Rand Paul… #IStandWithRand…



Reasons why we need Rand Paul in the White House:

  • He takes the Constitution seriously: This guy is a big time Constitutionalist. We need a president that will take all of the Constitution very seriously. I feel he won’t shred it to pieces like other presidents in the past have done before.
  • He will end Government spying through the NSA, IRS, etc.: This guy believes in privacy for Americans and he will do whatever it takes to get our privacy. We need government to stop spying on us through the internet, mobile devices and all that stuff. I think President Paul will put a stop to all of that.
  • He will stop all or most drone use: He didn’t stand for 13 hours to talk about drones for nothing.
  • He’s against illegal immigration and wants more border security: He’s one of the very few who fights hard against this.
  • He’ll get to the bottom of things like Benghazi, Operation F&F and things like that: He’s another one who believes in getting the truth out of Benghazi as you can see. If we don’t get a Benghazi closure before 2016, I think Rand Paul will be the guy to solve the Benghazi mystery.

And I can think of others. Rand Paul isn’t a favorite by the liberal community and that’s ’cause he drives liberals crazy and that’s why I like him.

He’s definitely the guy we need to get our country back and fix all the mess Barack Obama left us. It’s gonna be long and difficult to clean up all the mess Barack left us but I think President Paul can do that.

Isn’t it interesting that each time a Republican candidate announces a president bid, liberals attack them like crazy? I never understood why the liberal community can be so hateful toward the “right-wing” community. It’s getting worse.

I think it’s because liberals are mad that Democrats haven’t announced a president bid yet. There hasn’t been a Democrat who announced a president run yet. Isn’t that strange? I wonder why that is? I think it’s because they’re scared of getting beat by the GOP ’cause they know that “liberalism” is getting weaker and weaker. That’s just my observation, though.




Why America needs Rand Paul as president…

You should check out all of Rand Paul’s “Airing of Grievances” posts for this year on this Festivus.

Check out his twitter and read it all…


As you can see he’s hinting at a 2016 President run and I’m sure he’s going for it. When he confirms it, he’s probably gonna end up getting my vote.

Why do we need Rand Paul? Well, for one, if there was a guy who could end government corruption… it’s this guy. He would end all the NSA spying and the use of drones and all that stuff. He would not send weapons to terrorists and things like that. This would be the guy that would fix America and fix our broken government. He would make those held accountable if he caught people committing crimes.

President Paul sounds good to me and he would look great in the White House. Also, Sen. Paul would not commit crimes and get away with it if he was president. He would also stay faithful to the Constitution and take it seriously. He would also not waste time vacationing, golfing, fundraisers and he would keep his focus on the country like a real president.

I think there’s a very good chance that Sen. Paul could be our next president. After the Republican take-over in the mid-elections, there’s a very good chance we could get a Republican president in 2016 as well.

Rand Paul is a good guy and I love how he tells the truth no matter the consequences.

I just hope we don’t get another democrat as president. If we elect another democrat, we just voted for Obama’s presidency to pass along to somebody else and that’s what’s gonna happen if Hillary gets elected (which I also hope doesn’t happen). After what happened during the mid-term elections earlier this year, I don’t think Hillary has a chance. There are still too many delusional libtards who think Hillary would make a good president and I just laugh at all of them. Sometimes I’ll see a post in my newsfeed that someone wants Hillary as president and I’ll have no problem replying to that person’s post… reminding people about Hillary’s Benghazi. Hillary still has too many supporters just like Barack still has supporters.

Sen. Paul would make an awesome president and he would be the Reagan-like president that we’ve all been looking for.

I would like to see Sen. Paul vs. Hillary in the final two when they get the nominations. Imagine what a Rand Paul vs. Hillary debate would be like? Sen. Paul would destroy Hillary in the debates. It’s my prediction that Hillary would never be elected ’cause she doesn’t have a chance.