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You see, now that the NSA is finally proven illegal… it can be a wake up call that government is bad news for America…

Some people especially on the liberal left mostly believe that career politicians are incapable of doing criminal and bad things to America. The NSA spying should be good enough to see that career politicians on both parties be it either Republican or Democrat can be pretty criminal people. Some people on the left would think Democrat politicians are saviours to America which is why they worship people like Barack Obama, Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth W., etc. The left sees these people as “good” people doing their jobs when the reality is they are not. I wish the left would wake up and realize that Democrats are just as bad as Republicans. I hate how liberals are on their side only. To them only Republicans are bad for America… they’ll never see how broken and corrupt the Democrat side is as well.

The mainstream media and liberals did all they could to defend the NSA Spying under Barack Obama and they clearly lost this time around.

Don’t ever believe that politicians are good for America. They are capable of doing corrupt and pretty evil things to the country that includes Barack Obama. You can’t trust politicians of any kind. There are all kinds of bad people in this world and that includes career politicians. It’s amazing how some can’t see how evil these people are. Libs are still not gonna blame this on Obama, though. It’s always George W. to them. Pathetic. That’s how one-sided these fuckers are. Both Obama and Bush should be held accountable for the NSA Spying.


BREAKING NEWS: NSA Spying finally proven illegal like I’ve been saying for a long time now…

It’s no surprise but it’s about freakin’ time, though!!! What’s even more interesting is that all the NSA spying was not authorized by the Patriot Act at all. The Patriot Act was also illegal. A big win for Rand Paul ’cause he’s been trying to prove the NSA spying is illegal for a long time now. It’s finally time to take out the NSA.


Once again, I’ve tried my best to tell people that the NSA Spying is illegal but all liberals did was defended it and they claimed that the Patriot Act gave them the permission to do so. Well I’m sure liberals are feeling embarrassed that they found out that they were wrong. Yeah, Bush started the NSA spying but Obama made it worse so that makes them both criminals now that this is proven illegal.

It’s finally time to expose the criminals that the Democrats are. I’m sick of them having a free pass in everything. They aren’t above the law.

This could help Rand Paul earn more votes for sure.