Why America needs Rand Paul as president…

You should check out all of Rand Paul’s “Airing of Grievances” posts for this year on this Festivus.

Check out his twitter and read it all…


As you can see he’s hinting at a 2016 President run and I’m sure he’s going for it. When he confirms it, he’s probably gonna end up getting my vote.

Why do we need Rand Paul? Well, for one, if there was a guy who could end government corruption… it’s this guy. He would end all the NSA spying and the use of drones and all that stuff. He would not send weapons to terrorists and things like that. This would be the guy that would fix America and fix our broken government. He would make those held accountable if he caught people committing crimes.

President Paul sounds good to me and he would look great in the White House. Also, Sen. Paul would not commit crimes and get away with it if he was president. He would also stay faithful to the Constitution and take it seriously. He would also not waste time vacationing, golfing, fundraisers and he would keep his focus on the country like a real president.

I think there’s a very good chance that Sen. Paul could be our next president. After the Republican take-over in the mid-elections, there’s a very good chance we could get a Republican president in 2016 as well.

Rand Paul is a good guy and I love how he tells the truth no matter the consequences.

I just hope we don’t get another democrat as president. If we elect another democrat, we just voted for Obama’s presidency to pass along to somebody else and that’s what’s gonna happen if Hillary gets elected (which I also hope doesn’t happen). After what happened during the mid-term elections earlier this year, I don’t think Hillary has a chance. There are still too many delusional libtards who think Hillary would make a good president and I just laugh at all of them. Sometimes I’ll see a post in my newsfeed that someone wants Hillary as president and I’ll have no problem replying to that person’s post… reminding people about Hillary’s Benghazi. Hillary still has too many supporters just like Barack still has supporters.

Sen. Paul would make an awesome president and he would be the Reagan-like president that we’ve all been looking for.

I would like to see Sen. Paul vs. Hillary in the final two when they get the nominations. Imagine what a Rand Paul vs. Hillary debate would be like? Sen. Paul would destroy Hillary in the debates. It’s my prediction that Hillary would never be elected ’cause she doesn’t have a chance.


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